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Thursday, February 6, 2014


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Abundance is a word that just sounds right when you pair it with ‘accessories’, don’t you think? I, for one, love the ability to choose the perfect adornment to suit my mood before I leave the house. My personal style tends to lean toward clean and simple design but that doesn’t mean I am not always on the lookout for more. The more the merrier, as it were.

Renee Frances Jewelry is the kind of line that speaks to the clean, simple aesthetic I’m talking about. These are the kind of gorgeously crafted pieces that you will find yourself reaching for, no matter the mood or outfit or time of day. This Quadrilateral Necklace  would translate from day to night, from the diner to the dance floor and I think you would be hard pressed to find a piece in this collection that doesn’t do the same. Renee Frances Jewelry is just the abundance you need, friends.

Renee Frances Jewelry is giving away one Soft Cell Ring in brass (size 7) to one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question no later than Thursday, February 13th. *Contest open to US residents only.* Comments now closed…good luck!
Please visit Renee Frances Jewelry and tell us: How would you describe your style when it comes to accessories?

Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, February 17th, to see if you’ve won!

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  1. 1
    Deborah f says:

    what a gorgeous ring!! I’m very minimal. I tend to wear the same things over and over. I don’t seem to have a lot of imagination or time to shop when it comes to jewelry. but, I do know what I like when I see it!

  2. 2
    Trisha says:

    A little bit of everything, but I especially love sleek, modern looking jewelry. 

  3. 3
    Tiffany says:

    Accessories is where I tend to experiment and be more adventurous because why not. Lately I’ve been leaning towards minimal and classic pieces mixed with a statement piece.

  4. 4
    Juliet Farmer says:

    i tend toward meaningful pieces when it comes to accessories–i have a charm necklace that i got to commemorate the death of my dog, and a locket my husband got me for our anniversary, etc.

  5. 5
    Heather N. says:

    Clean and kinda bohemian – lots of sterling silver rings, turquoise necklaces, and aquamarine earrings. 

  6. 6
    Nikki says:

    Enthusiastic!  I love finishing off an outfit or a look with jewelry, or a scarf/hat (but jewelry is better because it really ornaments a person by expressing personality and style as well as accentuating their beauty).  Sometimes sticking with the basic sentimental pieces, wedding ring, anniversary band, diamond studs from my sons, sapphire studs from my grandmother, a diamond stud from my grandfather (yes, 5 extra earrings, but they sparkle and twinkle and make me feel pretty) but often adding another pair of earrings, more rings, bracelets, necklace.  My style is romantic, sentimental, sexy, edgy–really multi-faceted like people truly are!

  7. 7
    ren says:

    foolishly mystical and punk rock. if it has a bone or a skull, i might like it. if it has a crystal that might make my day better, i probably like it. sentimental for the things i like, i wear a lightening bolt or a peace sign with equal aplomb.

  8. 8
    Noma says:

    Alternative. I like to wear jewelry that is very unique and interesting. Where as I think other items of clothing tend to be about functionality in addition to aesthetics, accessorizing is all about expressing oneself and having fun!

  9. 9
    Heidi says:

    simple yet eccentric

  10. 10
    Elizabeth says:

    My accessory style is:  I-have-to-get-out-of-the-house-right-now-or-I’ll-be-late.  This means I need pieces I can wear with many, many things that make me happy.  I tend toward interesting geometric patterns in a medium size range that are interesting and beautiful to me.  I want the piece to bring me joy: rather than thinking of it as making me look good.  

  11. 11
    cindy says:

    I guess I would have to say that my accessory style is random. Some days I love it to be minimal and simple and other days, I am in the mood for big, bold style. But I love having the opportunity to do what I feel and just go for whatever seems right on any given day!

  12. 12
    Katie says:

    I love modern jewelry. Different pieces that nobody would have a duplicate. I do get a lot of compliments on some of my pieces.

  13. 13
    Debbie Jackson says:

    My style is more antique or traditional.roddjackson at hotmail.com

  14. 14
    Courtney J says:

    I like accessories that portray my interests, like I have a pendant that’s made of wood, and the phrase “Keep Calm and Read On” is burned on the surface of it. I have a bracelet that’s full of flat charms of images of my favorite things (like Mickey Mouse ears, flip flops, sunset, San Francisco cable car). I recently bought a necklace that has a plastic pendant that’s in the shape of an Ampersand (&)…because I like typography!

  15. 15
    Samantha S says:

    Hmm. Miminalist, a bit quirky, easy to wear, and ideally with a story behind the pieces. This usually amounts to scarves, or necklaces with small pendants–I have one that’s a little fimo clay sushi platter that’s fun.

  16. 16
    jane says:

    clean and simple with a twist, like stones on rings that are slightly off center, or necklaces that use toggle clasps as focal points instead of something to be hidden; accessories like that seem very boring and simple at first glance, but are quirky and secretly stand out only to those with a keen eye, which is how i hope to appear to others too.

  17. 17
    Rebekah says:

    understated, simple, unique

  18. 18
    Charlotte D. says:

    Depends on my mood actually.  I would say eclectic. I have a few different pieces and try not to limit myself to one style.  I do try to buy accessories that I truly like not because it is trendy.  So every pieces that I have really makes me happy when I wear them even in a gloomy day.

  19. 19
    Meg T says:

    Wow! What a beautiful collection! Each piece is a little work of art! I love versatility in my accessories. I like just a few wonderful pieces that work really hard : )  I am always reaching for my gold tassel necklace and some gold studs I have. Thanks!

  20. 20
    jenn says:

    i would say for me my motto is “less is more.” i like to wear thoughtful, statement pieces so the artistry of each accessory can really be seen & heard. 

  21. 21
    Bailey Morgan says:

    My style when it comes to accessories is classic and “less is more.”  I also like to make sure that my accessories are functional and don’t inhibit me doing things.  Nothing is more annoying than a bracelet that makes it impossible to write or move your hand comfortably. 

  22. 22
    sam says:

    Classic and simple.

  23. 23
    Susanna B. says:

    Minimal and generally conservative 

  24. 24

    Unique and elegant!

  25. 25
    natalie says:

    I’d say my accessory style is unique and understated. I generally prefer for my accessories to compliment my outfit, not the other way around.

  26. 26
    Lauren P says:

    My style is deeply personal. I wear pieces that remind me of happy moments when I look at them throughout the day. 

  27. 27
    Kelly Commerford says:

    I’m a minimalist. I do like the few pieces I wear to stand out. I like delicate pendants & earrings, unique vintage rings, bangles, and men’s watches. 

  28. 28
    Kinzie says:

    I don’t tend to wear a lot of jewelry, but what I do wear is meaningful and beautiful. I don’t often remember to put something on in the morning, but when I do, I feel glamorous all day.

  29. 29
    cindy l evans says:

    I love this ring I can see this on my middle fiinger now I love the design so different and unique, keep up the good work!

  30. 30
    Evie says:

    My style is Anything Goes! From statement jewelry to something uncluttered; costume or the real thing.

  31. 31
    Sparrow says:

    I love bold, architectural pieces that stand in contrast to a softer, feminine clothes. I think contrasting jewelry with clothing shows how women are dual beings. We’re not all softness. We hold power/boldness/edge within us right next to our compassion/charity/femininity. It’s what makes us beautiful.

  32. 32
    Joann says:

    Jewelry is beyond a fashion statement for me. My accessories are always a mirror of how I am feeling. I have to dress relatively formal for work so accessories are the only way to feel like I have a piece of my true self everyday. When I am down I like to have a happier piece of jewelry to make me feel happy or inspire me throughout the day. . 

  33. 33
    Kim Henrichs says:

    I would say clean and nautical.  I love silver and i love blue accents very much. 

  34. 34
    Sharon says:

    I like simple and understated, but elegant.

  35. 35
    Andrea says:

    clean, high quality pieces with interesting accents

  36. 36
    Amie A says:

    It all depends on my mood… I could go classic and simple or layer on the pieces to create a statement.  That’s the luxury of having a collection of pieces that I’ve inherited from friends and family!

  37. 37
    Jennifer says:

    quality over quantity!

  38. 38
    Erin Martin says:

    Accessories, especially jewelry, has started to trump my shoe obsession! I tend to wear a lot of solid color clothing and accessorize with more statement pieces – like long necklaces that can be layered or worn by themselves, larger necklaces with large stones or jewels, larger earrings. I love coral and turquoise colors and using them as a pop of color against neutrals.