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Thursday, August 16, 2012

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We’ve already touched on the idea that it is absolutely essential to pack the right jewelry when traveling. The more you can use each piece, the better. Honestly, there is no reason to have a different set of baubles for each outfit when traveling. None whatsoever. Since establishing this, however, it only seems fair that we provide you with some prime examples of how to do it right. There are three things to think about when choosing your essential pieces that can translate for day to night, location to location. The three key things to look for are simplicity, luxury, and passion (you’ve got to love the piece.)

Michelle Starbuck Designs is a one stop shop that hits the right note with each of the three keys. These pieces are perfectly crafted with a balance between organic and geometric shapes combined with simple luxury. The Classic Chevron Necklace would look good with absolutely anything and you can wear this to lunch at the local diner off the highway during your road trip or to dinner on the yacht in Cannes. (Seriously, do any of you vacation in Cannes? Jealous.) The Curved Bar Necklace would work on the dude ranch as well as your weekend on Catalina Island. My wanderlust is getting away from me. Good jewelry does that to me. Go figure.

Michelle Starbuck Designs is giving away one Grey Agate Pendant Necklace to one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question by Thursday, August 23rd.  Comments now closed…good luck!
What is the funniest vacation story (good or bad) you have?
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, August 27th, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 1
    Katherine says:

    We organised a private tour to mt nemrut in turkey. The driver who turned up was a man in his 60s whose motto was “no worry, no hurry, no chicken curry”. He picked up our “guide” along the way who was also in his 60s. By the time we got there our car was stuck on the icy road and could not move and my partner and I had to use sticks and our stanley knife to scrape off the ice for about an hour! The driver and tour guide couldn’t help much since they were old and tired and one had a bad knee. In the end we only made it half way up the mountain since the time it took for us to scrape the ice off the wheels meant that it was snowing heavily by the time we were on our way!

  2. 2
    Stacy says:

    We were backpacking thru Europe and on our last night in Paris we decided to do laundry at the laudromat. Being a 18 year old, who spoke very little French, and could read next to none, we added way to much soap to the dispenser. Bubbles started pouring out of the machine. We only had enough French money (pre-Euro) to dry our clothes, so we stood outside and sang and danced for money. We were not talented and our song choices were Milli Vanilli and NKOTB. But we made enough to wash our clothes properly. And now I will always have that memory.

  3. 3
    Lauren says:

    My husband Matt and I were in Mexico for our honeymoon a few months ago when we decided to take a tour of Chichen Itza. Our destination was three hours from the hotel, so we boarded the bus at 8am with 30 other tourists. Matt and I sat in the back of the bus, in front of the bathrooms and next to a couple who were clearly intoxicated. Our guide, Ricardo, was funny and sweet and gave us only one rule for the bus: “No numero dos en el baño.” Unfortunately the woman next to us wasn’t paying attention and not five minutes later stumbled into the men’s bathroom. Within a few moments, a horrendous stench emanated from behind the closed door. Matt and I concurred with a look that the woman had broken the only rule. The woman finally emerged from the bathroom and said to her boyfriend, “I flushed and it won’t go down! It’s going to start to smell!” To which the boyfriend replied “It already smells!” At this point, Matt and I were nearly choking on our stifled laughter. He looked longingly at the emergency hammer and seriously contemplated using it since we were in a bus with sealed windows. Eventually the stench drifted to the front of the bus and Ricardo came back to take care of the problem, not once teasing or berating the woman. When the day was over, we left Ricardo a huge tip. The drunk couple – who managed to stay drunk the entire day – did not.

  4. 4
    Anne K says:

    I was traveling through Spain with my boyfriend and we took a trip to Morocco. On the train ride there, some other American college students and Moroccan passengers kept telling him that he looked like John Lennon. He kinda did– his hair was growing out and they had similar facial features– but for some reason he was annoyed by it. A few days later, we were walking around in Marrakech, and a man started shouting out of his stall, “Hey, John! John Lennon! Come into my store!” The resemblance was undeniable…

  5. 5
    Juliet Farmer says:

    my husband and i rented a car and drove cross country from california to nyc a few years ago, and decided to take the train back home. we took an overnight train from nyc to chicago, and got a sleeper car for the chicago – sacramento leg of the journey. on the overnight from nyc to chicago, we had seats in the “coach” car. shortly after we boarded, a group of amish people boarded, and apparently they don’t use deoderant/soap/anything that cleanses body odor. it was horrible, and we tried to get away from it by moving to another car–but they were everywhere! the stench permeated everything we wore, and when we got to out hotel in chicago (thank goodness we decided to stay overnight there!), we were about five hours early for check in. we told the hotel clerk our sob story, and she was so nice to let us check in early. when she did, i blurted out, “i love you!”  we had to quarantine all the clothes we wore on the train to one small luggage bag, because they reeked so terribly! also took two showers to smell normal again. 

  6. 6
    Tequila Kira says:

    While in the Navy our ship pulled in Croatia, everyone was getting cabin fever from being underway for so long, so when we were finally released we basically emptied every bar in town. Several friends and I were walking back to the docks after a great night and a local Croatian came up to us and started calling us the N—– Bi-ches we were shocked, but also intoxicated. I know the story doesn’t sound funny to most but what happened after was classic, We all dropped our bags and basically went screaming down the street after him, with no intention of catching him but every intention of scaring him into never saying that to anyone again, we chased him for a mile and it was an awesome stress reliever lol.

  7. 7
    Maire K says:

    I went to Turkey  with my mum when I was 14 and I got5 marriage proposals! Ego boosting while extremely creepy.

  8. 8
    Emma says:

    My then-boyfriend was chased by a flock of baby lambs on the island of Faro in Sweden. He was absolutely PETRIFIED as they happily bounced after him down the meadow. The following days he made a mean point of only ordering lamb steak (and I’m a vegetarian), loudly voicing that he hoped he was eating one of the rascals who had chased him so meanly. Needless to say, we are no longer together. The funny part, though, is that during another vacation only a few weeks later, the exact same thing happened, only that time he was chased by squirrels. There is something endlessly amusing by a grown, posh man running for his life with a throng of squirrels cantering behind him!

  9. 9
    Brittany says:

    my last vacation to florida was an all around good time. my aunt and uncle who i stayed with are retired teachers, love wine and a good whiskey, the sun and exploring for sharks teeth. i can’t pin point one story, because the entire week i was laughing until my stomach hurt – and i needed it REALLY bad!!

  10. 10
    Lucy W. says:

    Funniest vacation story may be the time I was in Poland and ripped my jeans in a high school when I sat down on the floor. I had to borrow a pair of oversized basketball shorts to pair with my white eyelet top and black flats.

  11. 11
    caro says:

    We were young and we were hitching around europe – waiting on the side of the road in holland for the next lift, and I really needed to pee -so looking round, I spotted behind us along side the path below the road a row of bushes so I ran down the side of the imbankment on to the grassy path and landed in a ditch up to my neck in green slime. I didnt need to pee any more and my best friend couldnt stop laughing – needless to say we got a lift the friend and the green smelly monster, a young lad picked us up and took us home to his mum who washed my clothes let me shower and then made sure we had a good meal and a bed for the night, The next day they took us to our next stop and I was very careful to stay out of ditches.

  12. 12
    Valerie C. says:

    We were in another state on vacation and the governor was making a personal appearance while campaigning. We had our then 2 year old daughter with us and she kept yelling “DADDY” at him. We all turned bright red…..then laughed!

  13. 13
    Stella says:

    I had taken a bus into Dubrovnik, Croatia on a backpacking tour of Europe years ago. I had arranged for accommodations in a spare room of a private home. So when I arrived the person helping me with the arrangement was to pick me up at the station. Well I waited and buses and cars zoomed past me, then I heard the putt, putt, putt of a tiny communist era scooter. The man looked at me, then looked at my large back pack and looked at me again. Then he said “Yes, is possible.” So he handed a walnut shell of a helmet and loaded my back pack on the footboard and I tucked in straddling him from behind. Yes, straddling a stranger. Once driving he says “Do not worry, once I take man who make 2 meters, so you no problem.” That was when I realized it wasn’t the large backpack that was worrying him but rather my large backside.

  14. 14
    Lauren G says:

    I was studying abroad one summer and we went traveling via eurorail. For long overnight rides they have these bunks, 6 in a cabin. Me and a friend had gotten into the middle bunks and an older man claim the top bunk across from me. He got into his bunk and continued to turn one of the only air vents onto himself and striped. completely. The whole night I wanted to turn the air vent but didn’t want to reach anywhere near him! so awkward.

  15. 15
    heather f says:

    we went camping many years ago and I ended up with a skunk rooting around in the tent while I cowered in my sleeping bag!

  16. 16
    Erin says:

    My parents used to take my 2 sisters and I camping in a trailer as kids. We traveled all over Canada and the US in that trailer and it was great for family bonding. My Dad has these sayings… dad-isms I suppose, and we got to hear a lot of them as we traveled. He would say things like “we’re ready, we’re cookin’ with bacon!” meaning we were ready to drive, I guess. Now that we’re adults, my sisters and I will randomly break out these dad-isms for a laugh.

  17. 17
    Amy Grace says:

    I was 19 years old, I was at Universal Studios in the haunted house, I got chased around by a mummy…he refused to stop and followed me for two levels all while i either ran or hid behind my younger sister who eventually had to tell him to stop….

  18. 18
    Kellie says:

    I can now laugh about the first time I traveled with my soon-to-be in-laws, but at the time I was so distraught! Basically, traveling all day and sleep deprived, I had a total breakdown when my step-father in law teased me about our ship going down and me not being able to be with my fiance! It was meant as a joke but after a stressful day with a lot of mix ups and grumpy people to deal with, I just broke down and cried and then was completely humiliated because of it!

  19. 19
    Lauren says:

    When I was walking with a friend through an outdoor bazaar in Kusadasi, Turkey, a man tried to buy me as a bride for two camels! (I later found out this is not a very good bride-price.)

  20. 20
    Nicole H says:

    Early in college, I took a week-long backpacking trip with my boyfriend and friends down the Grand Canyon to Havasupai Falls.  It was a long hike back and we were anxious to get into the waiting car and caravan back home.  The moment we opened the door, a hyper-active squirrel came barreling out and scared the tar out of me.  We had a good laugh and a lot of questions as to how the little guy got in there… ultimately grateful that we’d found him in there alive. No harm, no foul right? So, the 7 of us loaded up into the minivan and started home.  About 3 hours into our drive, Matt was pulling the drive shift and blankets were everywhere as many of us were trying to get some sleep.  Suddenly, something little and fast came streaking out from under Matt’s legs and burrowed into the pile of blankets in the back seat. The girls lost it, and we veered off the nearest exit, with every passenger hurling themselves from the car the moment we screamed to a stop.  20 minutes later, and the squirrel was refusing to come out.   It was Occupy Minivan–Squirrel style!  Left with no other choice, we eventually continued home.  All 8 of us made it home safely, and we came home with the ultimate souvenir–a squirrel that took up residence in my parents backyard. 🙂

  21. 21
    peyton says:

    I was traveling by plane from kentucky to california for a fun malibu senior week vacation, my friends had decided to pull a prank on me and switch my protein shake powder with miralax that morning, i was on the opposite end of the plane in relation to the restroom… enough said…

  22. 22
    echo says:

    While on my first international backpacking trip I went hiking for several days mid-winter in an Australian rain forest without the appropriate clothing. You know…heavy duty gear against the wet and the cold? It was miserable and I was an idiot. I blame my inexperience on the youthfully deluded (and completely wrong) belief that it wouldn’t rain in the winter in Australia. In a RAIN FOREST. 

  23. 23
    Thelma says:

    Taking our 7 yr old on a surprise birthday camping trip last month we decided to stop at a flower shop.My hubby left us in the car and found some cute cards inside and told me to go in and take a look.I walked back to the truck to find him talking to 2 old men.I thought he knew them.It turned out they weren’t having a kind convo the 2 men were harassing him about parking his truck backwards and reaming him on his town full of a#$holes bumper sticker lol.

  24. 24
    Theresa says:

    While on honeymoon, my husband and I got pulled over for speeding. At 2 in the morning. Going 5 miles over the limit. Under a South of the Border sign.

    It’s funny now! lol

  25. 25
    Dana says:

    I got drenched on the Kali River Rapids ride in Disney World.  Shortly after getting off the ride, my boyfriend and I came across some Disney characters and got some great photos with them.  After the fact, I realized that my black shirt completely hid the fact that it was wet and my grey shorts clearly showed a spattering of “water”.  My boyfriend loves showing off our vacation photos and commenting on how I was so excited about being at Disney World that “I pee’d my pants”!

  26. 26
    Jennifer says:

    I went to see the groundhog make his prediction in Punxsatawney Pennsylvania one year. The whole thing is surreal: fireworks at 5am when the groundhog wakes up, grown men walking around the woods in tuxedos, claiming to me members of Punxatawney Phil’s ‘inner circle,’ the groundhog peeing on everyone when they wake him up. Such a random and funny experience – truly once in a lifetime!

  27. 27
    Rebekah says:

    my friend & i decided to make a last minute long weekend trip to barcelona from london – the only catch was – we had no idea where we were staying for the duration of our trip. we arrived and had a few hours of daylight with which to roam around the city’s cobblestone streets & sidewalks with our rolling suitcases teetering along trying to secure accommodations. every place we inquired with was either too expensive or not exactly the place you would want to rest your head (if you catch my drift). a friendly and gregarious old man saw us and offered (insert demanded) to help us find a suitable place to stay. he whisked our suitcases off and we had no choice but to follow. i realize now it was somewhat dangerous but am happy to say that it all worked out for the best and we found a place to stay and enjoyed the rest of our trip immensely.

  28. 28
    Jessica says:

    My grandmother and I were backpacking though Europe and stayed in Bern, Switzerland. We took a gondola to the top and we’re going to hike back down when we met three Swiss rangers who stopped us. Being generic Americans we spoke no German. After trying to unsuccessfully to communicate in words, they tried hand gestures, motioning to their boots, which came up to their knees. My grandmother, who was wearing Keeva walking sandals tried to explain that it was ok she wasn’t wearing boots, her sandals were walking sandals, and would be ok hiking. We thanked them and moved on. We were feeling great it was a beautiful day… until we walked about 20 minutes down the mountain. The Swiss Rangers were motioning to the depth of the snow! We had to run through the snow until we reached a dry spot and let her feet warm up. What silly Americans we were!

  29. 29
    Tiffany says:

    My friend and I came back to our hotel room in Paris to find locks off of ALL the doors. Our hotel didn’t feel the need to inform us that locks would be changed that day. Anyone could have walked right into our room while we had been out enjoying the city.

  30. 30
    AmyB says:

    We went on a trip to New Zealand and stayed in a tiny bungalow right next to the rainforest. We had such a lovely time that we lost all track of days and packed up to leave. We were checking out and the owner of the property said “you still have one more night paid for”. We were so thrilled to have gained one more day even if we did feel very silly for not looking at a calendar. We actually ended up making our first baby on that last day in paradise!

  31. 31
    michelle w says:

    I was at the beach with my family. I having a good time and there was a really big wave so I started to swim over there. Once dove up from the water my bikini top fell off! haha

  32. 32
    Kristen says:

    I got peed on by a monkey at Monkey Jungle in Miami, FL! Luckily it was only on my arm so I was able to wash it off quickly!!

  33. 33
    Karen R says:

    I hate to tell another story that involves smells and body fluids but here it goes…
    When I was a kid, we traveled everywhere in the family Country Squire station wagon (so Brady Bunch!) and we took a family vacation to Boston, driving down from Toronto.
    Before seat belt laws, children were packed into the back of station wagons like cord wood so my siblings, my cousins and I were all sprawled out in the back, fast asleep. Well, not only did the car not have seat belts, it also didn’t have air conditioning or very good shocks.
    Some time, in the middle of the night, my cousin bolted awake and projectile vomited on the rest of us poor, unsuspecting children. My sister took one look and followed suit.
    We pulled over to the shoulder, piled out of the car and when my mom came back to help, she upchucked on the side of the freeway. Next was my uncle, who proceeded to do the same. It was finally left to my dad and my aunt to do their best to control the mayhem, get everyone cleaned up and fumigate the car.
    Other than the fact that my cousins smoked pot constantly and lived in a neighborhood next to the local Hell’s Angels, the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful.