Friday, March 19, 2010


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There are those who dream and those who do. Then there are those select few with feet in both worlds, manifesting their dreams into reality, inspiring the rest of us to make a difference.  Liz Bohannon created Sseko in order to make a difference. I could tell you the why and the how but I think you should head on over to the “love, liz” section and spend some time getting to know her for yourself. She had me at “I changed. I broke. And I grew.”

Spend some time poking around. Read the stories of the Ugandan women who graduate from the Cornerstone Leadership Academy and enter paid internships at Sseko, enabling them to earn money for University. Feel yourself inspired to follow your heart and live your dream. Find yourself asking what more you can do with your life and how you can manifest change in your own way.

When browsing the store you will find yourself unable to make a decision between the Sprig and the Starboard. With extra straps seeko sandals can change their look in an instant. You can even incorporate custom sandals into your wedding party’s attire if you are a bride-to-be. Soon you’ll realize that these cute sandals are the culmination of dreams, inspiration and good design. Whenever I see an option to look good and do good–I take it!


Miss Krista, our Weekend Editor, is a mother, a lover and a big believer in the power of a cupcake. She loves double entendres but is not a fan of the high-five. She blogs about the corners of her heart at my life as i see it.

Sseko is giving away one pair of Sseko sandals with two sets of straps (one solid and one patterned) to one lucky winner.  In order to win, please answer the following question by Friday, March 26th.
If you could walk anywhere in the world sporting your new Ssekos, where would you go and who would be with you?
Please begin checking the winners box on March 31, 2010 to see if you’ve won.  Good luck!

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  1. 201
    Jennifer says:

    I would wear them to tour Tennessee with my husband on our first year anniversary!

  2. 202
    lc says:

    I would make my buddy Jamie take me to Croatia and de-stress on the beaches for a week at minimum.

  3. 203
    trisha says:

    to france with my wonderful emily friend.

  4. 204
    Anne says:

    The Cook Islands, the homeland of my grandmother, is where I would want to go. I have always wanted to see where that wonderful woman grew up. I would go with my mother and my baby boy because it would be very meaningful for her to have generations walking side by side on the sands of our ancestors’ lands.

  5. 205

    I would wear them to Kenya this October, where I will finally get to meet the 26 orphans who have stolen my heart. Infact, I am so moved by this shoe “project” that I am hoping to do exactly that! Wear a pair of these to Kenya.

  6. 206
    Simone Anne says:

    Rome. With the man I love. <3 

  7. 207
    Katie Ellen says:

    I would go with my mom to Hawaii 🙂

  8. 208
    Cat says:

    Finland with my husband!!! It is such a unique and beautiful place that I totally want to explore . . . plus, get to see an old friend that I met about the same time I met my husband.

  9. 209
    jennifer says:

    well, if you could transport me anywhere right NOW – i’d definitely want to be wearing my sseko’s on a sandy beach in java, indonesia with my daughter (who is almost 4 months old), my fiance and his mother – who has just found out the cancer she’s been battling has spread to her brain. my daughter has yet to meet her grandmother – and i can think of no better way to answer this question than to wish us all together…. the sandals would just be a bonus 🙂

  10. 210
    TB says:

    I would love to wear these beautiful shoes when I take my husband back to my birth-country: AFRICA! We would safari through Kruger National Park and visit my grandfather’s farm where I have lovely memories of running barefoot through the veld and building secret bushforts in the trees.

  11. 211
    Amy says:

    To Christchurch New Zealand with my husband.

  12. 212
    Kara C. says:

    Hawaii! Absolutely my favorite place to visit and the perfect place to wear these awesome sandals! I would bring my sister because that was the first place we vacationed together and had a wonderful time. She would probably want to steal my Ssekos and wear them herself, but we won’t let that happen.

  13. 213
    kristen k. says:

    oh these are so totally cool and gorgeous. i’d love to take a walk with someone i love (and i’m not sure he knows it yet) on his family’s farm up north. they have a big field of corn behind their house…wearing these sandals might just give me the extra boost of courage i need to say it out loud…

  14. 214
    Stacey says:

    I would go to Greece, because those sandals seem like they would be right at home there, and I’ve been dying to go to Greece for years. I’d bring my husband, because he’s my favorite person, and the poor guy has never been out of the country!

  15. 215
    Valery says:

    to Hawaii with my husband…. maybe to a cute little waterfront restaurant at sunset… yup, i can picture the sandals now :]

  16. 216
    Meg T says:

    The Starboards would take me and my husband back to Santorini…if only in our dreams.

  17. 217
    Lucy Bellwood says:

    Across the rough cobbled streets of Spetsos, the Greek island of my dreams. I’d relish being able the feel the mosaic pathways through the soles of my shoes, and standing at the end of the town’s only dock, staring off into the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea.

  18. 218
    Maureen says:

    In cornwall, uk visiting the eden project. The architecture and concept behind the project is amazing! Planning going this summer with my siblings, we hardly get to see each other but once or twice a year if we are lucky because we live in different states and countries!

  19. 219
    Jenni says:

    To Egypt to explore the pyramids, ride on camels and see that was left behind for us to all enjoy. I would go with my fiance and we would walk across the sands, through the open air markets and along the river hand in hand.

  20. 220
    Deborah Johnson says:

    I would walk the trekking hills in Nepal. The people are the most generous on earth, the mountains the most majestic and the air is so very clear. I would walk hand in hand with my husband as I have for the last 27 years.

  21. 221
    Shannon Marchetti says:

    I would wear them while walking the nearby coast-lines with my favorite guys (my husband and my 2-year old son, Max).

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