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Monday, September 17, 2012

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While in college, I spent a portion of one summer backpacking through Greece. One of the greatest things I learned about myself through taking that trip is how to pack. Yes, there were also some monumental personal growth experiences, but my sartorial growth is something worth noting. See, I packed for comfort. And regretted it immensely. I only had one or two outfits that made me feel cute and my shoes were, well…they were functional. They weren’t cute. For some reason, I felt that fashion had to take a vacation the moment I took a vacation. Lesson learned. Always pack for cute. Always.

Oh, how I wish I would have had Painted Bird there to help me. Jennifer Samson and Nicole Halpern utilized their combined fashion, design, and pr backgrounds when developing these gorgeously artisan crafted and hand crocheted shoes. These are the kinds of shoes that make you feel like your absolute best self, no matter where you might be walking. The thalia and the broadway are EXACTLY what I needed that summer traipsing through the streets of Greece. Truth be told, they are exactly what I need as my current “Endless Summer” takes me from here to there, and back again. Oh, Painted Bird. You inspire me from my tips to my toes.

Painted Bird is giving away one pair of shoes (of the winner’s choice) to one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question by Monday, September 24th. Comments now closed…good luck!
What is your best secret for packing successfully for a trip?
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, October 1st, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 1
    heather f says:

    I’ve never packed successfully! I always take too many things and don’t wear or use a lot of the things I thought I would need.

  2. 2

    Make sure everything you’re packing can be worn with everything else. Bring an extra pair of underwear and socks and bring fewer pants than you think you need.

  3. 3
    Beverly says:

    I always pack layers. Light, breathable fabrics can be layered for different weather conditions, and mixing/matching colors make you look cute and fun. Plus, light fabrics will keep you comfortable no matter what you’re doing!

  4. 4
    Juliet Farmer says:

    gather everything together and then remove one whole outfit. that way i never bring too much!

  5. 5
    Kate B says:

    I pack lots of basics that can all be paired up with each other, and usually shoes that will coordinate with nearly everything in my suitcase. If I bring more than one pair of shoes, I usually wear the chunkier pair and pack the flatter pair. I also ALWAYS pack an empty plastic bag, which comes in handy at least 70% of the time! Even if it’s just to provide a barrier for wet or dirty clothes for coming home, I’m always glad I have it, and it takes up no space in my bag otherwise!

  6. 6
    Luisa says:

    Pack very little as possible so u have an excuse to go shopping on your vacation. Works for me!!!!

  7. 7
    Beth C says:

    A jersey dress (preferably in a dark color or a pattern) won’t wrinkle and you can wear it multiple days… And you’ll look great and be comfortable.  Pack twice to three times as many tips as bottoms.  Ummm… I also always do several “run throughs” mainly because I’m over excited about my trip and I tend to prepare waaaaaay far in advance.

  8. 8
    Nicole says:

    I try to maximize the space in my suitcase by rolling t-shirts, socks, underwear. I also try to bring clothing that does not need to be ironed before being worn.

  9. 9
    Ali H says:

    With packing clothes, be sure to pack a variety of multi purpose items. Pack dresses that could be dressed down for daytime strolls on the beach and then dressed up for a night out to the town. Try to pack at least one pair of pants that are a neutral color for cooler weather. If the weather is going to be hot, pack one pair of nicer looking shorts (not denim) that aren’t too short but will still be cool if you are outside a lot on a summer trip. Pack sweaters to go with dresses, and try to limit the outerwear you pack. Try to stick to one color scheme in your neutrals (IE stick to either grays and blacks or shades of brown) that way you won’t have to worry about not having the accessories that combine well.  That way you can pack one or two pairs of neutral pants, one sweater and/or jacket that works with all your shirts, and then bring the variety with blouses and dresses. Pack jewelry that goes with as many clothing items as possible, and limit the jewelry that you pack. Try and keep it to items that aren’t too valuable, because it would be a shame for something really dear to you to get stolen or lost in airport security.

    When packing shoes, make sure they’re all comfortable to walk in. Most people tend to do far more walking than the are accustomed to when they are on vacation, so shoes that ordinarily seem comfortable may turn out not to be so great. There is no need to sacrifice on style, however. If you’re working with a less comfortable pair of shoes, try a set of insoles and that should help. Also, always pack bandages just in case you start getting blisters. If you think a pair of shoes will cause blisters, put on the bandages before you walk in the shoes, that way you save yourself the pain. Also, if you are going to Europe and are from the US, do not wear sneakers/tennis shoes. Do not even pack them. That is the best way to stand out as an American tourist. Typically in many parts of Europe, notably France, peoples’ every day clothes are much more formal than in many parts of the US, so be mindful of the cultural differences when picking attire.

  10. 10
    Jac says:

    Pack basics to easily mix and match looks and add some great accessories to make each outfit stand out. 

  11. 11
    Tabetha says:

    Keep everything color coordinated & I always go with one of everything– a t shirt, a blouse, a skirt, a pair of pants, a dress, a sweater– that can be mixed, matched & otherwise switched up depending on what surprises await!  Oh and accessories– lots of those– they are small so you can bring a lot, and they can take a simple outfit from day to night really easily!

  12. 12
    Ann Hidayat says:

    i roll my clothes with tissue paper instead of folding, this allows more clothes to be packed and reduces creases and i only take the bare essentials for eg i’d take a 2 in 1 shampoo+conditioner in travel size bottles that i keep after using product samples. i also take a couple of pair of jeans in a light and dark wash which can either be dressed down or up:)

  13. 13
    julia says:

    this isn’t necessarily a trick for packing BUT i always put a couple of fabric softener sheets in my suitcase… it keeps everything smelling fresh throughout the trip!

  14. 14
    Melissa T. says:

    Open up all your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, etc. and cover with a small piece of plastic wrap.  Put the tops back on over the wrap.  No spills!!!!

  15. 15
    Maire K says:

    I make a list of things I need and tick if I have them packed and I never fold my clothes, I roll them.

  16. 16
    AmyB says:

    I have a toddler so it brings packing to a whole new level. Sippy cups, car seats, extra outfits, favorite stuffed animal to sleep with. There is just a ton of stuff you can’t forget. A list is so important so you don’t forget anything! It sounds ridiculous but I do a spreadsheet as far ahead of time as possible.

  17. 17
    Denise F says:

    I consider TWO things first: 1.) the weather 2.) purpose of the trip. From those to factors, I start throwing everything (I think fits the occasion and weather) into a bin. That was the first round of choosing. From there I do another round, where I choose more meticulously.

    Another rule I go by: pack less jeans that you think you’ll need. There is no shame in repeating if you have to. However, extra underwear does not hurt because there IS shame in repeating dirty underwear! haha

    And I second the rolling over folding thing. Tried and tested. Less crease. Fits more clothes. AND I find it easier to find clothes in my luggage when they are rolled rather than folded.

    Also, find the balance between functional and pretty. 

  18. 18
    Dana says:

    After picking out some versatile clothing, I try everything on.  I snap photos on my phone of my favourite clothing, shoe and jewellery combinations.  Then on vacation, I can scan through the photos and deciding what to wear is easy! 

  19. 19
    Karina says:

    Knits are great for travelling…they can be rolled and put inside shoes, or fit into the tight corner and edge spaces of your suitcase, and best of all, they arrive virtually wrinkle-free. When you get to your destination, hang your clothes.  The few wrinkles will usually smooth out on the hanger and you won’t “live” out of your suitcase.

  20. 20
    Brittany K says:

    i like to write everything down im taking and group it by outfit. sometimes i even assign a day and a night to it so i know im not overpacking! i still end up overpacking.

  21. 21
    Marie says:

    Pack light!

  22. 22
    Caroline W says:

    Scarves! They don’t take up much space, and they can make something into a whole new outfit!

  23. 23
    sarah says:

    Roll. Roll. Roll. 

  24. 24
    Vela says:

    My little secret helps me out in a big way… SPACE BAG! I usually pack nearly half of my closet (because a girl needs choices) and I need as much room as I can get.

  25. 25
    Caryn says:

    I was a flight attendant before I had my three children so I’ve become quite skilled in packing a suitcase.  My husband is amazed at how much I can fit into a bag.  I think I’ve even heard him say “that suitcase will never close!”   As previously mentioned, ROLL your clothing.  You can also roll delicate items like a beaded tunic inside of a sweater for protection.  (the beaded tunic can serve two purposes…cover-up for the beach and it can be dressed up with white skinny jeans for dinner) I always pack several pairs of shoes but try to make them functional.  And I stuff small items (socks, undies, bathing suit)  into my shoes if they allow (like my running shoes)  Scarves are a great accessory AND functional to keep you warm in the evening chill or even double as a nursing cover.  I always wear one on the plane knowing the temp can go from hot to cold in a matter of minutes.  A few fun pieces of jewelry can play up your basics that mix and match throughout your trip.  And those fun Painted Birds would look amazing in any city or on the beach!  🙂

  26. 26
    ren says:

    i lay out each outfit and then delete, delete, delete! i ask myself if i will really need that formal dress? won’t the simple LBD do fine with heels in a dinner emergency? how many warm sweaters do i REALLY need? i am ruthless and i strip it down as far as i can. and then i tell myself that i am not going into the jungle (unless i am) and i don’t need something for every eventuality. if i am going to visit a friend, they will have an iron, a first aid kit or a hair dryer i can borrow. when i can see it all in one place, i realize how much i overpacked and can cut down.

  27. 27
    Jenni says:

    Open your closet and the clothes that make you smile are the ones to take. I love being comfortable on a trip, knowing that I look cute and feel great. 

  28. 28
    Lydia says:

    I always just plan out day to day, based on what I want to wear, and focus on things that can go mix-and-match and layer, because the weather is always weird!

  29. 29
    Amzi says:

    Take your comfortable clothes!  And you’d be surprised how versatile a cute pair of bright colored flats can be…

  30. 30
    Kira Tequila says:

    I rely on rolling everything as tight as i can and then banding them together.

  31. 31
    Kristen says:

    Pack what you love but pack light b/c ya gotta shop wherever you are too 🙂

  32. 32
    Alex says:

    For a short getaway, I like to only pack as much as I can fit into a carry-on, as checked baggage is both expensive and difficult to carry around. My secrets are to roll things up while packing and to bring less clothing than I think I will need. One dressy outfit, two casual outfits and pajamas. I just plan to wash things if I need to, and I rarely do. The only thing I overpack is underwear, because suddenly realizing you’re short on panties is horrible.

  33. 33
    Noma says:

    I say pack only your favorite items from your closet. The moment you start packing the ‘maybe’ s is the moment your suitcase starts getting a little tight! If you pack only your faves,  then you will have the best outfit packed for every occasion 🙂

  34. 34
    sam says:

    I don’t ever seem to get it right – either its way too much or not enough, too cold for what I packed (even though I checked the weather 800 before I left) or too hot – one of these times I will get it right : )  

  35. 35
    Sharon Siqueiros says:

    I’m a huge overpacker!! I’ve yet to learn my lesson…haha

  36. 36
    Courtney says:

    Place anything that may leak inside a ziplock or plastic bag! That includes your little lotions, shampoos, soaps, hairsprays, perfumes…Anything that may leak!

  37. 37
    Cindy A. says:

    Gasp! I have officially fallen in love with Painted Bird. Thank you so much for not only introducing me to such a great shop, but also for this amazing giveaway. As for my best secret for packing on a trip… keep it to a minimum.

  38. 38
    Loretta E. says:

    I roll my clothes and try to take a lot of basics that can be worn with multiple outfits.

  39. 39
    Diana says:

    My secret is to feel lucky that I’m on vacation and not care when I forget something.

  40. 40
    Nikki says:

    My secret is to enjoy the planning and packing as much as the trip itself, then every stage is a joy and I am never disappointed or frustrated by forgetting something.  And ALWAYS pack a bathing suit and flipflops, there is always a pool or a hot tub, a lake, a sauna, a hot springs to dip into no matter the season! I also like to pick up toiletries instead of lugging them if I am flying, but driving I always just pack a separate “bathroom” bag so I don’t have to leave something behind (it seems like any more than 3 days a woman needs just as many products as a month!).

  41. 41
    Janet Mollat says:

    I was a flight attendant for thirteen years and I found that rolling clothes instead of folding helped them not to wrinkle so much.  Have two of everything – two hair dryers, two make-up bags, etc. and keep the number twos in your suitcase, so you don’t have to pack and re-pack these things.  Pack snack food in your carry-on in case of delays.  Most important, pack a positive attitude because when you are traveling, something WILL go wrong!

  42. 42
    Jaime says:

    Rolling when packing. 
    Basics with lots of accessories: scarves, belts, jewelry, all that good stuff!

  43. 43
    Trisha says:

    Bring basics that can be dressed up or down  so that I can pack less. 

  44. 44
    Erin says:

    Ya know, I haven’t quite found the exact right balance of packing enough and packing too much! But I’ll have to reiterate what’s been said above – when traveling abroad, especially, when you don’t want to (or can’t) have 16 suitcases to hold all your junk, rolling the clothes is definitely a great idea!

  45. 45
    Madeline says:

    color coordination!

  46. 46
    Tiffany says:

    I keep my clothes simple and bring items i can mix and match. Then I jazz things up with accessories that are small. And I ALWAYS leave room for treasures i find on my travels. I’d much rather pack too little and have an excuse to shop than have too much and no room for new goodies.

  47. 47
    Lucy W. says:

    Pack plenty of snacks and books in your carry-on!

  48. 48
    anna says:

    I don’t have any secrets, I am a horrible packer! I take 5 shirts on a 3 hour trip. 

  49. 49
    Jennifer says:

    I always pack a white button down shirt, regardless of where I’m going. It goes with anything and is appropriate for almost any situation: on the beach as a coverup, over a tee for a cool night, under a sweater, worn alone with jeans or a skirt. Essential for every trip!

  50. 50
    Amanda A says:

    To not overpack! 🙂 I recently went to Greece, too, and I had two not cute shoes to choose from, so I can totally relate and these look like the PERFECT traveling shoes! LOVE THEM!!