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Thursday, October 17, 2013


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Recently, I’ve begun to notice that my childhood aspirations somehow got lost along the way. I watch my children engage in the world around them and find myself so inspired by their willingness to lose themselves in their interests, to embrace their passions. I used to dream big. I used to have delusions of grandeur, if you will. Somewhere along the way I let myself let go of the big dreams. I ignored them. Rather than set them free, I pinned them down. A change, however, is in the air. Lately, I’ve been so inspired by people who have followed their hearts, who have held their dreams in their hands and nurtured them. Dear readers, I have a true inspiration to share with you today.

Keren Kemp has spent her life with grand ideas and “has come to the conclusion that she suffers from “Delusions of Grandeur” and the only cure is to act out her dreams and drown her fears by living and doing rather than dreaming and wondering.” Her line of jewelry is also called “Delusions of Grandeur” and I don’t really think there could be a better homage. This Phoenix necklace is a personal favorite but let’s also not forget the Twin Peaks Cuff, the Geo necklace, or the Tango Studs. I could go on and on, but why don’t you just click through the site and find your own dreams. And remember, always dream big.

Delusions of Grandeur is giving away one pair of Shandy earrings to one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question no later than Thursday, October 24th. Comments now closed…good luck!
Please visit Delusions of Grandeur and tell us: What is your big dream?
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, October 28th, to see if you’ve won!


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  1. 1
    Trisha says:

    To live on a boat and travel from port to port whenever the fancy struck me. 

  2. 2
    Juliet Farmer says:

    a popular, published novel

  3. 3
    Chelsea says:

    To ride accross Mongolia on a motorbike!!!

    This was at the top of a (big) list of life goals I wrote when I was 14 years old. I have been working away at them ever since (I am 26 in a few weeks). I have been diving with sharks, become a qualified scientist and climbed the highest mountain in south east asia amongst many others! In spite of many personal challenges!!! (or perhaps because of them!) I never knew how I would manage to work out how to cross Mongolia, or even why I was so obsessed with the idea! Then 1 1/2 years ago I met the love of my life who lo-and-behold shares the same crazy dream of riding across Mongolia!!!! He had just returned from crossing India and Nepal by motorbike. We have started planing, saving, dreaming and training to live this ‘Delusion of Grandeur’ in 5 years time!!!!!

    (The way it all works out, perhaps not perfetly but still magically, when you truly and courageously give into your dreams makes me think that this the way we are supposed to live as human beings. We are such creative creatures!)

  4. 4
    megan says:

    I dream to visit 50 countries. I’ve only been able to travel for about 7 years but I’ve already made it to 13. The best part of it is that I’ve spent some considerable time in some of them. I lived in Ecuador for 15 months and spent more than a month in Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, and Spain. I’d love to continue to have extended visits abroad that allow me to really experience life there. 

  5. 5
    Sparrow says:

    To raise my three boys to be kind and good human beings (and still intact by the time they reach adulthood) and then I want to write and write and write in a quiet room overlooking a giant forest, or an ocean, or a big blue sky.

  6. 6
    Stephanie Dunn says:

    To sit at a sidewalk cafe, sip a Castle, and take in the views in Camps Bay, South Africa..

  7. 7
    Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    A week in Maldives, or maybe an entire life ! 

  8. 8
    Jennifer says:

    I still dream that one day I will be President of the United States. I’m not actively pursuing this dream, but I do still have a feeling that it could happen if the stars all align in the right way.

  9. 9
    Courtney J says:

    Having my own well-lighted studio to make large paintings!

  10. 10
    cindy says:

    To complete the Ironman Triathlon. To truly see just what amazing feats my body and mind are capable of if I believe.

  11. 11
    Heather says:

    To go back to South America and live there…maybe have a family, grow my own food, learn Spanish, love people. 

  12. 12
    Anna L says:

    My big and realistic dream is to become a Student Affairs professional.  As a student of color, I do not see many professionals of color that I can look up to and relate to.  I going to be finishing up my undergrad degree this June and I hope to enter grad school the following Fall.  From there I will see if I will need my Ph.D, but I will most likely go back to school so I can be one of the first women of color to be a Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at a university! I also want to adopt a pitbull on the way 🙂

  13. 13
    Jasanna says:

    To visit exotic countries and experience the culture and enjoy and give back to the people. To experience nature at its finest, by riding elephants, walking jungle trails and seeing monkeys swing by…

  14. 14
    jane says:

    to become a speech therapist/translator who cooks great food on the side 🙂

  15. 15
    Nikki says:

    To live on a mountain somewhere, completely self-sustained.  I’ve wanted this since I was a little girl and each move I’ve made has been closer to this goal.  I love reading about solar power and gardening theories, raising livestock, and collecting wild plants to eat.  Currently I live in the country and am “practicing” with my herb and kitchen gardens.  I love to can and dry and preserve my harvest 🙂  I can feel a move into the mountains coming closer every year!

  16. 16
    Erin S. says:

    I too long for the days when I was little and had no shortage of  “delusions of grandeur.” Why  was it  so easy to dream, and dream BIG, back then?Astronaut one week, fashion designer the next, and the constant daydreaming! I can remember spending hours on the details of how my life would look when I was “older.” Now I can go months without a single daydream :(, but not all the trade-offs for being older are bad. I love feeling more secure, more independent, and more experienced. I have lots of little dreams. Those are easier for me. Who doesn’t want, or wish for, more time, more money, more vacation?!?!  But to truthfully answer the question, “what is your big dream?” I’d have to say I dream of finding a BIG dream.  The one definitive goal, or passion, that could drive, challenge and fulfill me, and the courage to go after it. Too big? 😉

  17. 17
    Charlotte D. says:

    To travel all around Europe with enough cash to live on and be safe.

  18. 18
    ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    To take a honeymoon to Hawaii.

  19. 19
    Samantha S says:

    To open a philosophy-themed cafe, where I can put my love of puns and cooking to good use. 

  20. 20
    Kristen H. says:

    To be a mom. It WILL happen someday, it will, it will, it will. To some people this dream seems silly, but to me, I feel like my whole life has led up to this one specific desire…and now I just need to let it happen in it’s own time.

  21. 21
    Jc Loh says:

    The Geo necklace is really lovely:


    I hope to be able to realize my big dream of travelling around the world when I eventually retire, thank you.

  22. 22
    Lu says:

    To be healthy…