Monday, February 8, 2010


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There’s just nothing like your home team winning the Superbowl (proud Louisiana girl + Saints fan here). Except maybe beautiful, letterpressed calligraphy. Adrienne Berry of Dingbat Press understands my love for this art because she’s made it her mission to create amazing examples of such. Outside of her love for her husband and children, nothing compares to her affinity for letterpress.  It shows in her work too!

One stop by her shop and you’ll see her passion in each and every piece of her work: cupcake recipe cards pressed into crisp white paper, lovey dovey Valentine tags, notecards adorned with nature’s beauties and calligraphy calling cards. Oh, the calligraphy calling cards! So incredibly swoon-worthy!

Adrienne is partnering with Danae Blackburn-Hernandez of e.Danae calligraphy for your Bright Side Project prize. Blackburn-Hernandez has been practicing fine lettering since the ripe age of twelve! Mostly self taught, she works from home with her trusty Mac and countless bottles of inks and nibs. In addition to wedding stationery she also combines her lettering with watercolors and illustrations. For Dingbat Press she will create your name in her hand for Adrienne who will then lay it out and press them into calling cards that stand out from the crowd.

And if beauty was not enough, 10% of the profits from custom calling cards are donated to JDRF, Adrienne’s favorite non-profit organization which specializes in advocating and finding a cure for children with type 1 diabetes. Pretty with a purpose. What’s not to love?

Two lucky winners will win a set of 50 calling cards from Dingbat Press! The cards will be adorned with their name in calligraphy along with a phone number or email in one ink color. To enter to win please answer the following question by February 15, 2010.
Adrienne says she’s kind of a serious person. her hubby says she needs to lighten up a little! What are some things you do to lighten up and relax?
Please begin checking the winners box on February 17th to see if you’ve won. Good luck!
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  1. 201
    Kate B says:

    My husband has the best laugh, and while he chuckles every now and then, I just adore when I can get him to do a full belly laugh.  I like to come up with little silly games, the most recent being rewriting the lyrics to the Beatles song “Hello Goodbye” with the silliest rhymes I can think of.
    “You say dreads, I say ‘fro.”
    “You say rake, I say hoe.”
    I just keep going and going and getting as silly as possible until we’re both cracking up.

  2. 202
    Nancy says:

    I relax by listening to music and singing boldly out loud – not caring who hears or how off key I sound!  I also journal a lot to help me get out my thoughts and sometimes even incorporate my love for singing into my writing by composing some songs.

  3. 203
    TiffyB says:

    I try to do things now and then that I loved doing as a kid. Some examples would be playing in the snow, watching cartoons, go to the zoo, coloring, building a fort out of the furniture and blankets! Who says you still have to be a kid to do the things you used to love so very much?!

  4. 204
    Jessica says:

    Laugh! Go out somewhere, do something fun and silly – a swim, a bike ride through the woods, be a tourist in your own town.

  5. 205
    Hannah R says:

    Yoga. It reminds me to have a sense of humor about life ( you have to in order to twist your self up in unfamiliar positions and breathe deep in a room full of strangers! It is by far the most centering, relaxing hour of my day. I also like to go to the outskirts of town and go on a long hike. It gives me perspective and makes me feel like I went on vacation when I was only a half an hour away.

  6. 206
    Lisa says:

    My husband tells me I’m uptight too. The thing that makes me lighten up? Watching ridiculous videos on youtube. My favorite is Oscar the Boxer. It’s a boxer dog named Oscar- the video of him barking like a firetruck brings me to tears every time.

  7. 207
    Emma N says:

    I might have the opposite problem….to relaxed most of the time. How do I do it? Don’t take anything too seriously, and remember to enjoy what each day throws at you, whether a slap in the face or a bouquet of roses in your hands.

  8. 208
    suzib says:

    a funny movie always makes me laugh hence lighten up, and there is always Ellen, a few minutes watching will surely to make you grin!

  9. 209
    Jenny L says:

    I go running. The endorphins that i get from running really relax me. I’ve found that since i hurt my hamstring a few months ago and had to stop running i’ve had a harder time relaxing.

  10. 210
    Sarah Adamson says:

    Try icanhascheezburger.com 
    Click on “lolcats”.
    I recommend starting at the beginning of the list. Starting with the oldest snaps ensures you’ll see them all. And believe me, you’ll want to. You’ll also be able to see the original iconic “I can has cheezburger?”
    Hope this helps.

  11. 211
    Celia says:

    I get moving! Many times this means going for a run, but sometimes it’s going for a walk with my husband or sitting down to pet and play with my dog!

  12. 212
    Suzanne says:

    Work on a jigsaw puzzle or watch some TV. (even better when snuggling with my cat)

  13. 213
    Tina says:

    I knit or read, or watch a dvd from the library, best yet I take a steaming shower and then crawl into bed under several covers with something snacky on the nightstand and a good book. top it off with a cat curled behind my legs and the others napping in the same room …. let out a deep relaxing breath and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. 214
    natalyn says:

    I like listening to kids’ songs and coloring in coloring books with my little ones.

  15. 215
    Brooke says:

    When I need to lighten up there is nothing like a dinner with my husband.  He is so funny and always knows how to get me out of a mood!  If that doesn’t work, some knitting and a law and order marathon never hurt!

  16. 216
    cimba says:

    Sing. You don’t even need to know the words of a song. When I want to relax I usually sing whatever I’m thinking at the moment, or the things I use and see around. If you feel stupid doing it, just be sure that no one is around and can hear you 🙂
    p.s. you can try some dance moves, too!

  17. 217
    Clara says:

    Like Adrienne, I’m one of those serious women whose husband regularly advises them to “lighten up and relax.” I tend to be hyper-responsible, very organized and (a lot) Type A. These qualities are not negative in themselves — in fact, they help me in many ways — but it’s the combination and cumulative effect that can create problems.

    I’ve set a three-part intention for this year, with the goal of slowing down and enjoying the moment, rather than constantly planing for and worrying about the future. The three parts are:

    1) do something every day that’s just for me, and not a “should” (more often than not, it’s a short walk. I take along y camera to keep me grounded in the moment, seeing things I might otherwise miss;

    2) keep a gratitude journal (first thing every morning — before I get out of bed, because I want to start the day in the best frame of mind) I take five minutes to write down three things for which I’m grateful. I focus on small ordinary things, like the fact that my husband makes my coffee for me each morning, even though he doesn’t drink coffee himself, or that I heard from a good friend the day before; and

    3) start the day by asking: “what would make me feel good today?” (then making sure I do it — whether it’s calling my mom or watching an episode of ’30 Rock’ or getting in time to read.) This last one is the hardest and still a work in progress, since tend to answer that what will make me feel happy is accomplishing all the items on my “to do” list and the to-do list is made up of “serious” items. So I may have to revise my plan to make sure that I include “lighten up” / “me” items in my to-dos.

    Good Luck, Adrienne! I have a love of letterpress, and am just starting to learn to use one at our local book arts center. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. 218
    jovita says:

    hubby needs to lighten her load….maybe take on a few of the house hold chores , cook a couple of times a week , do a few loads of washing ….maybe a couple of little kid drop offs then lightening up a little and having time to laugh and play will happen……

  19. 219

    I stop what I’m doing and laugh at myself.

  20. 220
    Krista says:

    I’m a serious person too. In order to lighten up I try and laugh as much as possible. I go to comedy shows and I spend a lot of time with the kids in my family No one knows how to have a good time and laugh like a kid. Sometimes, on particularly serious days at work I read knock knock jokes and giggle in my cubicle to myself.

  21. 221
    becky says:

    Breathe deeply. Drink red wine. Eat prosciutto. Sleep soundly.

  22. 222
    johanna says:

    Crafts. And alcohol helps.

  23. 223
    Sol says:

    I read! It’s like dreaming, but conscious.
    I also like to relax in the shower, nothing like warm water cleaning up any stressful thought.

  24. 224
    Rachel says:

    I bake cookies and eat to relax.

  25. 225
    Natalie says:

    Having an organized living space is calming, so cleaning is the most stress releasing thing that I do. I live in a small apartment, so it doesn’t take long to tidy up . . . unfortunately that also means that it doesn’t take long to become messy. Straightening up to music is a relaxing way to calm down.

  26. 226
    Bindy says:

    Laugh and giggle!!

  27. 227
    Abir says:

    I daydream, sometimes i’ll be daydreaming and wont even relize it until someone trys to talk to me. it relaxes me alot

  28. 228
    Celeste says:

    I love to bake! Baking is such a great way to relax! There’s nothing like bakin’ up a big ol’ batch of chocolate chip cookies while I have some fun music playing in the background. Something else I like to do to relax… watch kid shows. Sometimes, I’ll turn on Nick Jr. or PBS and enjoy a half an hour (or two) of those cute shows!

  29. 229
    K.Morrow says:

    Run on the treadmill!

  30. 230
    Christina says:

    Things I do to relax & lighten up: 
    Watch Project Runway
    Go for brunch
    Work on personal inspiration scrapbook
    Sleep in
    Write old-fashioned letters

  31. 231

    I watch the cooking channel and daydream about eatting and then usually… eat 🙂

  32. 232
    Ms. Amy says:

    Good book. Cashmere socks. Exercise (100% free therapy). Tazo mint tea. Tickle fight.

  33. 233
    Sarah Roe says:

    Jazz music, tea, naps, sitting in the sunshine and smelling the roses- literally 🙂

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