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Thursday, April 18, 2013

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Since our love for new spring accessories is now well documented, let’s focus on the heavy hitters, shall we? Finding these new (to us) an emerging designers feels a bit like walking in a meadow right after a luxurious rain. Everywhere you look, there are gems and baubles and shiny things to make spring feel like exactly the right season at exactly the right time.

Leah Alexandra Jewelry is a one stop shop for springtime flourish, folks. Alexandra creates unique and sophisticated pieces that are able to easily transition from a casual coffee break with friends to the office and beyond. After discovering her keen eye for design, Alexandra enrolled in metalsmithing classes to hone her skill and the rest is history. From ears to wrists, necks to fingers, you can find the perfect way to bring the sunshine to your days with a simple choice. I’m thinking I need a stack on my arm of the following: the Vivien, the Harper, and the Loom. Quite the trifecta, don’t you think? Spring has most definitely sprung.

Leah Alexandra Jewelry is giving away one “Social” Bracelet in Blue jade with white agate and 14K gold fill to one winner AND one “Pila” ring in Blue topaz and gold vermeil (winner chooses size) to another winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question no later than Thursday, April 25th. Comments now closed…good luck!
Please visit Leah Alexandra Jewelry here and tell us: What is your favorite plant/flower? Do you grow them yourself? (It is time for spring gardens after all!)
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, April 29th!
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  1. 1
    anne s. says:


  2. 2
    Lydia says:

    I love the Pila ring.  Pick me!

  3. 3
    Maureen says:

    The Celebration necklace is gorgeous. Love the pink color.

  4. 4
    latanya says:

    I like the pink druzy necklace

  5. 5
    heather f says:

    i liked the delica earrings. so many lovely things

  6. 6
    Juliet Farmer says:

    the Pila ring is gorgeous!

  7. 7
    Tiffany says:

    Beautiful jewelry! I love the lotus earrings and every single ring! My favorite flower changes with each phase of my life. When I was a child I loved yellow roses because those are what my dad would buy for me. As a teen I loved orchids because they were exotic. In my 20’s I was all about what I called the “happy flower”, Gerber daisies. And now in my 30’s I love daffodils because of their promise of spring and new beginnings.

  8. 8
    sam says:

    Love many different kinds of flowers and plants!! Right now I am loving the colorful pansies planted in my window boxes! I planted a few cherry tomato seedling this weekend – when the tomatoes are ready that will be my favorite plant : ) 

  9. 9
    miss james says:

    my favorite plant is kale, by far. it is my faithful companion every season, and always provides a wealth of nutritious and tasty bounty… and when it flowers, oh my!!

  10. 10
    Sydney says:

    Daffodils are extremely underrated flowers when it is not springtime, unfortunately. Daffodils grace paintings on my wall, donning my favorite shade of yellow, reminding me to be unique, unlike a rose or generic flower, and to be sunny regardless of the clouds. Daffodils are a few of my favorite things.

  11. 11
    Pumpernickel says:

    I love ferns! They are exotic and elegant. To see a fern slowly unfurl over the course of several days is like watching a ballet in slow motion. They are fancy enough to make a statement alone in a vase but also seem to enhance everything around them at the same time. I don’t have room for a garden but less than a block away there is a dense forest area where the ferns grow by the thousands in the summer.

  12. 12
    Summer says:

    I love daffodils – The more the better! They are so bright and happy, they smell great and when you see them, spring is definitely on its way!

  13. 13
    Devon says:

    I adore sunflowers! I want to plant a wall of them in my backyard when I have a house!

  14. 14
    Amy Morrissey says:

    I’ve always loved carnations! Not the fanciest flower but they are always in the most beautiful colours. They’re just so bright and vivacious. I’ve never grown them myself!

  15. 15
    jocelyn says:

    My favorite flower would be wisteria. They are beautiful to look at and smell amazing. I have a lovely mature plant right outside my door and with the spring it is definitely starting to come back to life. 

  16. 16
    Jessica says:

    I think my favorite plant is mint. It’s easy as pie to grow (so easy it will take over all other plants!), smells wonderful, and is delicious in everything… particularly in a Mint Julep.

  17. 17
    Caroline says:

    My favourite is bird of paradise because of the beautiful colours.  Unfortunately I cant grow them, Im not very good with plants.

  18. 18
    shannon says:

    Oh my goodness, I love her jewelry! My favorite flower is a tulip. I love how sweeping and feminine they are. 

  19. 19
    Rinny says:

    I’m a complete sucker for daisies and thistles. They’re both very different flowers, but each show their beauty in their simplicity. I do not have a green thumb (or any other finger, for that matter) but I just love gardens and am amazed by how people can create such beautiful landscapes with such lush color and textures.

  20. 20
    Antonia says:

    I love orchids. I know they are quite common these days but I love them because I have managed to find the right spot for them to bloom all year round. I wake up and it is such a pleasure to see first thing in the morning such beautiful, luxurious flowers. I love contemplating them and spoiling them 🙂

  21. 21
    ren says:

    my favorite flower is a simple daisy, but i don’t grow them because i’d hate to kill them! i have a black thumb and leave the gardening up to the pros.

  22. 22
    Nikki says:

    Sweet peas, the fragrant old fashioned ones.  I’ve grown them everywhere I’ve lived and they will reseed and come back each year like a beautiful gift.  They have the most luscious smell.  The deep jewel toned blossoms are my favorite but in a mixed bunch the light pink and white flowers make they whole mix absolutely beautiful. And they very best thing about sweet peas is that when you cut a bouquet, the vines make more blossoms–so I feel free to give them away instead of wanting to horde them to myself!

  23. 23
    Kendra says:

    My favourite plant is trailing blackberry. It’s a pretty hefty sized bramble, so it’s not really fit for growing in gardens. I do love making jam and other treats from the berries though.

  24. 24
    cindy says:

    I love morning glory. I have some planted along my fence and each morning when i wake up, I open my blinds and somehow seeing them open and blooming helps me start the day! 

  25. 25
    Jackeline says:

    My favorite are tulips and orchids. I’m an apartment dweller so I don’t grow them but I do own an orchid at this moment.

  26. 26
    Liz K says:

    I’m not sure I can pick one, but I love peonies and hydrangeas. Gorgeous!

  27. 27
    Grace Inman says:

    I love lavender and poppies. I don’t have much of a green thumb unfortunately! 

  28. 28
    Courtney J says:

    My favorite flowers are the Birds of Paradise. They look like laughing birds! I don’t garden at all and I think those type of flowers need tropical weather (living in Northern California, we don’t have that).

  29. 29
    Sharon Siqueiros says:

      I was blessed to come from green thumbs, so my husband and I have MANY plants!! Both of my parents have passed and they left me the home I grew up in…..My favorite plant is a 40 yr old Hibiscus that is growing in an indoor planter. My home is one of those mid-century happy places with the outdoors indoors….tons of windows and angles. When I was a kid we had an indoor pond.
      The jewelry is beautiful and very serene
    Thanks for the lovely opportunity!!

  30. 30
    Tiffany says:

    My favorite flower is peony. I love the fresh floral scent that’s similar to roses but not so strong. I wish I could grow them in California, but it’s far too hot and it doesn’t freeze long enough in the winter for the plant to go dormant (and I’ve tried too, why retailers sell them I don’t understand). I also love growing basil and rosemary in during the growing season, each smell and taste fantastic.

  31. 31
    Emma says:

    My favorite flower is the dandelion – you can eat it, turn it into wine, watch it turn plain green fields into explosions of sunlight, let it carry your eyes on the wind as it bounces and rises through the air lighter than a feather.

  32. 32
    Jennifer says:

    I really love a tall and majestic pine tree. In the summer, when it’s warm (not too hot), they smell so sweet. It’s just magical to be walking barefoot on the soft pine needles and smelling that sweet pine.

  33. 33
    Jenni says:

    I absolutely adore Circus Roses. They inspire me and remind me of someone splashing paint on a canvas. I would love to grow them myself, but I don’t really have an appropriate place to plant a bush. They are truly beautiful though!

  34. 34
    Lauren Guilbeau says:

    love the erin bracelet. would make a great mother’s day gift. also I don’t have much a green thumb but I love hydrangeas!

  35. 35
    Michelle Elizabeth says:

    I love Marigolds. I know they are sort of a dorky flower, and they do horribly when you cut them, but they have always been my favorite. Nothing is prettier than a big orange marigold.

  36. 36
    nushechka says:

    My favorite are roses and tulips.
    I like this http://www.leahalexandra.com/products/erin-9

  37. 37
    Annie says:

    Hydrangeas. They grow in front of my house, and I LOVE them. I get so, so, so excited when spring rolls around and the dead bushes of winter burst in bloom!

  38. 38
    Susan F says:

    I LOVE the Iris.  When I came back from a business trip a few weeks ago my husband surprised me with a full blooming plant at the front door along with planted bulbs that will be blooming soon

  39. 39
    Laurendy says:

    My favorite flowers are orange daisies. They were my grandma’s favorite flower, every spring she and I would plant them in front of her house even though they clashed horribly with her paint colors and would never last very long due to the south Florida heat.

  40. 40
    Deborah A says:

    Hydrangeas – I do have a hydrangea shrub in my yard but sadly it hasn’t produced any flowers yet (3 years old) but that might be due to the weather of my region – Canada.   I do always receive a hydrangea potted plant at Easter so that somehow gets me through.

  41. 41
    Monica P says:

    I LOVE peonies! We have a couple plants in our back yard but I wouldn’t mind having more.

  42. 42
    jenn says:

    My favorite flower is the gerber daisy! I love them in bright and bold colors. 🙂

  43. 43
    Sparrow says:

    I adore ranunculus. I wish I could grow them, but I recently moved to the desert (filled with scorpions and hairy spiders, and rattlesnakes, oh my!), and my plans to grow an enormous, thriving garden are not looking so hot at the moment. But ranunculus remind me of my favorite poem by E. E. Cummings (Somewhere I have never traveled), in which he says, “your slightest look easily will unclose me though i have closed myself as fingers, you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens (touching skillfully, mysteriously)her first rose or if your wish be to close me, i and my life will shut very beautifully, suddenly, as when the heart of this flower imagines the snow carefully everywhere descending
    nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.” I picture myself as a ranunculus, petal upon petal upon petal, layered, faceted, blooming widely, wildly, and my husband is that person who can unfold and open me.

  44. 44
    msilba says:

    my favorite flowers are orchids, they just make me happy. I have tried several times to keep them in my home with no luck!  I just don’t have a green thumb I guess.  I have since decided not to have any more orchids undergo the misery of this and am only able to admire them from afar.  

  45. 45
    Rosy says:

    I love flowers and growing plants and veggies on my balcony, but most of all I love daisies! They are so simple and they are the first flowers blooming in spring: instant love!!

  46. 46
    HNR says:

    I don’t grow anything myself but my newest flower discovery is the passion flower. Here’s a pic I took when I saw it for the very first time: http://instagram.com/p/Rb0kjXmkhl/. Pretty amazing, I think!

  47. 47
    Wehaf says:

    I love so many different plants and flowers; right now I am enjoying all the tulips blooming.  I think that tulips are such lovely flowers; I understand what drove tulip mania in the 17th century!

  48. 48
    Melinda KE says:

    Peonies (pink) are my favorite flower, they smell fantastic and I love that the petals are soft and fluffy. I currently don’t grow them because I live in a condo, but I’m looking to buy a house sometime this year and you better believe I will be planting some peonies and hopefully a lilac tree! I can hardly stand the wait! 🙂 

  49. 49
    Betty says:

    David Austin Roses~ They have their own distinctive shapes and foliage and to top that off, they have their unique fragrance! I currently have Pat Austin and Queen of Sweden in my garden! 

  50. 50
    christie says:

    i love succulents and i love it even more when they flower. we have several giant aloe vera plants in my back patio and every time i come home, we have hummingbirds visiting us to feed on it. i also have mini-succulents in pots scattered around my house and the one in our bathroom just started blooming tiny pink bell flowers. very pretty! 🙂

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