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Here at The Bright Side Project we believe that life in inherently beautiful. We celebrate this belief by spreading sunshine through themed giveaways, inspiring content, and a fostering a warm and positive online community. This project is a labor of love and our exceptionally small staff works with great passion and love for what the BSP represents. Our amazing contributors are not sponsors: they kindly donate their goods in the name of contributing something beautiful to the world. We hope you will stay awhile and look around. Visit the shops of the artisans and brands we feature, look through the archives to find inspiration, email us with any ideas or comments…be an active part of our community! We are so happy you are here!


How it all started:

Once upon a time, it was very, very gloomy. The skies thundered, the economy crumbled, and people only spoke to grumble. Everything looked bleak, bleak, bleak. Until one day, shortly after a market crash and right before another round of layoffs, a girl named Miss B. came up with a terrifically bright idea—to scour the world for the best in fashion, design, and décor then, one by one, give it all away. This is how The Bright Side Project began on a wintry, gray day in February 2009. With the help of her good friend, Miss K., things started to look bright again. In fact, metaphorically speaking, the sun started to shine and everyone stopped for a moment to remember life is inherently beautiful and there is goodness in the world.

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about Miss Krista

Our Managing Editor/Head Sunshine Scripter (aka writer), Miss Krista, is a mother, a lover and a big believer in the power of a cupcake. She’s also a big fan of warm ocean water, thrift stores, holding hands, dance parties before bed, Nina Simone, iced tea and iced coffee (it’s a tie), cooking shows, cool weather, creating art, used book stores and chocolate. She believes art holds the power to heal and is convinced there is nothing greater than looking in the mirror and smiling at the person looking back at you.

You can find Miss Krista (ignoring capital letters and proper punctuation) at her blog, salt & ink. Or follow her on Instagram.

Email Miss Krista at krista(at)thebrightsideproject(dot)com.



about Miss B.


Miss B. is the founder The Bright Side Project and the original Ambassador of Sunshine. In fall of 2010, Miss B. turned over the helm of Editor in Chief of Sunshine to the rest of the BSP team and the micro-activist team, The Golden Opportunity. Now you can find Miss B. spreading a bit of happiness and shine of her own at Besotted Blog and the gorgeous online boutique of her own designs, Besotted Brand.