DIY :: How to Customize a Cake Stand, Again and Again by Lindsay from Shrimp Salad Circus

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello, and happy Friday, friends! I’m Lindsay, the creativity behind Shrimp Salad Circus, where I offer up a daily dose of inspiration, style, blogging tips, and just the right amount of weird. Today, I want to share a project to help you make your life just a little bit more colorful!

I’m an inspiration junkie, and there’s plenty of that floating around the internet, right? The problem now is that I want every project, picture, and party to be perfect – everything matching, color-coordinated, and gorgeous. But that can get expensive quickly. With this little tutorial, though, you can buy a clear cake stand – just one, ever – and make it match every napkin, balloon, or invitation for any party you throw. Read on to find out how to turn it into the perfect centerpiece for any dessert table – and then erase it back to its original condition, ready for the next shindig!


  • Clear glass cake stand
  • Acrylic paint – at least two colors
  • Round stickers
  • Foam brush
  • Tweezers

1.   I used two sizes of round stickers to get varied polka dots, but you can use just one if you want a more uniform look. Here’s a closeup of the big stickers, since they’re hard to see in the next couple pictures. The small ones are just notebook paper hole reinforcements.

Place your stickers all over the underside of the cake stand. You can place them in straight lines or just go freeform. For a nice, even look, you should place them at the edges, as well. As you can see in the image below, you can just hang them off the sides a bit.

2.   If you’re using another size of stickers, place the smaller ones in between all the big ones. Smooth down the edges of every sticker, or you’re going to have trouble on the next step.

3.   Using your foam brush, paint your choice of background color all over the underside of the cake stand. Use an even, thin coat of paint. Brush right over all the stickers.

To make sure that everything has clean edges, hold up the cake stand, and brush the paint right up to the rim. When this first layer has dried, gently brush a second layer over it. This will eliminate the streaky look of the whole thing.

Leave it to dry for a good while before moving on to the next step. When you set the stand upright, you should have a solid, smooth finish underneath. It will look almost as if the glass has been glazed.

4.   When everything has dried completely, use tweezers to very carefully peel back all the stickers and remove them. Be careful not to scratch the paint with the tweezers, as it will scrape right off. If the stickers are being stubborn, just blow dry the top of the platter for a few seconds to loosen the stickers’ hold. They should peel right off. That’s a great trick for removing labels from dishes, too!

5.   Now, with your polka dot color, use a brush to paint over all the empty spaces on the underside of the stand. It’s fine to paint right over the background color in places, since it should be opaque now. Let it dry, and paint on a second coat. You could also consider using glittery or metallic paints for a fun, festive look.

Since all the paint is on the underside of the cake stand, you’re find to stack it up with cupcakes, cookies, candies – whatever. The paint will never touch the goods. When your party’s over, just soak the stand in warm, soapy water for about 15 minutes. The paint will scrub right off with a regular old kitchen sponge, and then you can do it all over again to match your next party theme!

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