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Friday, October 31, 2014

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Have you read the NY Times article about Marie Kondo? “Kissing Your Socks Goodbye: Home Organization Advice from Marie Kondo” by Penelope Green showcases the phenomenon regarding finding joy in the objects that surround you. Give it a read and tell me what you think. My husband and I both read the article and it got us thinking about the ways in which we hold onto things. For the bulk of our life together, we have worked with hand me downs, repurposed furniture, gifted goodies. Granted, I am a giant fan of repurposing things and hacking the pieces we have to work for our lives, but this article forced me to take a good look around at everything surrounding us and answering really quickly if it made us happy or not. To that end, we are simplifying. Removing clutter, getting rid of the pieces we don’t love so that we have the room to find the ones that we do. And I have to say…it feels darn good. What about you? How much of this philosophy do you apply in your home?


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    Ellen L. says:

    All the time! It makes me happier to have fewer things (but more of what I love or connect to).

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