Costumes, costumes, costumes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014



Okay, friends. Halloween is seriously around the corner at this point and I don’t know about you, but costumes are a pretty big deal according to a small portion of our household. The smaller humans have had their costumes picked out for weeks. The older humans generally don’t dress up. (I know, I know.) But it is so terribly exciting to watch the littles enjoy themselves with great intensity, don’t you think? Perhaps if I were a different person, with a different social schedule, I would be planning a costume for a great party and my plans would be more elaborate than a walk through the neighborhood with friends and a gaggle of overhyped children. Truth be told, Halloween was one of my least favorite holidays until I had children. Because they have more fun than I ever remember having.

Let’s hear about it. Are you dressing up? Do you enjoy Halloween? Is it something you even participate in? I’m so enamored with this time of year that Halloween, for me, is exciting because it represents the real beginning of fall. But what does it mean to you? We are so interested in these celebrations and what they mean for our families.  Tell us. How are you celebrating this year?


(photo of my daughter a few years ago in a costume I sewed for her one night. THIS is why I love Halloween.)

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    Trisha says:

    I’m dressing up the puppy, since his daycare does a costume contest, but that’s probably it. I love Halloween, so I’m a little bummed, but we have no plans this year. 

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