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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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We have spoken before of our love for ceramics and pottery here at the BSP. There is a deep seated respect and admiration for the craftsmanship that goes into making these pieces and I am so honored to be able to share these artists with you. When we speak about “Abundant Love” as our theme for the month of February, it means more than just desire, attraction. We are also speaking about honoring the tangible products created by people who craft objects with love in their hearts, in their hands. We are speaking of the kind of quality you just can’t get in a mass market store.

Natania Hume is a maker/designer behind Slow Studio. As the name states, there is no rapid fire, mass market production happening here. Each piece is created with intention, with respect to the process. The pieces in Slow Studio are crafted in small batches and there is a tangible simplicity in these pieces that is hard to describe. I feel reverent and peaceful when I look at these pieces and I can only imagine this energy would transfer from vessel to hand with use. Hume’s work inspires me to pursue my own (long-standing) dream to learn the craft of handmade ceramics. That is what great art does, friends. It creates love, inspires creativity, lives on.

Slow Studio is giving away one sugar bowl and creamer set to one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question no later than Wednesday, March 5th.
Please visit Slow Studio and tell us: What is something you have always wanted to learn but haven’t yet tried?
Start checking the winner’s box on Tuesday, March 11th, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 1
    Kate B says:

    I have picked up various sewing techniques through the years, with varying successes. My mom taught me to cross-stitch in preparation for my first communion and it’s something I still enjoy today. Hand-sewing soon followed and I learned to use the machine for friend’s presents (eight custom Christmas stockings when I was a junior in high school).

    The one thing I’ve always wanted to try, but have been too intimidated to attempt has been quilting. Well, with my first little one due in May, I think it’s finally time to take the plunge. Even though our new arrival has already been gifted with two rag quilts at my shower, a hand-knitted blanket is coming from an auntie, and my best friend is working on a quilt involving a scrap of her bridesmaid dress from my wedding (this babe is already SO loved!), I know that this is something I still want to try and will hopefully cherish the outcome just the same. Getting non-puckered seams is always a challenge for me, so I’m guessing my final result will be slightly wonky, but having a project to keep my hands busy as my little one wriggles around inside me sounds like a perfect situation. I’m excited (and nervous) to try!

  2. 2
    Jessica says:

    Surfing! I’m pretty good about just diving into a new project or hobby but I’m from a land locked state, which makes it pretty hard to surf!

  3. 3
    Juliet Farmer says:

    Spanish, which i think should be a requirement for living in california. 

  4. 4
    Tiffany says:

    Driving a manual. I’ve talked about it for years but finding one I can practice on is becoming more and more difficult. I’ll eventually have to one day if I ever get the chance to buy any of my dream cars.

  5. 5
    Noma says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to play Ice Hockey. Its a sport that’s so opposite to my temperament, but somehow I think I’d find it so exhilarating and liberating. One of these days…

  6. 6
    heather f says:

    I would like to try pottery!

  7. 7
    Pumpernickel says:

    So many things! Spinning yarn, rock wall climbing, water colors, calligraphy, gardening, and many other things.

  8. 8
    Samantha S says:

    To play the cello!

    More realistically, though–conversational Spanish.

  9. 9
    Susanna B. says:

    I’d like to learn foraging skills- especially cooking with weeds, learning all of the edible plants outside! I’ve been reading about it for years but never tried cooking with anything yet- maybe this is the summer I’ll start!

  10. 10
    ren says:

    i’d like to learn computer coding. i’ve tinkered a bit and, much to my surprise, really enjoyed myself. 

  11. 11
    Melinda KE says:

    Another language! Even though I took spanish and latin in high school ( a long time ago!), I remember very little of it. I’m the type of person that I either use it or lose it, so when I finally learn a new language I really want to make sure I find a way that I can keep using what I’ve learned, maybe by reading blogs in that language, joining a group or making a new friend that I can practice with.

  12. 12
    Courtney J says:

    I really want to learn how to play the violin. I played the clarinet for 3 years in school (didn’t really improve at all, but it did instill a love for classical music) and I took piano lessons for 2 years when I was in elementary school (didn’t we all?). But I love how soulful and fun the violin sounds. Plus the person playing it always looks so content!

  13. 13
    Lynda Del says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive so I can swim amongst the sea life in the ocean.

  14. 14
    rachel says:

    Learning Mandarin. I need to get started on it!

  15. 15
    cindy says:

    Hula Dancing! It seems so peaceful and serene and I love that there is a story behind every move.

  16. 16
    Nikki says:

    How to solder. I even went as far as to arrange learning how from a local artisan but had to cancel twice due to circumstances beyond my control. My husband said he would show me, but I don’t want to learn about “shop” or mech. soldering but finer soldering for jewelry or metal crafting. I also really didn’t want to learn from him–not because he wouldn’t be a good teacher but because I wanted to do it on my own. Fortunately, he completely understands and went as far as to contact the artisan and offered to pay for some classes for me and wrote a note and put it in my Christmas stocking letting me know that he loves and supports me. Now I just have to get it scheduled and I am very excited to really learn to do it this year!!

  17. 17
    Elizabeth says:

    The timing of this question is perfect!  I’m about to FINALLY do the thing I think I’m supposed to do with my life.  I am thankful that I come from a family of “triers.”  As a child, I watched my mom take up wood working…and painting…and quilting…and the accordion…and jewelry making.  I watched my dad switch from being a lawyer…to being a psychologist…to being a philosophy professor.  I’m endlessly thankful for that example.  And now I’m about to start my thing.  My first book chapter is at the printer’s at we speak and I’m publishing things in journals and newspapers.  What am I doing?  I’m becoming the real me – a social activist who’s working toward making our society better.  (In my spare time I’m a teacher!)  🙂

  18. 18
    Valerie C. says:

    I’d like to play guitar 🙂

  19. 19
    Amie A says:

    Cello.  <3

  20. 20
    Erin S. says:

    I’d love to learn how to really cook. I can follow a recipe, but to really understand food, and flavor, and timing I think would be an amazing skill to have. To be truly comfortable in the kitchen is not only a gift to others, but a gift to yourself as well. I’ve tried a few times throughout my adult life, but not having come from a family where preparing a meal was important or valued, I’ve often found it to be a huge struggle. Eventually I end up blaming things like time and money, but really I think I just find the whole thing incredibly intimidating. I do hope some day I stick with it though. I know if I could get over the learning curve I would find the whole process extremely fulfilling. So yeah. Cooking. I’d like to learn how to cook. OH! And whistle, so that when Otis Redding comes on the radio I can whistle along.

  21. 21
    Jennifer says:

    I wish I had one of those visiable and obvious talents that so many people have. I can’t sing, or dance, or paint or draw. I’ve tried learning, but it’s hard to get by my complete lack of talent.

  22. 22
    Loretta says:

    I would love to be able to paint. Watercolors seem especially fun and romantic. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. 23
    Ashley B. says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn glass blowing & sculpting.  Dale Chihuly’s art has always amazed me & I would love to ‘attempt’ at making something half as beautiful.   haha

  24. 24
    Melelina says:

    How to be a yoga teacher!

  25. 25
    Trisha says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar. 

  26. 26
    Anna L says:

    I really want to do Stand Up Paddleboard yoga! I’m a huge yogi and have practiced in home and studios, but would love to practice on the water.

  27. 27
    Susie says:

    Really beautiful work, and very inspiring to read of your “slow” inspiration! I need to share with you, I recently discovered “slow fashion”, in where pieces are sewn by hand and meant to last a lifetime (or more). Fabrics are consciously sourced, and love is imbued into each stitch. My little experience with this process has completed revolutionized how I approach my craft, and has me wanting to learn everything about it. I feel like I am embarking on a new world where everything feels right. I now want to learn how to extend this approach to all facets in my life.

  28. 28
    Sparrow says:

    Oh so many things. Because I’m often busy with three boys (just home from the hospital this weekend) and just maintaining our home, I find it important to make/create/do things that won’t be undone the next day. In that spirit, I would love to learn how to make and bind books, hand quilt, and work wood. Creativity staves off a loss of the self.

  29. 29
    Tiffany says:

    I think that deep inside this girly girl is a skate boarding chic that also plays the drums in a rock band. I never did get around to trying out skateboarding, or drumming but I sure do appreciate those talents! This girls bones are a bit to frail now and I’m afraid my neighbors would freak over drum sessions. Maybe some day I can live vicariously through my children?

  30. 30
    MichelleS says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn to speak a language like Italian or French. With two kids it’s hard to find time for myself, hopefully soon I can make myself a priority and go for it.  It will be worth it to be able to pass along a little of what I’ve learned to my kids. 

  31. 31
    Annette says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to grow my own vegetables (how to garden).  I have an enclosed patio, but no backyard, so it really wouldn’t be hard (not like I have to till the hard ground).  One day I’ll get around to learning.

  32. 32
    Wehaf says:

    I would love to learn some woodcarving techniques.  Wooden objects are so alive to me, and it would be great to put some of myself into them.

  33. 33
    Charlotte D. says:

    I would really love to know how to cook better.  I do watch cooking shows but mine never turns out like what they show on TV.  Fortunately my family doesn’t mind my flops. Thanks you family.

  34. 34
    Coral M. says:

    I have always wanted to learn how to play the harmonica (random I know) Perhaps this year I will cross it off the bucket list!

  35. 35
    Nola says:

    I wish I could change my hair that often. I have a pobrlem getting to my hair girl. I’m waiting for someone to figure out how to get an online hair cut and color then I’m set. Cute pics!

  36. 36
    Saittinonlnw says:

    Mitzi I can answer this bsuacee my family lives down there! You are outside of my color planting schedule by about a month. The trick is, Las Vegas gets so hot in the summer, but you can grow almost all winter long. My book is really for a spring-summer-fall planting schedule. The dates I offer might work for you and others who live in warmer climates, but really have a spring-summer and a fall-winter season. I am very aware of your needs, and it’s on my list of things to research and write about. But honestly, I can’t speak from experience, only from my research. I encourage you to contact your local extension service (www.extension.org) for a recommended planting schedule.

  37. 37
    John says:

    Hi. Just found your website. I want to sign up for your nettlewser but I am confused as to what color Las Vegas Nevada would be. We are getting warm weather now. I have transplanted a lot of things outside. Please let me know what color you would suggest. Mitzi

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