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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


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Happy October, friends! Since our focus this month is to “Lean into the Fall” we wanted to make sure we brought you a contributor that honors our idea of relaxing into the season and celebrating the journey. To do this, we found an artist that brings a sense of meaning to each and every piece. We found an artist that invests time in the beginning so that the end result is that much greater. We found an artist that, essentially, cares.

Liz Duarte learned how to hand stamp jewelry a handful of years ago and has been creating ever since. Rustic Metal Creations blends the nostalgic with the present, intention with creation. While I tend to be quite particular about “personalized” jewelry, I find myself immeasurably drawn to the simple, pure aesthetic of Duarte’s collection. This Stainless Steel Mini Initial is absolute perfection and I find myself coveting the Solid Copper Metal Bar Keychain in an almost unhealthy way. (I said “almost.”) You can “Lean into the Fall” by wearing your heart on your sleeve, but it might be a lot easier to just wear a piece from Rustic Metal Creations.

Rustic Metal Creations is giving away one $40 gift certificate to one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question no later than Tuesday, October 8th. *This giveaway open to residents of USA and Canada only!* Comments now closed…good luck!
Please visit Rustic Metal Creations and tell us: What is your power word? (As in, what words serves as a great reminder to you to be your best self?)
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, October 14th, to see if you’ve won.
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  1. 1
    Juliet Farmer says:

    smile. one direction that, if followed, can greatly improve almost any situation!

  2. 2
    kristen h. says:

    Karma. I try to keep in mind at all times that you get back the energy that you give, so being positive and kind will bring good things back to you.

  3. 3
    sam says:

    Breathe  (breathe in, breathe out, move on).

  4. 4
    Courtney J says:

    Passion. How do I know I am doing my best? When I’m following my passion. When I am passionate about what I do. When I have such a strong interest in something, it becomes my passion.

  5. 5
    Elizabeth says:

    I’ve had different words at different times in my life.  “Mom” is the word right now.  It reminds me that this whole thing is bigger than I am.  It is an ethical starting point for me, and it makes me happy.  I love being a mom!  So it works two ways: 1) I remember to be humble and 2) I remember to be happy.  

  6. 6
    Melissa says:

    Love. When I’m surrounded by the people and things that I love, there is no better feeling!

  7. 7
    crystal says:

    Magic and Music and of course LOVE!!

  8. 8
    Jc Loh says:


  9. 9
    tammigirl says:

    My power word is: Grace

    Saved by grace, Grace surrounds me, striving to show grace 

  10. 10
    Lynda Del says:


  11. 11
    Andrea says:

    Focus. Focus on what matters. Focus on whats important. Don’t only focus on the negativity.

  12. 12
    Lizzy says:

    Gratitude.  It reminds to remember the little joys, pause and reflect.

  13. 13
    Nikki says:


    This is how I like to answer my children when they ask for something (even if it’s tempered with a request or a censure). This is how I want  to approach problems and difficulties when I wonder if I can handle them.  This is how I want to love, and forgive, and enjoy, and to live.

  14. 14
    Charlotte D. says:

    Believe. I believe I can handle whatever is thrown my way. It gives me strength.

  15. 15
    Stefanie says:

    Sistee. It’s my secret, silly word for sister. It’s what we call each other. She’s the best person I know. She’s kind, loving, compassionate, silly. She’s a teacher who makes this world a better place.

  16. 16
    Sparrow says:

    Especially when I’m low and feel like I’m not all I should be, I comfort myself with this word: Becoming. Although I sometimes feel like I’m perpetually failing (motherhood is a practice in humility, joy, patience, and frustration), I know that all of my challenges are shaping me into becoming the woman I want to be: strong, filled with love, a radiance of grace.