DIY :: Graphic Golden Sun Wall Art

Friday, October 5, 2012

Please don’t fret. I promise my obsession with gold spray paint won’t last forever. (I think.) But, for now, let’s bask in it, shall we? I had a canvas that had seen better days, with some marks and old paint living on it. I painted it with a coat of white and decided to experiment with bringing some sunshine into my house.¬†This was super quick and super easy. The perfect craft!

I used the washi tape to create the rounded edge of the sun and used an exacto knife to get rid of the excess tape and create the shape I wanted. I’m sure there are simpler ways to do this. But this is how my brain works.

*Full disclosure :: this painting now lives in my daughter’s room since she decided “it looks better in there.” And, yes, I waited until it was cured before hanging it in her room.*

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