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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


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The last few years have been quite telling as far as my skin is concerned. It has always been with joy and gusto that I find new beauty products and look for a new favorite. In fact, as a young girl, “spa” parties were a particular favorite way to spend a Saturday. Over time, however, my skin has begun the inevitable trek toward age and I am happily embracing it. To that end, I have now begun to focus my attention on a more natural approach to loving my skin. And my skin has started to reap the benefits.

The Organic Project is a labor of love founded by Josh Culnane and Matt Mitchener so that they could bring natural, organic beauty projects to Australia (and the world.) Their philanthropic nature is an inspired look at how the marriage between the way we live our lives directly translates into how we view ourselves in the world. Their many brands share this philosophy and you can trust that any product featured by The Organic Project is something worthy of your very best asset: your skin.

The Organic Project is giving away one $100 gift certificate to one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question no later than Wednesday, October 8th. 
Please visit The Organic Project and tell us: What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
Start checking the winner’s box on Tuesday, October 14th, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 1
    kate a says:

    the unprovoked “mommy, i love you, you’re beautiful” from my almost 4 year old girly.

    that is the nicest thing ever.

  2. 2
    iamalighthouse says:

    Someone told me that my words had encouraged them. That’s what I’m constantly trying to do, so when it happens, I’m so blessed!

  3. 3
    Rinny says:

    I work as an assistant and my boss has a woman that reports directly to him that is tough as nails. Some people dare to even say they’re afraid to approach her. She works out of a different office, but spends one day a week with us. Out of the blue one day, she came over to my desk to say that no matter how stressful a day she’s having or how demanding the requests I receive from her and my boss, I have this uncanny ability to put her and everyone around me at ease. She also told me how rare it is to find someone so pleasant in a position that is often under-appreciated. She then told me how thankful she is to work with me for even one day a week. It reminds me that even the toughest people with the thickest skin still need people to be kind to them – it won’t go unnoticed.

  4. 4
    Pumpernickel says:

    A stranger once seriously asked me if my parents were English teachers because I was “well spoken and articulate”. This observation has constantly encouraged me to think and speak clearly. My parents never earned degrees.

  5. 5
    ren says:

    I am torn. One is sweet and one is less sweet but they are both comments that stuck with me. Once, a co-worker told me that he thought I always smelled nice and not nice just because of perfume, nice like i just smelled good. It seems like a simple silly comment, but it was nice to know that a) i did not offend and b) he got close enough to notice but wasn’t creepy about it. The other thing that stuck with me is when someone told me that I “don’t suffer fools˘” Which maybe sounds a bit harsh, but it also made me feel like a bad ass. 

  6. 6
    Sharon Siqueiros says:

    ~you make me smile~

  7. 7
    Kim H. says:

    When I was in high school leaving junior year and going into senior, my favorite business teacher from junior high through high school was retiring.  She told me that if I had any new classes to take that I needed her for, she would have stayed one more year to see me through.  It was the kindest thing anyone had ever said to me.  

  8. 8
    jane says:

    a stranger once told me that i have a beautiful smile and that i should smile more! which was really nice because i was just a pimply insecure teenager in braces then, and the braces made me all the more self-conscious. now i know how important a simple smile can be in bringing others joy, in boosting my own self-confidence!

  9. 9
    Ellen L. says:

    After 3 weeks of dating, I got the courage to tell my boyfriend that my cancer had recurred. For years I had kept the cancer to myself because it made guys run away screaming.

    “I’m not going anywhere,” was his reply. And he hasn’t. He saw me through 4 surgeries and a lot of downs and ups. And 3 years ago he married me.:)

  10. 10
    Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been a lucky woman, with many people granting me kind words throughout my life.  Recently, the most meaningful thing someone said to me was an old friend.  He told me I had an amazing, meaningful body.  Maybe this sounds strange, but I had a husband who was chronically unfaithful to me for a decade and…I’ve struggled to let go of it.  I’ve struggled to even look in the mirror.  I don’t talk about it with anyone…but it’s there, constantly bothering me.  I’ve really hated my body, and blamed it.  And so that’s why it felt like immense kindness when, somehow, this very old friend who I hadn’t seen in a very long time, looked deep into me and told me my body was amazing.  It felt gentle and strong, like a fresh spring breeze blowing on sheets hanging out on the line.

  11. 11
    Tiffany says:

    This sounds weird, but there was one instance at Starbucks when another woman told me my butt looked good in the jeans I was wearing. I wasn’t feeling all the grand that day and I wasn’t wearing the greatest pair of jeans either, but it made me feel better for that moment. She may have been crazy, but I’ll take it.

  12. 12
    Loretta says:

    When my daughter tells me I’m beautiful inside and out, it makes me day!

  13. 13
    Susanna says:

    One time when I was an insecure teenager I was in the car with my mom at a stop light and this guy in the car next to us put his window down to tell me I had beautiful eyes- not in a creepy way but he seemed totally sincere. It was sort of weird at the time but looking back it was nice of him to say that to me. 

  14. 14
    Juliet Farmer says:

    “will you marry me?” 🙂

  15. 15
    jenn says:

    “i stand out”

  16. 16
    Samantha S says:

    Not having had many milestones in love (so no tender words or children’s sayings), the nicest thing so far that someone has told me is “You have the perfect voice for radio.” I’m naturally a soft spoken, quiet person, so for someone to listen to me and suggest that others might want to as well was incredibly encouraging.

  17. 17
    Sparrow says:

    This is a secret, but once, my grandmother (with over 50 grandchildren) confided that I am her favorite because I show her love. I carry that around like a bright light in my chest.

  18. 18
    Anita says:

    A lady I used to work with say “your soul is beautiful it shines right out of your eyes”. It was such a lovely & unexpected commitment I cried! 

  19. 19
    Anita says:

    A lady I used to work with said once “your soul is beautiful it shines right out of your eyes”. It was such a lovely & unexpected commitment I cried! 

  20. 20
    Sigourney says:

    I was told by a new colleague that when he had first started he had been told to be like me, “work hard and get it done.” This compliment came from a gruff, busy chef who was known for picking fights with people, so it really meant a lot that he had recognized my work ethic in a hectic restaurant environment.  

  21. 21
    Jennifer says:

    My sister in law and I were talking about something recently and she said, “that’s my favorite thing about you.” I was so touched and flattered that she even had a favorite thing about me. It made me stop and think about the other people in my life and what my favorite thing about them was and what there’s was about me. Her compliment not only made me feel special and appreciated, but made me think about my close relationships in a different way.

  22. 22
    Amie says:

    “The Universe is conspiring to shower you with blessings.” It gave me a huge amount of hope when I had none.

  23. 23
    Stephanie says:

    Dressed in plain Jane clothing and no make up, “You’re beautiful.” Simple.

  24. 24
    ginger g. says:

    I worked for a boutique style caterer for several years.  We were at an event in someone’s home and an older man, who could have been my grandpa, came up to me and said I was the prettiest woman in the room.  It might have been the alcohol talking, but I took it as a compliment since it wasn’t coming from a younger guy.  I’m not an “ugly duckling” by any means, but I can admittedly be a little hard on myself; thinking I could improve this or that.  When this older man complimented me, it really made my night and lifted my spirits!  

  25. 25
    John Hutchens says:

    when my wife tells me I am proud of you, it makes my day

  26. 26
    rachel says:

    I was feeling unappreciated at work. After taking a vacation, I came back and several people came up to me and told me how much they missed me and that they didn’t realize how much I did everyday. Even my boss told me that! It made me feel like I was actually contributing at work.

  27. 27
    Nikki says:

    When my husband said to me “you’re my favorite everything”. Wow.

  28. 28
    Susie says:

    Twice, about ten years apart, I’ve had acquaintances go out of their way to comment how relaxed, accepting, and at peace I seem even amidst much chaos. They both put themselves in a vulnerable spot in genuinely asking how I manage to do so. To me, it’s a deep compliment with a greater opportunity to help another person on their journey.

  29. 29
    Kate B says:

    The other day, my husband had a problem with his internship at school, where his supervisors aren’t seeing the real issue with the setup (providers not referring clients to the interns for further services) and they told him that his personality must have had some sort of impact on his lack of clients to see. (This made me FURIOUS, that they made my gentle, kind-hearted husband feel so badly and doubt himself instead of taking a hard look at their program, especially because someone else is in the exact same position as he is and she is very warm and welcoming.) He admitted to me on his way home from the meeting that he was confused, and asked himself “hasn’t Kate always said that one of the things she liked best about me is how easily other people can talk to me?” It really struck me that he remembered a comment I made very early into our relationship when we were just starting to date. Knowing that my husband puts such stock in my opinion of him felt like an enormous compliment, as he seems so self-assured all of the time. I love knowing that he values my thoughts and feelings about him, even though it’s not something he brings up often.

  30. 30
    Beth B says:

    I identify with a lot of the posts that came before mine. For me, the nicest thing anyone ever said to me happened when a family member confided in me about a horrible experience in her childhood. She said I was easy to talk to, and thought I could handle the heavy news because of the way I handled loss and tragedy in my life. I was saddened to hear what she told me but touched that she felt like she could be open with me. I was surprised and touched that my experiences made her feel comfortable sharing with me. Somehow, a big negative became a positive. 

  31. 31
    Renee A says:

    That motherhood looks good on me….I loved that so much because all I ever wanted was to be a mom of many children…. I have four now and would love at least one more. 🙂

  32. 32
    Jenni Schaub says:

    That I inspire them with my positive outlook, perseverance and strength. I have just now gone through my 3rd layoff since graduating college in 2007. Each time it happens I have a pity party for myself but then pull myself up by my boot straps and step forward to the challenge. I make a strong effort to stay positive and never let my hope diminish. It feels good to me that people can feel those efforts and are inspired to do the same in their own lives with bad things happen.

  33. 33
    Charlotte D. says:

    I was working and I have to wash my hands a lot.  My hands were cold.  Because I work in the health care industry, I have to touch people a lot.  This lady said to me “I have cold hands but a warm heart.”  It always makes me feel so happy every time I think of it.

  34. 34
    Cindy says:

    “I love you, Mommy”