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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


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My skincare routine started when I was nine years old. My mom acquiesced and let me use real skin products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer.) Granted, nine might be a little young to start but this started a lifelong passion for skincare. Throughout the years, I have bounced from brand to brand, trying to find the perfect fit. This also changed as I got older and my skin’s needs changed. Most recently, my concern has been thinking about what exactly I’m putting on my skin. The more natural, the better, don’t you think?

Nicci Silva and Amy Rivera are two sisters who handcraft body scrubs and other products in small batches on a weekly basis. DollyMoo is a brand that celebrates sensuality and the connection between mind, body, and soul through scent and texture and attention to detail. The Sandalwood Body Scrub absolutely is next on my MUST HAVE list and the Vanilla Body Oil is a close second. DollyMoo is a beacon of hope in the somewhat over-saturated skincare market.

DollyMoo is giving away two body scrubs (of the winners’ choice) to two lucky readers (each winner will receive TWO scrubs)! To enter to win, please answer the following question no later than Wednesday, July 31st. Comments now closed…good luck!
Please visit DollyMoo and tell us: What is your skincare regimen? Any secrets you can bestow upon us?
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, August 5th, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 1
    Juliet Farmer says:

    i swear by Jan Marini sinecure line. i have struggled with adult acne since my early 20s, and i tried everything. finally found this about 5 years ago thanks to my facialist, and it is amazing and works!

  2. 2
    Jenni says:

    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I have used Cetaphil daily lotion every day since I was 14. Now, at 29 (today in fact! Happy Birthday to me!) I have super smooth skin and always get compliments. Cetaphil isn’t expensive and its available at any drugstore, but I started using it as a teenager when I went to see a dermatologist. Since then i’ve hooked my friends, and my husband on it. Light, scent-free and rich, it makes me feel better almost instantly.

  3. 3
    Kate B says:

    I wish I had secrets to share, but the real secret is: I am TRULY AWFUL when it comes to taking care of my skin. I have one cleanser I like (Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin) and use semi-regularly (maybe 3 mornings a week in the shower, I told you I’m terrible), and that is basically it. I have a weakness for buying masks and moisturizers and stuff, but I have to police myself to make sure it doesn’t get out of control because I know myself and how bad I am about then following up and USING any of it! I’ve been blessed with some fairly clear skin (that is NOT meant as a humble brag, I promise!), so I’ve never had a feeling of urgency to get into a skincare routine. I’m sure I’m going to regret it in a bit when I hit mid-30s, but for now, laziness rules the day. Whoops!

  4. 4
    Pumpernickel says:

    My skincare routine consists of…nothing. I seriously should focus a bit more time on it! Scrubbing my face in the shower is all the time I can afford some days when there are diapers to change and alphabets to teach.

  5. 5
    Michelle Elizabeth says:

    my mom always said that you should massage your face in the morning. She said it wakes up your muscles and makes your face take shape better.
    It might be nonsense, but if nothing else, a good face massage is relaxing!

  6. 6
    Elizabeth says:

    So I have suddenly (now that I am in my 30s) started caring about my skin!  Here are my tips about the face:  in addition to being a nazi about using witch hazel after I wash, I do one of two things at night before I go to bed.  I’m a single mom, so I don’t have a lot of money to spend on products.  So I grow most of what I need for self care.

    1.)  I grab a strawberry and some mint leaves from my garden.  I rub them all over my face and leave them on ALL NIGHT!!!  Yip!  It helps me with the tiny blemishes and red bumps on the sides of my face.
    2)  Egg whites.  I don’t have chickens.  But egg white is amazing.  It makes my skin so soft.  I also leave it on overnight.  Hip hip hooray!

    About the rest of my skin:  1)  putting oatmeal in my bathwater.  (Cheap!) and 2) using coffee as a body scrub.  I lurve it!

  7. 7
    Charlene says:

    Basically nothing except sunscreen moisturizer every morning!

  8. 8
    Kelly says:

    I was blessed with great skin with little to no work from teen to mid twenties. Now that I am older (mid 30s), I am seeing spots and lines. I don’t have a routine as of yet. I haven’t found anything that I like enough to stay with. I would love to try this.

  9. 9
    Lusi says:

    I am bad about using anything, but I Love to try new things. I recently started using the Studio 5 products and they work really well.

  10. 10
    cindy says:

    My skin care has always been very simple, but I like simple because I can stick to it! My real secret is that I use olive oil as my moisturizer at night. I wake up with remarkably soft skin. And I already have it in the house so don’t have to buy a separate product which is even better! 🙂

  11. 11
    Courtney J says:

    I always wash my face in the morning using cleanser, then apply toner to my acne-prone spots…brush my teeth while that dries, then apply moisturizer. Depending on what I’m doing that day, I’ll use regular clear moisturizer or tinted moisturizer. At night, I wash my face again, then apply acne cream on current trouble spots. I’ve tried using moisturizer at night but my skin felt heavy. 

  12. 12
    Rachel S says:

    My skincare routine is pretty basic, but one of my favorite tricks is to place a few drops of Tea Tree Oil on a damp cotton ball and swipe that over my clean face before applying moisturizer.  It does wonders for clearing up blemishes!

  13. 13
    Sara M says:

    I use apricot kernel oil in lieu of body lotion. It doesn’t stain clothes (promise!) and really helps with my dry skin, especially in winter. I buy it at whole foods, but it’s also available from amazon!

  14. 14
    sam says:

    Daily moisturizer that contains sunscreen !!  

  15. 15
    Deanna says:

    I am searching for a skin care regimen!  Nothing seems to help the acne I get on my face and body at age 32.  I’m starting to gear towards more natural and organic products to test out.  

  16. 16
    Nikki says:

    Drink lots of water!  Gentle exfoliation, and occasional facial mask.  Nice moisturizer, light eye cream, some serum, and, unfortunately, acne gel.  Why we women have to deal with aging skin, sun damage, wrinkles, and acne blemishes all at the same time is a horrible joke of nature (and I’m only 37!!). For my body:  I love a good healthy oil based scrub; soaking in baking soda/epsom salt/lavender oil; taking fish oil pills, daily; and a nice salve for hands, elbows, and feet.

  17. 17
    Angie L. says:

    My skincare routine is pretty simple. I usually exfoliate twice a week at night, and I always use a toner after washing my face. I also started using an oil-free moisturizer, which fit my combination skin better. And I always use eye cream now, and it has definitely made my eye area look better and look more awake.

  18. 18
    Jennifer says:

    water, cleanser, moisturizer, SPF! The key to beautiful skin is not wearing make up!

  19. 19
    Lisle says:

    I use an apple cider vinegar/green tea mixture as a toner. It’s amazing at clearing up my skin and making it look fresh!

  20. 20
    Tiffany says:

    I know this is probably going to sound horrible but I really don’t have one other than wash my face in the morning and use lotion with a bit of sunscreen in it to protect my ivory skin. That’s right, I don’t wash my makeup off before bed! AAACK! When I was younger I attempted to use products to wash, tone and whatever my face but it always left me breaking out. I found just a bit of warm water and some gentle eye make up remover does the trick.

  21. 21
    Syd says:

    If I had the answer, I’d probably be a rich writer, bestowing my beauty knowledge upon others. In reality? I’m absolute garbage. So other than makeup remover and sunscreen, I could really use the help. 

  22. 22
    ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    I always wear sunscreen and moisturize day and night. I remember a cold cream commercial from the 60’s that said a woman’s skin needed a lot of cream.

  23. 23
    Hedy says:

    I firmly believe diet contributes a lot to great skin. As a general rule, I drink a lot of water and take Turmeric supplements. I do like to use coconut oil on my skin for softness and I make sure to always wash my face well at the end of the day.

  24. 24
    Peyton Daniels says:

    I use anything organic. And I do mean anything.
    Detox activated bamboo charcoals, mud masks, cranberry scrubs, manuka honey, coconut and maracuja oil! And it’s all edible! 

  25. 25
    jane says:

    i try to keep my routine as simple as possible, so i just cleanse and moisturise. it’s not so much a secret as common sense, but try not to touch your face unnecessarily. i used to touch my face a lot – like cradling my chin, or doing naughty things like squeezing blackheads 🙁 – but after i stopped (and it took a lot of conscious self reminders!) i noticed my face really cleared up a lot 🙂

  26. 26
    Emma L says:

    My regimen is awful. The only thing I do right is use SPF every day, which when you have overly sensitive, paper-white skin like mine, really is not enough. I am the only person who gets a sunburn in a snowstorm! I really ought to learn how to take care of my skin properly – after all, I have learned to take care of the rest of my body, so why am I ignoring my skin?

    This giveaway has inspired me to become a better caretaker of my skin – thank you!

  27. 27
    Brittany K says:

    my sort-of needs improvement regime is to wash my face in the shower and put on night cream. i live by my loreal bb cream in the morning. i desperately need to get into a routine!

  28. 28
    CeeCee says:

    A recent milestone birthday forced me to take a long, hard look in the mirror – literally – and realize just how poorly I’ve been treating my skin. A skincare regimen? I’m not sure I’ve ever even used any products before – and, believe me, it’s starting to show. It has definitely been a grooming wake-up call for me and I’ve resolved to get into a routine to start taking care of my skin.

  29. 29
    Emily B says:

    Use natural products. If it’s not something you would eat (if only in small quantities!) it should not go on your beautiful face! I love skin care products. If I could, I would marry them.

  30. 30
    Susan F says:

    I keep it very simple. Cetaphil for cleaning my face – When I turned 40 I started using Lancome products and still keep my day and night regime.  Thankfully blessed with my mom’s skin 🙂