DIY :: Leather and Lace Necklace

Thursday, June 20, 2013



I am in love with this necklace I made today. (Is that strange? To love something you made? I don’t think so, either.) Here are the supplies needed:


pieces of lace and leather, jump rings (can be found at craft/jewelry supply stores), chain, needlenose pliers, measuring tape, scissors and a hole punch for the leather.





Cut three triangles out of the leather (first use of the measuring tape, although you could eyeball this and make different shapes if you like.) Punch holes in the corners (you could also use a needle for this – just be careful) and use small jump rings to connect the triangles together.






Measure how far down you would like the triangles to hang and attach each end with jump rings. Then, let the two outside triangles hand down and attach the jump rings to the chain so that you have a geometric pattern. (See first picture for visual.)






Attach lace to ends of chain with jump rings.




And there you have it. Leather. Lace.



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