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Thursday, May 3, 2012

They say you are what you eat. However, I think it should also should be noted that you are what you wear. In my humble opinion, nothing says more about a person than their personal style. It is one of the few choices we have in our lives that really speaks to who we are and how we see ourselves. Granted, style is fluid. It is also subject to context, but for the most part, how we adorn ourselves directly reflects who we are. We show our beauty, our love, our hearts all through the styles we choose. (Except for that dark period known as the early 1990’s. None of us should be held accountable for that.) On that note, it’s so exciting when we find designers that put just as much energy into sustainability as aesthetics.

ReStrung Jewelry is the fusion of designer Naomi Celestin’s biggest passions: art, music, and philanthropy. Inspired by the sight of her musician boyfriend’s guitar strings hanging on the wall, she started creating jewelry out of them. Realizing she had a never-ending well to draw from (with the broken strings of all of her musician friends) she found a way to create art out of an unrecyclable material. Using vintage gems and stones, Celestin has created a truly eco-friendly line of beauty. These Hot Coral numbers are amazing. And, to top it off, Celestin donates proceeds to philanthropic organizations and continues to give back to the community (all while adorning it!) ReStrung Jewelry is the epitome of doing good while looking good.

ReStrung is giving away two pair of Turquoise Dangle earrings to two lucky winners (one each)! To enter to win, please answer the following question by Thursday, March 10th. Comments now closed…good luck!

What is the last time you practiced (or witnessed) a random act of kindness?

Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, May 14th. Good luck!

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  1. 1
    Juliet Farmer says:

    i try to incorporate random acts of kindness into my daily life. i hold the door open for those behind me (did so this morn at the gym), let cars into my lane during heavy traffic (again, this morning), and keep an eye out for wandering dogs to reunite them with their owners (not this morning, but at least once a week this happens!).

  2. 2
    Kellie says:

    I wasn’t a witness to this, but a nice mother and daughter bought my grandfather (who was eating alone at a diner) his meal and he was so touched by it, as was I. I am so grateful for those women who made my grandpa’s day a little brighter.

  3. 3
    Beverly Tsai says:

    There is a homeless man who usually hangs out at a corner near my office building. However, it’s apparent that he has a sharp mind, and he is a proficient chess player. Once a week I see this businessman stop by with lunch for two to engage the homeless man in a game of chess. The chessboard is a piece of cardboard with the squares drawn in, and the chess set is filled out with various trinkets filling in for missing pieces. The business man squats in his fine suit and shined shoes, perched on a milk crate that he spreads a napkin over. This businessman spends his lunch with this homeless man once a week, and they share a meal and a game of chess. It touches my heart to see such behavior, and reminds me to not jump to conclusions (about both the finely dressed business man and also the smelly homeless man)!

  4. 4
    Emma says:

    Yesterday afternoon the rains were heavy and the winds angry: a little elderly lady standing outside the parking garage saw her umbrella turn inside out into a useless mess – through my window, I saw it catch on the wind and flop away down the street. The little lady looked completely terrified by the water gushing over her but suddenly the guard working at the parking garage entrance came trotting with a big umbrella which he simply opened over her head. He stood there, sheltering her, until a car driven by a little elderly gentleman pulled up, and the little lady could sink into its dry embrace and go home. Props to you for your act of unexpected kindness, awesome parking garage guard!

  5. 5
    ali h says:

    My husband and I were behind a mother and young child at a small, local pizzeria.  It was later on at night and obviously past the young girl’s dinner time.  The credit card machine was not working properly and the counter girl was trying to explain that to the mom who apparently didn’t speak English too well.  The counter person was turning the mom away because she did not have a cash alternative to pay with.  My husband was about to step in and pay for the mom and child’s pizza (a wonderful man in his own right) but the owner of the shop came over and insisted on paying herself with cash out of her own pocket.  It was beautiful and gracious and warmed my lil ole heart. 

  6. 6
    sam says:

    Random Acts of Kindness are something I strive for everyday – from leaving a coupon or two at the store to letting people in front of me in line – especially those that look like they are in a hurry or have little kids with them.  The other day a friend posted that they person in front of her at the drive-thru paid for her order – she paid for the person behind her – she said she hoped it continued beyond that car : ) 

  7. 7
    Stephanie says:

    These are so pretty and colourful! One random act of kindness I remember,and would like to pay forward one day, was when a stranger on an online community messaged me to see if I still wanted a really obscure item on my wishlist that she had dug up — and then sent it without expecting anything in return! She even messaged me a bit later to make sure I got it (it was held up at customs) before she left for a trip overseas. So sweet! <3

  8. 8
    hanna says:


  9. 9
    Ellen says:

    Today! I baked cookies for the neigh bors 🙂

  10. 10
    Sara Serna says:

    Earlier this week a coworker said the person in the car ahead of her in a drive thru bought her coffee for her. I let a few people ahead of me in traffic after that. 🙂

  11. 11

    We organised a whole month of Random Acts of Kindness in Feb-March where we galvanized people to do kind things for each other. We want to make this a regular event and hope it will lead to positive and visible acts of kindness not only towards people, but also for our planet.

    On another note, I am a trustee of a charity here in India (Child’s Play India Foundation) that empowers disadvantaged children through music education and one of the things we really want to do as a fundraising initiative is make jewelry out of all the broken strings we collect. We’ve been in touch with some local designers but getting them to do something is taking time. I’ll add ReStrung to our inspiration gallery – should get those designers moving! Thanks for the giveaway and I welcome any ideas on how to take our little string jewelry project further.

  12. 12
    Alicia says:

    I walk to Penn Station in Baltimore City to catch the train everyday. Since I take the same route I often see the same homeless veteran outside the train station. Instead of averting my eyes I always wish him a good morning and flash him a big smile. He always replies with, “Good morning to you too, sweetie!” I am sure he is thankful for those who donate money, but I think he also appreciates that someone recognizes his humanity, that someone else cares about his day, and about him–maybe even more than a dollar.

  13. 13
    Sarah Jane says:

    A friend knew I was running low on energy and that my 2 kiddos we pretty wound up. He stopped by unexpectedly with a large black tea to kick-start my energy and get me through the afternoon. It wasn’t a big or expensive gesture, but it showed that he had been listening and cared how my day was going. 🙂

  14. 14
    Stacey Scarce says:

    Random acts of kindness have always been part of my life. As a child I would flip June-bugs over at night so they would not die. As an adult I routinely hold doors open and say hello or good morning with a smile. Whenever I travel, I try to do something that will give back to the area I am traveling to. One of my biggest joys was on a trip I took to India. I contacted the Louisiana Himalayan Association to ask what they needed to help their work in India of educating Tibetan Refugees. I put the word out to friends and received 15 Oxford Picture Dictionaries, 2 1-gallon bags of dry erase markers, two used laptops and enough monetary donations to buy a brand new laptop. I was overwhelmed by these donations, their generosity and their understanding of those in need on the other side of the world. Once in New Delhi I was met by a young Tibetan girl who would receive the donations that would be brought back to Dharamsala, India. Her kindness, her genuine thankfulness, her purity of heart was more than overwhelming. She brought gifts to me, to thank me which was not needed. I feel it is my responsibility as a human being to help other human beings that don’t have the opportunities that I enjoy and was born into. I took the bracelet of Navajo Ghost Beads off of my wrist and gave it to her, to tell her thank you and to let her know that no one is alone.

  15. 15
    Tiffany A. says:

    Actually today, I am a nanny and I had a 11 week old in the baby bjorn and 3 1/2 year old and a cart full of groceries and this man offered to take my cart for me at the grocery store! It was so nice and helpful!

  16. 16
    Alison says:

    As I was driving to work, a small chihuahua jumped out of a moving car. While the owner pulled to the side of the road and frantically tried to figure out how to get her dog (who was nearly halfway across the street), another woman stopped her car and tried to get the dog from off of the road. It was very nice to see that someone wanted to help get the small chihuahua back even though she put her safety at risk.

  17. 17
    Jennifer says:

    I strongly believe in karma, so I do my best to put as much kindness back into the world as I can. Last week, I pumped gas for an elderly woman so she wouldn’t have to do it. Not a big deal at all, certainly not to me. But hopefully someone at the gas station saw what happened and was inspired to help someone else.

  18. 18
    Stephanie C says:

    Random acts of kindness are sometimes hard to come by on a college campus– students can be so self-absorbed! But during this past week as the school year comes to a close, I’ve seen so many people receive care packages from friends to help de-stress (aka. lots of junk food!) I’ve received and given a few myself, and it feels so nice to know that people are thinking of and supporting you 🙂

  19. 19
    kim g says:

    Three days ago when my 9yr old daughter and myself made a stop by CVS.  It was dark, and a bit chilly. There was a man out in front of the store sitting with his back against the wall. He was asking if anyone had spare change…My daughter looked at him on our way in the store and she began asking me questions. Did I think he had a family?,  was  he hungry, or cold…She said he looked liked a grandpa and did I suppose he was…. I answered and continued racing down the isles getting the few things I needed. I looked down at the cart, and inside  our cart there was pretzels, granola bars, a big jug of water..and a pack of Hersheys kisses. I said “Maddie do you need all of this??” Her reply was “no mom its not for me, I am going to use my allowance money  that I have been saving to buy the doll I want and, instead use it to buy the man these things..I think he is pretty hungry and thirsty…and he probably could use a hug and some kisses…so I think the chocolate kisses will be perfect”. I smiled…and said” I think you will make his night” 

  20. 20
    Ashley says:

    I helped a lady at Costco put a 55 pound bag of dog food into her mini van. Then when I went back to my car, she offered to help me put my 55 pound bag of dog food into my car. I didn’t go into it expecting it, but I am really happy that she ended up helping me. It made it a lot easier. 

  21. 21
    Rosy says:

    The last at of kindness? A few hours ago, 4 AM, I woke up to feed my cat who was hungry and couldn’t wait until breakfast time 🙂

  22. 22
    echo says:

    Always saying please and thank you, opening doors for others, being generous with smiles and compliments.

  23. 23
    jane says:

    i helped an old man carry his wheelchair today when he stopped me to ask for assistance. but it’s no big deal compared to some of the stories that have been shared here! it’s nice to know that there are still so many people who do care out there in the world 🙂

  24. 24

    […] week, we kicked off our new theme for May, Adorn, with giveaways from Olive Yew! and ReStrung Jewelry. There is something about pretty jewelry that just makes spring sing, don’t you think? We […]

  25. 25
    Kristen Hughes says:

    I bought a pricey barbecue grill a while back and somehow when the cashier scanned it, it didn’t register, and we were chatting and I honestly never noticed the total (I had a few other small items). When I got to the truck to load it up, I glanced at the receipt and noticed…and went right back in to correct the mistake. She was SO grateful, she said she would have lost her job if not for me coming back in as the store was very “inventory aware” and would have investigated. Made me feel good about my choice. I am a big believer in Karma!!

  26. 26
    Jenni says:

    A few weeks ago I drove out to visit my sister. She lives 3-4 hours away so its rare that I get a chance to visit. I had planned to stay only one night, but volunteered to stay another night and watch my nephew so my sister and brother-in-law could go see the Hunger Games. They had a great, and rare, date night and I got to see my nephew. It felt really great to be able to help out.