Fresh Squeezed Friday

Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday, dear readers! We hope you have an amazing holiday weekend (those of you here in the States!) and that you stay safe and enjoy what most consider to be the last “real” weekend of summer. What are your plans? BBQs? Beach? Movies? We’re looking forward to a little bit of all of the above! Thank you for spending this month with us exploring our “Wanderlust.” We have enjoyed this journey and look forward to jumping feet first into our theme for next month (which you’ll hear more about tomorrow!)

You still have time to enter this week’s giveaways. And please take a moment to learn more about our Ambassadors of Sunshine, HALF UNITED. Let us know how you have been inspired to make this world a better place in your neck of the woods.

a pillow cover from Au Retour :: a pair of earrings from Ten Things Jewelry :: an elephant necklace & a locket pin from Hunter NY :: a Fighting Hunger necklace and Cambodian friendship bracelet from HALF UNITED 

Here are some fresh squeezed links for you:

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