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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Every single day we are given the opportunity for a fresh start. From the moment we wake up, it’s possible to manifest greatness through the small rituals we give ourselves. From the moment our feet hit the ground, we are surrounded by possibility. The reawakening we experience each day is both literal and metaphorical, don’t you agree? Not only do we wake our bodies up, we wake up our minds, our souls and our hearts. My own ritual tends to lean toward minimalist necessity (ahem)  but there is one moment where I truly feel myself reawaken: putting on a piece of jewelry. While I tend to keep it minimal, the addition of a piece that speaks to me that day truly makes me feel like I have opened myself up for the day, that I am ready.

The husband/wife team of Rex and Telle Lefler of ISWAS+WILLBE operate from the same idea that a piece of jewelry is not only an adornment, but a chance to reawaken ourselves. Their pieces are the type that you find yourself gravitating to when you want to feel the most like yourself, when you want to enhance. The “Warrior Bracelet” is a talisman of sorts, calling for strength and reassurance that you can make this day happen. And the “Enamoured Necklace” reminds you to wear your heart on the outside, to honor it and show it off. What we choose to wear reflects the very essence of our beings, the core of us. We all deserve to reawaken to beauty. ISWAS+WILLBE is the perfect way to start.

ISWAS+WILLBE is giving away one rNA strand necklaceto one lucky winner. To enter to win, please answer the following question by Tuesday, March 20th. Comments now closed…good luck!
What “morning ritual” do you have that brings out the best you for the day?
Please begin checking the winners box on March 26, 2012 to see if you’ve won. Good luck!


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  1. 1
    Jacqueline says:

    A sweaty morning workout makes me feel great and gets me energized to take on the rest of my day.

  2. 2
    Trisha Wright says:

    Cuddling with my sweet little boy. I will snuggle him out of bed and it starts both of our days on the right foot.

  3. 3
    julie r says:

    getting up BEFORE my children to exercise and read a verse or two from the scriptures. nothing like those two things to clear my mind before the chaos hits! 

  4. 4
    Kristen Hughes says:

    I make my husband a nice cup of coffee. I’m an old fashioned girl, and while I do work and believe in being an “independent woman”,  I take pride in taking GOOD care of my husband. He takes exquisite care of me, and starting my day off by doing something sweet for him makes me feel caring, needed, necessary. I will always be the girl who believes in having the door opened for me, and making the coffee for him.  

  5. 5
    Kelly says:

    Each morning, before opening my eyes “for real”, I give thanks in my mind for the people, beings, places, things, situations, challenges and circumstances that I have in my life.  When I started this little pre-wakeup routine it wasn’t very natural.  Now it feels like the perfect transition from slumber to greeting the day…with family and coffee not far behind!

  6. 6
    Angela says:

    i’m not gonna lie. coffee is my ritual. it truly brings out the best in me. 🙂

  7. 7
    Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I do some positive reflections before I start my day
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  8. 8
    Shanna says:

    My best morning ritual: 1. Turn on old funky R&B soul music. 2. Put thick, comfy socks on (They’re easier to slide across the floor in). 3. Dance.

  9. 9
    Courtney says:

    Putting on hand lotion while driving to work. That means I’ll have soft hands right at the beginning!

  10. 10
    Anisa says:

    Washing my face with cool water and lavender soap. No matter what night I had before or the day that is ahead of me… it makes me feel awake, alive, and ready to make it a good day. 

  11. 11
    AmyB says:

    We cosleep with my one year old son and every morning we sing our special wake up song. It includes a lot of “cha cha chas” and is punctuated by rib tickles. It never fails to start his day with a smile and that makes my heart happy!

  12. 12
    alex says:

    Coffee is what pulls me out of bed every morning, but I never get out of bed, no matter my hurry, without taking time to give a morning belly rub to both dogs (who sleep curled up with us). Always worth that extra minute.

  13. 13
    Lauren says:

    It may be simple, but my morning ritual is my glass of orange juice. It’s like drinking liquid sunshine that keeps me positive for the rest of the day.

  14. 14
    Erin says:

    I always kiss my husband goodbye before leaving the house. No day seems right if that doesn’t happen!

  15. 15
    Juliet Farmer says:

    a dry brushing helps get my lymph system flowing. 🙂

  16. 16
    Jules says:

    My morning ritual is waking up and playing on my iphone before actually getting out of bed.  I check my mail, facebook, play games, all to get me relaxed before I get out of bed and start getting ready.  Coffee is my number 2 ritual of course!

  17. 17
    Rosy says:

    a big smile in front of the mirror while I wash my face 🙂

  18. 18
    Lauren says:

    Over the years I’ve switched from milk to juice to water to coffee, but now I have to drink my morning cup of tea. Even in the hottest months of summer, I just cannot start my day without a cup of vanilla caramel black, chai green, or peach white tea.

  19. 19
    Deirdre says:

    I wake up, reach out my arm and grab my husband’s hand. I weave my fingers in with his, give his hand a squeeze and smile as I watch him roll over to greet me a good morning. Lovely!

  20. 20
    Emma says:

    I stay horizontal with my eyes open for a full five minutes before getting out of bed. Not rushing out of bed the second the alarm wakes me up makes me a much more peaceful, collected person, and I Iike staying in bed, letting the sunlight start my inner processes as my soul wakes up to match my now-awake body. Stress in the morning should be outlawed!

  21. 21
    Beverly says:

    My daily morning ritual includes playing my favorite, upbeat, singalong songs while I’m getting ready. It puts me in a good mood, gets me energized and ready for the day!

  22. 22
    Barbi says:

    Right after my shower, and before I  start to get ready for work, my Tortoiseshell Persian LOVES to be brushed, so I kneel down wrapped in my towel, wet hair and all, and brush her for a good 5 minutes.  Her leaning into the brush, rolling side to side to get it all, and loud purring is enough to make anyone’s day bright and happy.

  23. 23
    ren says:

    after adopting a neurotic cat, we couldn’t figure out how to soothe her when i was leaving for the day. now i wrap her in a warm blanket and sit down and cuddle her for a few minutes. i felt silly doing it at first, but i realized that it was making my day better as well. now the cat is a lot calmer and i start the day with a warm bundle of purr in my arms. 

  24. 24
    sam says:

    I have a cup of hot tea and a little peace and quiet before the day begins – 

  25. 25
    Suzi C says:

    I lay in bed and appreciate the extra 5 minutes before my wee girl starts running around her room and “MAAARM” echoes through the hallway… And then after that I run the hot tap, throw a flannel underneath the scorching water and let it sit while I exfoliate my face… Then I steam my face and rub it all off… SUCH a nice feeling … I do NOT have time for a shower every morning so this is as close as it gets and puts me in a ‘supermum’ feeling all morning.

  26. 26
    Meg T says:

    NOT checking my email first thing in the morning gets me on a happy, productive path.

  27. 27
    hanna says:

    Just not being rushed… and being able to make coffee.

  28. 28
    echo says:

    Getting regular sleep so I wake up early without an alarm, with time to ease into wakefulness and the day with my love by my side. Followed by a good breakfast and coffee. I feel lucky to have this every day.

  29. 29
    Amelie says:

    Being intentional when I wake up is my best shot at being kind and centered throughout the day.  I take time before getting out of bed to think about what I anticipate the day will bring, and to review everything I feel fortunate and happy for.   I scissor-kick the sheets and start moving my limbs, and then I’m ready!

  30. 30
    Renee A. says:

    That’s easy… I have to read my must read list of inspirational blogs that really brighten up my day every morning and get me going before I can do anything else.

  31. 31

    Most days, my 3 year old wakes when I do. When that happens, we spend time in the kitchen. I, making coffee for everybody, he just sitting on a white plastic chair, looking at me, sometimes saying funny things or singing loud enough to wake the neighbours, but mostly, just sitting in quiet reverie as I bustle about.What do three year olds think about?!

  32. 32
    Semeeah says:

    Every morning I go onto the computer and check my stuff and then I watch old shows on the internet.

  33. 33
    Terra says:

    feeding the birds on my balcony and watching them for a few minutes 🙂

  34. 34
    Ashlee Green says:

    I’m going to say hitting the snooze button is really my saving grace. I like to wake up slowly. I purposely set my alarm early so I can hit the snooze button a few times before having to actually get out of bed. If I have to get up immediately, I feel rushed and cranky. 

  35. 35
    Yasmeen says:

    My morning ritual that brightens my day is snuggling with my little sister and waking up to a beautiful sunrise that shines through my window! 🙂

  36. 36
    Melinda K E says:

    I started putting aside 10-15 minutes every morning to do a series of stretches first thing when I get up in the morning. It’s a nice way to wake up and get my muscles moving, and I enjoy the peace and quiet in my home.

  37. 37
    Jackie says:

    It’s when I go in my closet to pick out that perfect outfit. The right color, fabric, pairing can boost my confidence and turn a bland day into a Parisian catwalk.

  38. 38
    Erin Flores says:

    My favorite part of my morning ritual is that moment when I’m just about ready to walk out the door and I stop, look in the mirror and smile at myself; it makes me excited to start the day and continue that good feeling throughout work and whatever activities I have in front of me to tackle.

  39. 39
    Jenni says:

    Every morning I love waking up to a snuggle with my husband and our boston terrier & papillon. When our boston wakes up she’s a little radiator and her fur feels like velvet.. We love to snuggle and play with the two of them as we slowly start our day!

  40. 40
    Annie says:

    A morning ritual that I try to implement every spring and summer (when mornings are warmer) is a leisurely walk around the neighborhood with coffee in hand. It allows me to be with my thoughts, with God, and at my own pace. My morning walks refreshes my attitude and lets me start the day on an amazing and grateful foot. 

  41. 41

    My morning ritual is to start my coffee and boil my egg, while I do my rotation of Sun Salutations.  Then I have my breakfast on my patio (weather permitting) and just breathe in the crisp morning air.  Once I’m dressed I give a quick kiss to the boyfriend and I’m out the door for a wonderful day! 

  42. 42
    Katren says:

    Bringing a herbal tea into my bedroom, opening the window and listening to birds singing (usually kookaburras laughing!) outside my window while I choose which colourful item of clothing/jewellery to wear today. If I don’t wear something bright my day at work is always so depressing, the colour brightens my day…I’m definitely the only person in the office wearing turquoise pants to work! 🙂