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Thursday, June 28, 2012

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These are the days of long days, warm nights, celebrations that linger. These are the days we respect the sun, honor the shade, and bare our arms. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that the days of summer seem to be marked by the amount of time my long sleeves stay hibernating in the closet. Suffice it to say, my stash of adornments lives a full life in the summer season. After all, there is nothing that accents sun-kissed skin more than the perfectly designed piece of jewelry.

Soledad Proano creates wearable sunshine with her brand, Sol del Sur. Marrying form and function with a signature perspective, Proano’s pieces blend seemingly incongruous textiles and textures in such a way that you feel you understand the science of nature a bit more. The Braided Wrap Bracelet blends intricate craftsmanship with a chic, bohemian simplicity while the Brass and Fiber Braided Wrap Bracelet speaks of the balance between hard and soft elements and the ways in which we wear them. This season, you can wear your balance on your sun-kissed skin from dawn til dusk. These are the celebrations that linger.

Sol Del Sur is giving away one Brass and Copper Fiber Bangleto one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question by Thursday, July 5th.  Comments now closed…good luck!
Are you a sunrise or a sunset person?
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, July 9th, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 51
    Lindsay says:

    Sunset – the colors are amazing and I don’t have eye goop to wash away before enjoying the masterpiece.

  2. 52
    Kaylie says:

    I’m sunrise person 😀

  3. 53
    Rinny says:

    I like to say that I’m a sunrise person but in reality, I’m a sunset person – I can never wake up early enough to see a sunrise (unless I’m still awake from seeing the previous sunset!).

  4. 54
    50's kid says:

    Sunrise, sadly, because I have gotten up early to get my kids off to school for so many years. Now, I automatically wake up at 6:30 am. Even on the weekends.

  5. 55
    Eden says:

    sunrise! i love waking up and knowing i have the entire day to dive into. 

  6. 56
    Meghan says:

    Sunrise– I have a newborn,

  7. 57
    Sherry Schafer says:

    The sky is God’s masterpiece- so much to admire…sunsets, sunrises, clouds, stars, moon, colors, rainbows…I love the sunset; it is a time of reflection and I know if I am lucky I will have another day to do good for others.

  8. 58
    msilba says:

    Sunrise, by sunset I’m too wiped to enjoy a sunset from a day filled with diapers and baby food.  At sunrise the day is new and I get to wake to my smiling little one, nothing is better 

  9. 59
    neha says:

    I enjoy both sunrise and sunset! For me sunrise is nature’s way of saying hope you have a nice day and sunset- saying tomorrow the sun shall rise again! Sunsets are always followed by sunrise!!

  10. 60
    Stacy says:

    I used to be more of a morning person, but now would consider sunsets my fave. It means the kids are going to sleep soon and daddy and I can have adult convos!

  11. 61
    Jennifer says:

    I love nothing more than taking a walk on the beach with my husband and dogs as the sun sets on Rhode Island.

  12. 62
    Madeline says:

    Sunset! It’s hard to wake up for a sunrise, but a sunset’s easy to catch.

  13. 63
    Tina_R says:

    Living in the desert I find it hard to choose my favorite. There’s that moment right before dawn where it seems as if all creation holds it’s breath waiting for the sun to rise. Then just as the sun breaks through with it’s long visible rays of light and the mountains are slowly changing from dark shadows at the edge of the horizon to an intense deep rose and finally the birds start their morning song.

    On the other hand there are the sunsets that Arizona is world famous for, especially when it’s rainy season. The sky changes from that deep sky blue to saturated colors ranging from sky blue to dark purple. As the setting sun hits the mountains the color (if at all possible) becomes even more intense, the mountains are now glowing with concentrated deep “purpley” rose and contrasting shadows. The dusk eventually deepens until the mountains are black against the edge of the horizon. With the sky still deep blue the black mountains makes it appear as if the edges of the sky has been ripped away showing deep space.

    Found a photo @ http://newton.photoshelter.com/image/I00006lJ5iVRVFrM that comes close to what I’m describing.

  14. 64
    julie r says:

    i’d say sunset – i grew up seeing the gorgeous sunsets over the Catskill Mountains. so no matter where i’ve lived (UT + WA), i’ve always watched for pretty sunsets that remind me of home. 

  15. 65
    Anne says:

    Sunset. Driving through Central Illinois to and from college was rather dull– lots of corn– but the sunsets were always special.

  16. 66
    Chiara says:

    Sunrise ♥ I love the peaceful morning, the silence and the beauty of a new day 🙂

  17. 67
    Alicia F. says:

    My boyfriend would most assuredly say I am a sunset person!  I love sitting down at the end of a long day with a great book on my back porch and warm cup of tea in my hands. 

  18. 68
    Theresa says:

    Sunset! What amazing colors!