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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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One surefire way to ensure a happy “New Year, New You” is to commit to pursuing your dreams, to honoring your passion. There is nothing more rewarding than living the life you always imagined and there is nothing more inspiring than surrounding yourself with people who do the same. This month, we are so excited to feature artisans who spend their time living their dreams. Their hard work is our reward.

Stevie Koerner quit her day job to pursue her dream of making jewelry. Utilizing simple and clean metal, acrylic, and wood, Koerner’s shop, tru.che, houses fantastic necklaces and earrings and tote bags that honor place and meaning and love. I am personally a huge fan of the entire World of Love section (with a particular soft spot for California, if you must know.) These are the kind of pieces that make you feel as though you represent something larger than yourself. Represent, ya’ll.

tru.che is giving away one $40 gift certificate to one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question no later than Tuesday, January 22nd. Comments now closed…good luck!
Tell us your favorite piece from tru.che and let us in on a hidden secret about the town you live in. (The kind of thing that makes you stay.)
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, January 28th, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 51
    Theresa says:

    I kinda need the I <3 piggies necklace!

    I live in Austin Texas, and I love it even though I have only been here 2 months. We are here because a my husbands job transferred him, but the truth was we wanted to move away from Miami and just never found the perfect place… Till now!

  2. 52
    jackeline says:

    Love the I heart Washington in Bamboo Necklace. I moved from Orlando FLorida to Bellevue Wa a year ago and have not looked back. Some of top schools are located here, and who doesn’t love a place that blackberries grow in abundance when in season for everyone to enjoy. PS…..Rumors are being spread that it rains a lot….not true. It rains enough to keep everything beautiful and green.

  3. 53
    Dana J. says:

    My favorite piece is ‘Maple’, it’s a beautiful maple leaf!  I live in beautiful Victoria, BC.  One of the best hidden secrets in my city is a black and white vintage theatre in our museum.  Most people walk right by, but if you venture in you’ll find classic Charlie Chaplin flicks playing. It’s one of my favorite spots in the city!