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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


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To kick off our month-long “Endless Summer” we figured we may as well start at the heart of the matter: adornment. I don’t know about you, but when summer is in effect, I find myself reaching for jewelry to accent almost every outfit. (The simpler the outfit, the better!) There is just something about the sunshine that makes one want to add that extra layer of beauty, don’t you think? This month, we are starting our theme off with a bang.

Sara Cramer left her job as a graphic designer and started creating. Her line, Handmade by Sara Cramer, is a collection of square beaded glass jewelry that elevates the function of accessories in our lives. Sure, there is a time and place for the mass produced, generic pieces that you can purchase at any chain store in the mall, but there are also the pieces we crave for fulfilling the very personal expression of our style. I am coveting this Extra Long Loop Necklace because it feels exactly like me, right now. I have no doubt you can find yourself in her designs as well. In fact, Cramer is more than happy to create a custom piece for you so that you have something unique to you. If “Endless Summer” starts with adornment from Handmade by Sara Cramer, then we sure don’t want it to end.

Handmade by Sara Cramer is giving away one three (!) Inverted Triangle Bronze Necklaces to three winners (one each)! To enter to win, please answer the following question no later than Tuesday, September 10th. Comments now closed…good luck!
Please visit Handmade by Sara Cramer and tell us: What is one way you are a true individual? Is is a unique hobby, style, physical trait? 
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, September 16th, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 1
    Carolyn says:

    Well, I’m terrified of butterflies. I haven’t met many other people with that fear! 😉 But on a brighter note…I think my curly hair and freckles are my signature. I’ve never straightened my hair, or tried to cover my freckles with foundation. I admit, they haven’t been my favourite things every day, but I’ve never, ever wished I didn’t have them, because if I didn’t…I just wouldn’t feel like me! I truly love them both, even if I don’t like them all the time! Kind of like family or long term friends, I just can’t imagine life without them.

  2. 2
    Jenni says:

    I think there are one hundred things that can make each person unique. For me, I think I tend to view the world in a different way than most. It’s rare for me to focus my mind on a set discussion topic, and I often find my thoughts wandering down a long path of odd connections and stream of consciousness. I typically end up suddenly popping back into a conversation with something that makes complete sense to me, but makes everyone else look at me like I grew a third eye in the last 5 seconds. When I was younger I was often made fun of for it and had to remind myself to think before I spoke. Now, I have just learned that its what makes me, me. Its not that i’m not enjoying a current conversation, it’s that I want to explore it further. I love hearing people’s insights and questioning the ordinary/everyday. I’m an inquisitive soul, and I always just want to learn more!   Well, and I do sometimes get distracted by shiny things… 🙂 

  3. 3
    Juliet Farmer says:

    after i had breast cancer, i chose to have a double preventative mastectomy and no reconstruction. pretty unique! 🙂

  4. 4
    Regan says:

    I have curly, curly, curly hair. I’d have to say it’s what distinguishes me from the pack. I’m constantly getting compliments on it (when I choose to wear it down), and people always ask if it’s natural.

  5. 5
    ren says:

    my mom has always said i was the rare bird, but i think what might define my individuality is my ability to see the grey. i know what the black and the white in any situation is, but i tend to look at the middle, the grey, and try to figure things out from both perspectives. 

  6. 6
    Hedy says:

    I’m a very independent person and truly like having aspects of individuality that I know are completely different from my friends and family. For me, it’s my mentality and the way I strive for social justice. People close to me have called me extreme at times and have even said “why can’t you just see things the way everyone else does?” I try to keep myself educated and open-minded, which can clash with certain family members who don’t agree with the way I see the world and how I feel we can make life better for everyone, across all races, genders, and nationalities. I consider my tenacity one of the things that defines my individuality. Instead of being scared into the shadows, I stand by what I believe in and I don’t let the opinions of others sway me. I can be quite stubborn, especially if I feel there is an injustice occurring!

  7. 7
    Brittany K says:

    definitely my naturally curly red hair. i remember as a kid being traumatized by strangers coming up to me and touching my hair. i had Shirley Temple tight curls and i couldn’t understand why people would just want to touch it. that is scary for a child to see strange hands coming at them! i also went through a time when i just wished i had brown or blonde hair like everyone else. recently, a woman came up to me on the street in new york city and said, “you probably don’t know what the numbers and letters are, do you?” and i was so confused! i said, “i’m not sure what you mean.” and she said “for your hair, the numbers and letters on the box of hair coloring you use.” i’ve since embraced the ginger in me and am a proud redhead! 

  8. 8
    amanda uber says:

    ultra organized. this is both a blessing and a curse. when my house is clean and tidy I have serenity but a little clutter gets me anxious.

    thankfully i found a husband who has the same OCD. it would drive me mad to pick up after someone else all the time! the bonus is my friends always ask me to help them de-clutter, rearrange their furniture and clean out their closets. i get be helpful, feed my obsession and spend time with friends.

  9. 9
    ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    I think I’m unique with my humor..I truly like making people laugh and can lighten the moods of my friends when they need it. 

  10. 10
    Kelsey Roberts says:

    I am unique because as a 30-something I have a permanently destroyed knee- there are no more surgical options. I wear a prosthetic brace everyday of my life and walk with a cane. However, I have decided not only to do the best I can to be positive about my disability but ROCK that brace & accessorize with fabulous antique canes. I continue to model, including working with a Charitable organization: “The Bombshells”, where I wear my brace to show people a disability doesn’t make you less if you refuse to let it. I also still make ample use of my killer shoe collection whenever possible because I’m not ready to hang up my dancing shoes just yet. 

  11. 11
    Trisha says:

    Being unique has been part of who I am for as long as I can remember. I am blessed in that even as a kid I marched to my own drum, regardless of what other people thought. Right now the most unique physical trait I have is that half of my head is shaved. 

  12. 12
    Elizabeth says:

    Please brace yourself for some irony (and a little sass): I believe I am most an individual in our culture because I think individualism is problematic. Yes, I’m a nerdy community-loving, make a family out of my neighbors kind of girl. When I was in college, I was so frustrated about America being so indiviualistically driven, that I started thinking about leaving. Then, it struck me: It was just as presumptous of me to leave and go on my own as it was for me to stay. Blast! I thought. Since a child I’ve been choosing to do things so I was unique; it was a terrible way for me to live. An unreal way to live. I I’ve been trying to find my way ever since. I want to have a life that is driven by being a good member of my community, rather than being a star. So. Sigh. I’m still struggling to do this. To be happy with who I am, rather than to have to show off. A common girl. A real girl.

  13. 13
    Charlotte D. says:

    I feel I am unique because I still enjoy playing and collecting toys. My husband thinks I am nuts but I feel that playing and collecting toys makes me feeling young.

  14. 14
    tinatre says:

    What makes me unique could be my love to celebrate the seasons with outdoor decorations. When I was growing up everyone decorated for the holidays. Now, not so much. In fact, in my neighborhood only 2 of us decorate for Halloween & give out candy. I’ll never give up sharing a good scare or a jolly Christmas or a warm fall scene..all outrageously done for fun.

  15. 15
    Sparrow says:

    Good question. On paper, I’m sure I would sound like a lot of women: I’ve got two little boys, I work on the side, I’ve got short hair and a belly that is beginning to bulge with a new baby, I’m sellf-coniscious and paranoid, I’ve got an amazing husband and family, and I live in a small town. But no one else has had my life and experiences. No one else has the exact deep friendships and hard earned life lessons that I have. I am a unique combinations of my history and choices. Each person’s story is his or her own. 

  16. 16
    Emma L says:

    I like to put lemon juice on and in EVERYTHING. I think that is my most unique trait as I have not yet, anywhere or in any form, found another person who likes to squeeze lemon juice into their white wine, or over their ice cream, or into their conditioner, or into their laundry.

  17. 17
    Kelly McCormick says:

    That I love to be on top of the world, physically and geographically. The higher the mountain, the louder it calls to me to climb to the top of it. Not necessarily that unique in the larger scheme of things, but pretty quirky for a petite, academic girl who was raised for 25 years in the concrete jungle!

  18. 18
    Nikki says:

    I think that everybody is similar in their uniqueness (doesn’t that sound like a contradiction!) and I love how people are multi-faceted, like diamonds! One aspect of my uniqueness is that I have a strict philosophy that I have lived by since high school and all of my decisions seem to be based on it.  I want everything to be as beautiful and useful as possible.  This means I won’t even buy saran wrap if the package doesn’t fit in the drawer or is ugly colors!  Often this means saying “no thank you”, going without, or waiting but I don’t mind because when I look around my home, or yard, when I give someone a gift, enjoy a meal in a restaurant, or use a tool or product, I fully enjoy the experience!

  19. 19
    Jasanna says:

    I’m a curious person and always looking for new things to learn, no matter what! Generally it has to do with nature and creation. I adore learning new skills like my newest hobby: foraging!

  20. 20
    Jennifer says:

    More than anything else, I think individuality is a mindset. It’s marching to the beat of your own drummer regardless of whether anyone follows or not. It’s following your heart, no matter where it leads you. It’s being true to yourself – to your whims and obsessions and idiosyncrasies.

  21. 21
    cindy says:

    I am unique because I am me!

  22. 22
    Kristen H. says:

    I think I’m unique in that I find myself to be both extremely extroverted, and painfully introverted. I wish I could find a balance between the 2, but it makes me who I am. It’s always one or the other, but the extreme either way. 

  23. 23
    Charlene says:

    I love hiking, camping, and all things dirty and outdoors, but I also love fashion and high heels!

  24. 24
    megan says:

    i think it’s a personality trait and is never defined completely by your style or your hobbies. it’s something from within you. 

  25. 25
    Susan F says:

    I am a great friend

  26. 26
    jane says:

    thanks for the thought-provoking question 🙂 i never really thought of myself as unique or special but when reflecting upon this question i’ve come to realise that everyone is special in their own way, in the way they see and feel regarding different situations. i know that i am special because God made me that way, in that i read people and react to situations in the way that only Jane can, and being comfortable in my own (weird?!) skin is what makes me me!

  27. 27
    Chelsea says:

    I am 25and have a 3 year old sister! I dont think that happens too often! My mum is pretty awesome!

  28. 28
    FAYE says:

    I’m a true individual within my family, I am the first person for generations to have dark hair and brown eyes. My family is overflowing with light haired, blue/green eyed people and then along I came with brown hair and dark brown eyes!
    If I didn’t look so much like my dad’s side of the family in literally every way bar colouring, I would think I was adopted!