Monday, March 1, 2010


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March 1, 2010, mark this in your calendars bright siders as one of the best days ever on the BSP.  This landmark day is not only the launch of our March project–‘Adorn’, it is also officially The Bright Side Projects one year birthday! It is because of you dear reader that we have been able to make it this far and have grown into the brightest spot on the web. This day also marks the day we put up a prize that if I saw you in a dark alley I would probably push you over and snatch from you. I LOVE these bags, love them. This love surpasses the  ‘love’ I felt for Chris Bennett in the 11th grade or even the love I have for my Iphone (some may say I have an obsession). My love for Fleabags is overflowing, birds singing in the treetops, unicorns dancing on rainbows type of love.

Why do I feel so strongly? First of all it’s a bag and of those I have a few (hundred) but I believe Fleabag reserves a spot next to my shrine of ‘one day will be mine’ Hermes Birkin bag. Fleabags to me is an instant classic, not a bag du jour but a bag du vie (that’s a bag for life). Fleabags will be as perfect today as ten years from now, in fact it will probably be even better with some wear and um, love.

Co-founders Shira Entis and Alex Bell created Fleabags for their own desire of a light-weight, eco-friendly but stylish tote that would be roomy enough for their flea market treasure hunts. What started out as an idea for a tote has in my opinion morphed into a covetable collectible. Each bag is limited edition, signed and numbered, made as green as possible, all materials sourced in the good ol’ U.S. of A.  In a word-sublime.

Fleabags is generously giving away to one very lucky reader, the Original Flea Bag in Pebble (a retail value of $440USD!). To enter to win please answer the following question by Monday, March 8, 2010:
What treasure do you wish was hidden in your home and you found?
Good luck and please start checking the yellow winner’s box on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 to see if you won.
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  1. 551
    Trisha S. says:

    It would warm my soul to find a little love note my mom used to stick in my lunch box over thirty years ago. Simple, yet so meaningful and heartwarming.

  2. 552
    Dejah says:

    I would love to find old pictures, or journals in my home. I love to find things from the past, and wonder what the people who owned them were like.

  3. 553
    Meghan Cook says:

    I would love to stumble on a secret video of my wedding day. My Grandfather gave me the advice to have someone film the special evening and in a hasty and rushed attempt to save money I failed to make the arrangements. I’d love to see what I was too overwhelmed to notice. I’d love to see my Grandfather again as he watched me marry the man of my dreams.

  4. 554
    ashlee says:

    a mixed tape from my sister 🙂 the old school kind. music has a way to bring you back to a moment. love listening to them—-

  5. 555

    a porthole to my youth… may it dump me on the field that smelled of sweet grass and tangerines that would take me 12 minutes to run… to where we would rub sand paper on our denim jeans… and write nonsense on our converse shoes… where we would sing like we belonged in veruca salt or with liz phair… and to lay on that grass and gaze up having no idea we were creating who we are today…

  6. 556

    The treasure I most long to find is the secret to my path in life. I’m 32 and know that I’m doing something I love BUT I long to know it’s the right choice and will get me to the places I desire in life. I’m lamenting bad decisions and inappropriate choices, but that is life…right?

  7. 557
    carrie says:

    In the homes I’ve lived in, I love to find things accidentally left by the previous owners. One time I found firecrackers hidden behind a loose board in the kids’ room (sneaky!). And one time I found very old grade school photos behind a built-in desk that I removed. And one time I found marks on a closet wall where a father had measured his child each year. Oh the history of this stuff!

  8. 558
    Katie Ellen says:

    A winning lottery ticket, perhaps?

  9. 559
    Sheila says:

    A few years ago, when I was a student living in Rome, my apartment was broken into and all the jewelry that I had brought with me was stolen. Because I was only there for a term, and had to fit everything I needed for my time abroad into two suitcases, I had edited my wardrobe down to only my very favourite things. The theft was especially heartbreaking because some of the pieces that were stolen were particularly special.

    This included my very first pair of earrings. They were not expensive or even unique. They were a small pair of “solitaire” (ie. glass) gold studs. But the day I had my ears pierced was a rite of passage in my life. I had begged and begged, but my father said I had to wait until I was 9. So on my 9th birthday I dragged my mum to the local drug store, where I picked out the perfect pair of earrings and clenched her hand while the lady in the cosmetics department pierced my ears.

    I’ve grown up to be a fashion junkie, and a bit of a clothes horse, but those earrings were the perfect symbol of my taste, both then and now. Simple, classic, with a hint of reserved glamour. What I would give to open up a box in my jewelry drawer and discover that they were there all along.

  10. 560
    lc says:

    Let’s see, a lot of money would be nice…

  11. 561
    Shaun says:

    While at the moment I’m tempted to say I’d like to find the attachment for my Foredom that I’ve somehow misplaced and have turned the house, garage and basement upside down while searching for over the past few days; at this point it certainly would feel like a treasure if I were to find it. Instead I will say that I think a more traditional “treasure” I would be super excited to find would be the pot of leprechaun’s gold that I just know has to be hiding around here somewhere for how many rainbows I see!

  12. 562
    Leigh says:

    I love old black and white family photographs so I would love to find a dusty box of those. Or beautiful quilts made by my grandmother.

  13. 563
    nancy says:

    I would love to find a journal from my grandmother of her life and loves and worries from her life. She was an amazing woman, like so many from her generation and I would love the connection to her. I would also LOVE to win one of the FleaBags 🙂

  14. 564
    JennS says:

    I would love to find my lost wedding ring…it belonged to my grandmother.

  15. 565
    Kelly says:

    I would love to find something… anything… that would fill me in on some of the history of my little house. It’s not THAT old, but the walls tell me it’s got a story, and I would love to know what it is.

  16. 566
    Susan P. says:

    the (easy) secret to raising healthy, happy children 🙂

  17. 567
    Tifa says:

    I’ve always wanted to find a loose floor board with a tin box filled with trinkets from another time hidden inside. It’s be way rad to find something old and history filled and then investigate who owned it and where they were now.

  18. 568

    definitely some old treasures from the family that first lived in our house in 1945.

  19. 569
    Cid Vicious Schwartz says:

    I love treasures! Recently we bought an older home and gutted the thing down to the 2 x 4’s. I searched every crevis to see if I could find a treasure. I found a whole bunch of mouse poop but not one treasure. So I decided to place my own treasures in the wall when we rebuilt. I had all my family members write their names / draw on the wooden beams. To me that is the biggest treasure to know that they are always around me, to have found a family picture/notes of love/ drawings would have been the treasure I longed for most

  20. 570
    Bjauna says:

    A couple of weeks ago I was having a crummy day. Nothing was going as planned. I was burning whatever I had cooked, couldn’t find articles of clothes, and plans where being canceled. Just one of those off days that you hate. So I decided to have a shower to steam my head and relax. I was in the shower washing my hair and thinking to myself I wish I could find some lady bugs so I could make a wish that my cluttered day would go better. Just after I had rinsed my hair I looked up on my ceiling and there was 7 or 8 lady bugs crawling around! There must be a small nest hidden in behind the wall. After I was done I grabbed them, took them outside, and made my wish. I then set them free in my garden. Needless to say at that point I didn’t care if my day went better or not. It was just one of those moments that put a little sunshine in your day.

  21. 571
    julie sorensen says:

    We live in a home that was built in 1919. Whenever we do any kind of work to our house I am convinced that we will find something super old and super cool. So far we have only found a pretty old baseball card. Maybe a stack of old love letters will be waiting for us during our next project.

  22. 572
    Deb Meade says:

    I would love to find the records and books that my grandmother had. They were plentiful and eclectic and wonderful. They disappeared – possibly into my cousins’ hands and it would be a welcome site to see them again.

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