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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy Fourth of July, friends! We hope you are having a fun-filled holiday full of sunshine and fireworks and delicious bbq! Whether you choose to stay home or go out and paint the town red (and white and blue!), have a safe and joyous holiday. For those of you not in the States, carry on with your usual Thursday and I’ll light a sparkler for you!

My little family and I are staying close to home this year, eating pulled pork sandwiches and cole slaw and popsicles. I wanted to create  a little something to decorate the house with but I’m not huge on really specific holiday decor for the 4th. So I thought of something simple that I could use all summer long:  Stars & Stripes Placemats. I got these placemats at a thrift store (in the original packaging!) and knew I would eventually figure out what to do with them. A little white paint was all I needed!




I just used regular white acrylic paint for these, since they are mainly decorative anyway. I created a stencil by drawing a star on thick laminated paper. This was paper I already had on hand from a previous stencil project but you could also use freezer paper or contact paper. You basically want something that isn’t going to (a) break down when it gets wet from the paint or (b) allow paint to seep through the edges. Hold the stencil in place and use a foam brush to blot the paint. Move the stencil around to make as many or as few stars as you like. I went for larger stars but smaller ones would look cute, too. Also, please disregard the ridiculous manicure I’ve got going on. I have a gel manicure growing out and it’s a bit unsightly. (Although, it’s almost grown out enough to look like a reverse french manicure. So that’s good!)







This is the point in the game where my five year old came over and suggested I add stripes, too. This is also when my initial idea of “Star Placemats” turned into “Stars & Stripes Placemats.” Now is when you’ll want to grab your painters tape (or masking tape) and tape out lines and paint stripes. Or let your five year old do it, like I did. You will also realize that you didn’t show the painter’s tape in the initial supplies photo but it is now too late to go back. This is how many of my projects go in life. I’m hoping you understand!

Fill in the stripes, let paint dry and remove tape.






Voila! Stars & Stripes placemats!






Have a great holiday, stateside folks! We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!



Miss Krista

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    Ewan says:

    Si lo que buscas es un estilo moderno pero discreto, escoge
    los botines con cordones de Andrea Morelli.

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