Fresh Squeezed Friday

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Friday, folks! This weekend is a busy one getting ready for Halloween festivities. Do you have any special traditions you follow around Halloween? Do you dress up?

You still have time to enter this week’s giveaways…

a package of goodies from Made from Earth :: three necklaces from Roberta Chiarella :: a bracelet from Sheer Addiction Jewelry

Speaking of the giveaways, we have been having such an amazing time reading all of the answers to the questions we thought we would take this time to highlight some of our favorites!

Sheer AddictionHow would you describe your personal style?

  • Regan says: I like to think of my style as a series of costumes: “buttoned up professor,” “looks younger than she is because she’s so nonchalant,” “breezy cowgirl,” “Greek goddess.”
  • Gali says: I think my style is mostly dictated by the fact that I am on my bike a lot. I bring a change of clothes to work every morning so I usually pick something that doesn’t take a lot of space in my backpack and amazingly above-the-knee skirts are tiny when bundled up, depending on what top they’re put with the final look can either be professional or relaxed.

Roberta Chiarella: What would the theme song for your life be?

  • AmyB says: “Mushaboom” because it describes my familys dream to a “T”. Living in a small apartment and waiting for the day that we can move out to the country. Looking forward to a loving family and fireside and a quiet existence.
  • Echo says: “The Final Countdown” by Europe… the perfect rock song for dramatic jazz hands, magic routines, basketball team intros… It is perfectly over-the-top and never fails to make me smile and bob theatrically.

Made from EarthWhat is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

  • Emma L says: Moisturizer! Although in all honesty, I think I could teach myself to do without the actual product – dab olive oil onto my face, maybe? – if I had to choose only one product to use for the rest of my life, and toothpaste was not an optional, no-counting add-on to the one product. Luckily toothpaste is not a beauty product so both my teeth and my face are safe!
  • Jennifer says: Without moisturizer, I look like an iguana!

Did you see your answer up there? You still have time to enter, you know!

Here are your fresh squeezed links for you:

  • HopeMob.org – super inspirational!
  • I lost a solid two hours after putting the kids to bed on this site. Addicted!
  • Do you read Joy the Baker? Cause you should.


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