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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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I have one locket. It’s an old military insignia on gold with an inscription on the back. It was my great-great-Aunt’s and she carried it with her while her husband was away at war. Inside is a picture of them when they first married and next to it is a picture of them as an old couple. Everytime I wear it, I feel as though I am carrying something bigger than myself inside the small compartment. It’s as though there is a world that opens up with the click of the lock and I feel lighter with it on, strange as that may sound. This locket has traveled and it tells a story and I firmly believe that any jewelry that stands the test of time does the same. Jewelry travels, my friends. It goes places. And it is our job to keep it moving.

Hunter NY created by Jennifer Monzon and David Ansvananda , embodies the idea that your jewelry should be an extension of your aesthetic while still taking you somewhere new. Hunter NY is “where natural meets handmade. Where antique personality meets modern design.” These are the types of pieces where stories of the people who wear them etch themselves to the underbelly. These are the types of pieces you hand down to your children (and so on). Hunter NY is a line which travels while standing the test of time. It is our job to keep it moving.

Hunter NY is giving away one Lulu Elephant Necklace – Silver Plated with Black Swarovski Crystal to one winner and one Locket Pin – Gold Plated to a second winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question by Wednesday, September 5th. Comments now closed…good luck!
What is the best story behind a piece of jewelry you own?
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, September 10th, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 1
    Heather says:

    I have 2 pieces of jewelry given to me when my daughter was born – a bean necklace from my husband, because she is our little bean; and the wedding ring of my grandmother, for whom my daughter was named

  2. 2
    Jenni says:

    I have about 4 clip-on earrings that don’t have a matching pair. When I was little I had a great grandmother who passed away. After she passed our parents went through her jewelry and took out anything of real value, but left the rest of it for my sister, cousins and I to sort through and take what we wanted. There were a lot of different items mixed into the collection and we got necklaces, brooches and a bunch of other pretties. The 4 clip-on earrings I took because I just loved them at the time, and now years later I have plans to turn them into necklaces and repurpose them. 

  3. 3
    Juliet Farmer says:

    my husband surprised me with a beautiful ring for our first anniversary while we were on a long cross country trip.

  4. 4
    Susan G says:

    I have a ring that my father brought home from Germany (when he was in the army).

  5. 5
    heather f says:

    I have a tee tiny silver and turquoise bracelet that was given to my mom (for me) when I was born. It came with a tiny matching ring. they are actually made for newborns, but that was 60 years ago!

  6. 6
    jane says:

    old jewelry from my mum (from her dad!) that’s classic and timeless. love how it’s now a (sort-of) heirloom piece!

  7. 7
    Brittany Kotary says:

    i’m obsessed with a ring i’ve had since high school. it is white gold and has a pink heart stone and diamonds surrounding it. it recently broke and i need to have it fixed asap!

  8. 8
    Tiffany says:

    Well, I don’t own it, but i did barrow it on my wedding day, my grandmothers original engagement wedding ring. She lost the original stone in it, TWICE and found it both times!

  9. 9
    Alexis S. says:

    My dad gave each of us girls a special necklace on our 13th birthday.  Mine was a little gold locket with a matching gold chain.

  10. 10
    AmyB says:

    When my husband and I were 16 he gave me a promise ring. It is a antiqued yellow gold daffodil with a little diamond in the center. I have never seen such a feminine and beautiful ring and I’m sure that for a 16 year old working at a fast food place it cost him a fortune. Now that we are closer to 30 than 16 it sits in my jewelry box waiting for my daughter or granddaughter.

  11. 11
    Jaclyn says:

    My dad gave me a native ring right before he passed away. One of my most treasured possessions and gifts. Thanks for the chance!

  12. 12
    ren says:

    i think this might be kind of a backward way of looking at your question but…
    i own my grandmother’s school ring, which she gave to me without much info. but when i went to have it resized, the jeweler told me it had been cut at some point, so i asked my grandmother, which opened the door to stories about her childhood. it was awesome!

  13. 13
    Ellen says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry and the best story by far comes from my high school’s class ring. The ring is unique, featuring the school’s crest overlaid on a black onyx stone and antique filigree sides. The onyx/crest design has been used every year since the school’s founding, in 1906, except for the war years. For many GPS graduates, it is a ring that is worn long past graduation date and one that draws admiring attention from many curious about its origins. I continue to wear it throughout college. 
    What’s even more memorable about this ring is the special ceremony day where we received our rings. Students receive their class rings during their Junior year, and the class officers spend the first half of the year planning the ring day. The entire day is a huge surprise and no one, except for the class officers, know when the day will be. The announcement that it’s class ring day always comes during an assembly, and the officers plan some kind of fun surprise to interweave it into the usual assembly’s routines. Afterwards, there’s a luncheon celebrating the grade and where we got the rings.  Our day was so special, but what makes this ring even more special is the unique bond that all alumni have through the ring and the shared traditions. One time I met a fellow alum over a thousand miles away from the city of our High School, who was also wearing the ring! 

  14. 14
    Valerie C. says:

    I have my mother’s engagement ring. We lost her so young. I wear it often and it makes me happy:)

  15. 15
    Louise Verity says:

    My husband bought the exact ring I loved from an antique shop in the town we went to Uni in, and then proposed in a lay-by on NYE when all his plans went wrong! It was perfect 🙂

  16. 16
    Amy Grace says:

    college class ring, worked really hard and its predicted that my degree takes six years to get and i got it in four and a half!!

  17. 17
    Lindsay says:

    I have an enormous, clunky plastic heart-shaped locket. With all the pink and lavender, it could just as easily be a cupcake. It’s on a lavender satin cord, and it plays “You Are My Sunshine” when you open it. 

    It has a picture of my dad as a very young sailor in the Navy, and it fit perfectly in my tiny hands when he was away to sea for half of every year. 

    I’m obviously too big for singing cupcake heart necklaces anymore, but I’ll always keep that locket in my jewelry box. 

  18. 18
    Courtney T says:

    I have an ugly duckling charm stung on a piece of pink yarn that my mom gave me to wear to bed when I was small. I used to have bad dreams regularly and she told me it would protect me from them. It’s not much to look at, but it remains my most special piece. 

  19. 19
    Karrie Smith says:

    I really don’t have any jewelry…I NEED that elephant!!! I love it SOOOO much!  THen I would have a fabulous story, and I could tell people I am saving up to rescue his brothers and sisters!!  Think of how happy you could make me 😉  THanks for the chance to win!

  20. 20
    Erin says:

    I always wear a silver button necklace given to me and my sisters from my mom. Her maiden name is Button and we call them our sister necklaces.

  21. 21
    Samantha says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a pearl ring that I got at Sea World from my Mom where they dive for the oysters to get the pearls. My sister has her own pearl, set in a cage-like necklace 🙂

  22. 22
    Amzi says:

    Oh, all my jewelry has stories!  I’m going to go with the dog tags I wore as a tribute to my best friend going to West Point.

  23. 23
    sam says:

    I have my grandmother’s diamond engagement ring that my grandfather gave to me when I turned 16 – my grandmother had passed away the previous year – and I was her “favorite” as I was the first granddaughter : ) 

  24. 24
    Faye-Louise says:

    My nan gave every one of her grandaughters a piece of her jewellery when we reached 18 and when it was my turn she gave me her beautiful silver charm bracelet. All of my cousins were given rings, but I had been in love with our bracelet since I was a toddler as it has a little silver church charm on it which opens to reveal a tiny vicar marrying a tiny couple! I intend to wear it on my wedding day, my nan passed away a few years back but it will be lovely to have something that we both shared with me on my special day!

  25. 25
    Theresa says:

    I have a bracelet that was given to me by an old man from my church. It was woven from his mothers hair…

  26. 26
    melanie says:

    My Grandma had a favorite ring that I thought was SO ugly when I was a kid – it has a large, rectangular peridot stone in the center. She passed away almost seventeen years ago, and last Thanksgiving I was telling my mom that I really missed Grandma, and I wished I had been old enough to know better when she died which things of hers I would want to remember her by – such as that ring. I thought it was so ugly at the time, but now I remember it as part of her, and really not such a bad ring. Well, it turns out that my mom never liked it, either, but Grandma gave it to her because peridot is Mom’s birthstone. So Mom gave it to me on the spot, and wouldn’t you know, I love it, now! I get compliments on it every time I wear it, too.

  27. 27
    Maire K says:

    I have a ring with the Estonian flag colors on it. My dad bought it at the time where you weren’t allowed to show the national colors, sing national songs or talk about our national history. He bought it secretly one day. If he had ever been caught wearing it they would have most likely put him in jail. I can’t wear the ring as it’s really big for me but the story and what it represents is amazing.

  28. 28
    Lauren says:

    After I finished graduate school, my then-boyfriend moved to DC with the promise of finding a job and our apartment. I held onto some household items for him that I intended to bring when I moved, but three months later he broke my heart and I was left with boxes of dishes and a vacuum as an awful reminder. Adding insult to injury, he still expected me to return these things to him. Instead, I listed his vacuum on Craigslist and used the money I got to buy a beautiful turquoise necklace from a local woman at an Artists’ Market. I did eventually return his dishes (I’m not that vindictive), but whenever I wear my necklace I think ‘You may have broken my heart, but I sold your vacuum.’

  29. 29
    Stacy says:

    I have a charm bracelet belonging to my mother that has charms representing important things in her life, ie her sweet 16, graduations, first date with my dad, when her kids were born.

  30. 30
    Jess Weipert says:

    i have the little engagement ring that my dad gave my mom when they got pregnant in high school. its a little gold ring with a diamond so small you would need two magnifying glasses to see! My parents are no longer married so it is very special to have (glad it did not end up in a pawn shop!!!!)

  31. 31
    Lydia says:

    I have a ruby and diamond ring that belonged to my great-grandmother.  Since she and I both have birthdays in July, it was passed down to me (ruby is the birthstone for July).

  32. 32

    Last February, a little parcel arrived in the post. It was stamped ‘South Africa’ and inside, I found a beautifully wrapped little jewellery box – blue velvet. It had two brooches inside, both of terribly sentimental value to my friend Lisa. Oh how could she part with them?!

    Lisa and I have been sending little notes and gifts to each other (I’m in India) for three years now. The funny thing? We’ve never met. We got to know each other during our pregnancies. Our babies were born within five days of each other. She knows stuff about me that no one else does. I feel safe with her – and I’ve never heard her voice or touched her hand. She’s my soul sister and I cherish everything she sends me. Even photos on Facebook of her gorgeous daughter. 

  33. 33
    Lucy W. says:

    My grandmother got me a really wonderful necklace in Jerusalem that I wear all the time. It’s so unique and I love it!

  34. 34
    Trish says:

    A simple circle pendant on a delicate chain. I bought it for myself last year to serve as a daily reminder that it’s the simple things in life that are often the most extraordinary.

  35. 35
    echo says:

     I have an old locket that belonged to my mom, I was given it as a child. The front is scarred and discolored where it is missing whatever used to decorate it, and the inside has  a small sticker that I put inside as a child. A butterfly with the word “promise” below it. I love wearing that secret message from my young self. 

  36. 36
    Meg T says:

    So I only “owned” this piece of jewelry for a day, but it will always be one of my most treasured pieces. In sixth grade, a boy who liked me put a little wrapped box and a poem on my desk. I quickly hid it in my backpack, because I was embarrassed but couldn’t wait to get home to open it. Upon opening it I found a gold chain with a single diamond hanging from it. It was the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever seen, and a boy had given it to ME! I reluctantly showed my mom and she sweetly told me I should thank the boy and return it because it had surely come from his mother’s jewelry box. Sure enough it was his moms. But what they say is true. It’s the thought that counts. And the fact that his thought was on me, made my 6th grade year.

  37. 37
    Amy M says:

    I have a gold chain with a gold heart encircling a cross that I only wear occasionally.  When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was about to go on a trip to Quebec City with my Grade 8 class.  We stopped at the Basilique Ste Anne, a cathedral linked strongly to the healing power of prayer.  I spent an hour crying in front of the altar, even though I’m not Catholic, and my friends on the trip bought me the necklace to remind me that not only does prayer have healing powers, but so too does love and support.

  38. 38
    Nicole says:

    I have a ring that I made using one of the diamonds from my late grandmother’s wedding ring. I was able to chose the setting for it as a college graduation gift from my mom. I treasure that ring!

  39. 39
    Nicole Friedrich says:

    I think the first piece of jewelry my husband gave me.  I cannot stand yellow gold, and I thought it was pretty obvious – but boy was I wrong! He got me the tackiest gold heart on a chain! But now, I love it, because he meant well, and tried so hard, and that’s all that matters, really.

  40. 40
    Dana says:

    I wear my great grandmother’s engagement ring, yellow and white gold with a single diamond.  It sat unworn for over fifty years in one of her hope chests.   She put everything fancy or valuable that she received as a gift in a hope chest.  She grew up poor and never quite forgot it.  When she died a few years ago, we found her hope chest packed with gifts, unused, and beautiful jewelry, never worn.  Her ring reminds me where I came from and it makes me grateful for the indulgences that I’m able to enjoy!

  41. 41
    Eden says:

    I have an a state of alabama necklace (where I am from) that the janitors gave me when I left my first year art therapy internship during grad school. I was working at an elementary school and made friends with them because they were always helping me! They didn’t ever really know my name and called me bama instead…my last day they surprised me with the necklace! so sweet.

  42. 42
    Luisa says:

    my dads watch that my mom gave him. he wore it while he was dying in the hospital. everytime i wear it i feel a part of him is still with me.

  43. 43
    Lauren Gilmore says:

    I had a beautiful, vintage, gold round locket… but my sister just found out they were pregnant with their 3rd lil boy… So I found a picture of her husband and two boys and put it on one side and the ultrasound picture of baby #3 on the other side.  Love that it has passed into her family:)