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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


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Summertime is all about the accessory. I, for one, tend to dress as simply as possible when the weather heats up and I express myself through jewelry (and hats). Finding new artists and designers and sharing them with you is one way we honor our mission of spreading sunshine near and far. It truly is a joy to see beauty travel so far.

Rita Colimon is an artist whose journey started at a very young age. When Colimon was 11 years old, she took a jewelry making class and her passion was born. With a bold aesthetic, RitaYma Jewelry features handcrafted pieces that speak of modern design and joyful expression. These are the types of pieces you wear when you want to be reminded to be the best version of yourself. What better way to accessorize yourself this summer than with that kind of affirmation, yes?

RitaYma Jewelry is giving away one $50 gift certificate to one lucky winner! (My favorite is above!) To enter to win, please answer the following question no later than Wednesday, August 6th.
Please visit RitaYma Jewelry and tell us: What is the first piece of jewelry you remember wearing?
Start checking the winner’s box on Tuesday, August 12th, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 1
    Jenni says:

    My great grandmother had a beautiful collection of clip on earrings. I had a few favorites, but the ones I remember trying on first, and as often as possible, were these majenta and ruby costume earrings. The gemstones formed beautiful starbursts and I just thought they were the ultimate of glamour. I remember clipping them on and slipping my toes into her leopard embelished flats and strutting my stuff down the hallway. I still have the earrings, and every time I look at them I think of her and the fun times I had looking at all of her treasures.

  2. 2
    Tiffany says:

    I faintly remember wearing one of my mother’s necklaces for some special occasion like a graduation or some performance before my parents got divorced. I want to say it was a pendent of some sort, but I can’t remember what it looked like.

  3. 3
    Elizabeth says:

    When I was a little girl, my mom wouldn’t let me wear any jewelry, but I thought it was the most important, beautiful thing in the world.  So I made myself a lot of jewelry with flowers from my grandmother’s overly abundant garden.  The bleeding hearts were my favorite!  I made a necklace, crown, and matching ring – that’s the first jewelry I remember wearing!  🙂

  4. 4
    Heidi says:

    I remember a gold chain necklace with a little gold goose on it 🙂 I think I still have it with my childhood treasures…

    Thanks for the giveaway! Her jewelry is lovely.

  5. 5
    Juliet Farmer says:

    a necklace with a heart locket, in which i cut out a picture of Cary Grant from a magazine and put in. 

  6. 6
    ren says:

    the first piece of jewelry i remember wearing was my grandfather’s baby ring. a very tiny, gold ring with his initials. after that it would have to be an avon perfume locket brooch. probably the one with the worm in the apple, and i am quite sure the perfume would have been “sweet honesty.”

  7. 7
    Carolyn says:

    I’m pretty sure the first jewelry I ever wore was costume jewelry! My Oma had a large collection along with dozens of beautiful scarves. My sister and I would dress up in them and dance every time we visited.

  8. 8
    ginger G. says:

    The first piece of jewelry I owned came from my dad.  It was a tiny gold chain necklace with a teddy bear charm! I don’t have the best relationship with him, but looking back, it made me feel special when I wore it 🙂

  9. 9
    jenn says:

    a sterling silver id bracket that had my first name engraved on the front and on the back it said, “you stand out.” this was a gift from my parents when i was about to enter jr. high.

  10. 10
    Cathy F. says:

    The first jewelry I remember wearing was a little gold plastic adjustable ring with a ruby colored stone (I was a July baby). It was probably an egg toy but I remember thinking it was pretty and that I was cool to be wearing a ring! Simple pleasures!

  11. 11
    Pumpernickel says:

    In my family the girls were all allowed to get their ears pierced at three years old if they wanted to. I clearly remember wearing a simple pair of dark purple stud earrings and thinking that I was DAZZLINGLY adorned and special when I was wearing them. Only three years old and I felt like a queen!

  12. 12
    Samantha S says:

    I wasn’t allowed to wear jewelry at the school I attended, so when my mom bought me a small heart necklace (with a little sparkly stone in the center) for my tenth birthday I was thrilled. Not just because it was delicate and grown-up, but because she was encouraging my rebellion, giving me jewelry to wear outside of school hours.

  13. 13
    iamalighthouse says:

    I remember getting a frog friendship necklace that my best friend and I shared when we were little. My how our tastes change. 😉 

  14. 14
    Charlotte D. says:

    The earrings after I had my ears pierced when I was very young.  I still have them. They are tiny balls.  Unfortunately, I can’t wear them because it is so tiny.  Love them though. 

  15. 15
    Kim g says:

    I wore from the time I was little a bangle bracelet that was silver …it had three small round sleeping beauty turquoise 
    stones…I wore it until it had to be cut off my wrist….

  16. 16
    jane says:

    ehh the first real jewelry i remember wearing is a simple pair of tiny silver studs my parents got me when i got my ears pierced at age 7. it made me feel really grown-up because wow, REAL jewelry! if not i used to have these 3 plastic necklaces in neon yellow, lime green and hot pink and i LOVED them to pieces (literally, because they eventually broke haha!) which i wore together all the time! they were long, up to my waist, and were just plastic beads fused together (they weren’t on a chain or anything). frankly they were really awfully flashy and gaudy because i would wear the three matching bangles together at the same time! my my how tastes have changed, i prefer small understated pieces now 🙂

  17. 17
    Rinny says:

    Two things stick out in my mind as the first jewelry I ever wore. 1 – Sweet Secrets! They were like Transfsormers for girls, but you could wear them on necklaces and stuff. There’s a particular 3rd birthday video of me squealing as I open new Sweet Secrets. 2 – My grandparents bought me this precious little 24k gold heart when I was a baby with my name engraved on the front. I wore the pendant on a necklace until I was too big to wear it. Unfortunately, I’ve since misplaced it, but I remember feeling like a princess whenever I wore it.

  18. 18
    Nikki says:

    I remember a silver cat’seye ring but I lost it in a pumpkin patch because it was a little big for my fingers.  My grandmother and great-aunt believed in real jewelry for me and I had a few other pieces in a jewelry box already: a rose quartz heart on a silver chain, a tiny crystal on a gold chain, a mother-of-pearl ring. But the cat’seye was my favorite and the only one I remember wearing. I was panicked and devastated when I discovered it had slipped off and was lost.  I remember being told that while it was sad to lose it, that there would be other special pieces of jewelry in my life and not to worry, it would be found treasure for somebody else. What a perfect attitude to share with a little girl! 

  19. 19
    Holli says:

    My mom let me wear my grandma’s pearls for first communion!

  20. 20
    Kate B says:

    I’m sure I had one of those glass birthstone rings (why is October a pink color when the stone is actually opal which is really not that pink?), but the adornments I remember most clearly from my childhood were the myriad of friendship bracelets that I made. It was such a treat to go to the craft store and pick out colors from a rainbow of embroidery floss. I would sit for hours at a time, patiently tying knots in the threads in complex patterns to give to family and friends. I’m sure the timid entreprenuer in me attempted to sell them, though it was likely short-lived (since all of the girls I knew liked to make their own anyway!). I love that there are still kids interested in them and delighted in giving my cousin’s daughter a book and floss set for Christmas a few years ago when she asked for crafting presents. It’s something I hope to share with my nieces as they get a little older as well!

  21. 21
    Michelle elizabeth says:

    The first piece of jewelry I remember wearing are earrings that looked like leafs that my mom forced me to wear. The first piece of jewelry I remember choosing to wear, was a heavy locket that my mom gave me. I used to rotate pictures of friends and family through it, and I loved it. 

  22. 22
    Amie A says:

    I took a St. Christopher’s medal off of my mother’s vintage charm bracelet and put it on a silver chain.  I have worn it every day of my life since I was fifteen years old.  

  23. 23
    Jennifer says:

    For me, it was the heart shaped “best friends” necklaces.  I had two – one was a half heart (split with one friend), and the other was a middle piece of a heart split 3 ways.  I have a vivid memory of walking down my middle school hallway with my two friends as we split up the three piece best friends necklaces and put them around our necks, and I got the middle piece because I already had a half heart from another friend, and didn’t
    want to get them mixed up.  And I remember feeling so proud to wear these necklaces!

  24. 24
    Megan says:

    A gold children’s ring that my mother tied to my wrist with a ribbon for my preschool photograph. It’s an heirloom that used to belong to my great-grandmother.

  25. 25
    Susanna says:

    It’s not really jewelry I guess but every Christmas my dad would make me wear this Christmas tree pin that belonged to my great grandmother. It is pretty big and flashy with lots of emeralds and rubies I think and once I hit the teenage years I became bratty and refused to wear it so he started wearing it himself and he still does to this day. Everyone always gets a good laugh when he walks out with it on. 

  26. 26
    Jennifer says:

    Getting my ears pierced in third grade was a very momentous occasion, and my first jewelry experience. 

  27. 27
    Sparrow says:

    My maternal grandmother gave me a beautiful pearl necklace. I loved it so much and wore it everywhere. Then we went on vacation and I left it on top of the dresser during the day, and that evening it was gone. It was the first time I had ever had something stolen from me and I felt completely bereft and betrayed. Now, with a lot of distance and through a desire to put away my cynicism, I hope it went to some little girl who needed it more than I did.

  28. 28
    ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    A ring from my grandma – it was my first “real” piece of jewelry and I remember feeling so grown up! As the song says – I do enjoy being a girl!! and I still have it even after 30 years! Thanks Grandma!!

  29. 29
    Andrea Drummond says:

    For my fifth birthday my best friend and neighbor gave me a tiny gold cross as a gift. It was strung on the tiniest, most delicate chain. It was 24k gold and so special. I was a rough and tough little girl and had never reall worn jewelry except for the occasion dress up pieces and Mardi Gras beads (I grew up in Louisiana). It was also the first piece of jewelry a boy gave me. 

  30. 30
    Monica Borge says:

    The first piece of jewelry I remember is a gold necklace that said Monica. I used to chew on it all the time and always got it caught in my gap all the time. I would run to me mom all the time so she could get it unstuck so I could get back to playing.

  31. 31
    Emily S. says:

    My first piece of “real” jewelry was a pair of clip-on earrings – tiny, pink ballet shoes. I loved playing dress up and had lots of jangling beads and costume jewelry, but when I received these earrings as a gift they felt much more special than that.  I so wanted pierced ears but my mom insisted I wait until my 6th birthday.  Up until then, I wore these little clip-ons almost every day.  I still keep them in my jewelry box and every time I see them I cannot get over how small they are.  

  32. 32
    Kat says:

    A heart necklace with my name on it.  I still love personalized jewelry!

  33. 33
    manda says:

    Pink ice earrings.

  34. 34
    Veronica says:

    I remember my grandmother and I sitting next to her jewelrybox, and she handed me a thin chain gold necklace with a heart on it. That’s the first jewelry I ever wore. 

  35. 35
    Cindy says:

    I remember wearing my grandfather’s baby ring which had his initials on it. We shared initials and I was so proud and it made me feel like I belonged. I still have the ring to this day (though it is much too small to be worn anymore!)

  36. 36
    Kristy Grey says:

    My Mother And Father Bought Me A Heart Shaped Locket For My 3RD Birthday!! I Still To This Day Have It In My Collection!! 😀

  37. 37
    Renee A says:

    My first piece of jewelry was when I got my ears pierced in 3rd grade and I got gold heart studs. Once I was able to change my earrings, I got some cute unicorn earrings that I loved so much I wore them for my school pictures. I have always loved jewelry since then.