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Monday, July 2, 2012

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Dear July, I have a secret for you but you have to promise me you won’t tell the other months (most especially October.) You, July, are my favorite month. Granted, you sit smack in the middle of my least favorite season but I can’t help myself. You win me over with your promise of vacations, bbqs, bare feet, and sun-kissed skin. And let’s not forget the birthdays. (Although maybe that’s just about me. Carry on.) July contains all of the essentials necessary for “The Good Life.” So it is important we bring you something truly remarkable to mark the occasion.

Behold Umba Box. Anyone who tries to shop handmade knows how frustrating it can be to find high quality products in a sometimes difficult market to navigate. Lauren Thorp created Umba Box to take the hassle out of shopping handmade while simultaneously adding the element of surprise. The premise is simple: just order a subscription and you will receive a box of handmade, unique goods ranging from housewares to beauty products to accessories delivered monthly right to your doorstep! Along with the impeccably curated goodies, you will also receive a note with the stories behind the artisans. A surprise package with a personal touch? “The Good Life” is off to a good start.

Umba Boxis giving two lucky readers a one month subscription each! (The box pictured above is an example.) To enter to win, please answer the following question by Monday, July 9th. Comments now closed…good luck!

What is the best birthday present you’ve ever received?

Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, July 16th, to see if you’ve won!

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  1. 101
    Lauren says:

    A sewing machine! It’s a gift that’s useful AND enjoyable, and it never gets “used up”.

  2. 102
    Stephanie says:

    Definitely a new bink 2 wheel bike when I was 10 or 11. . . it’s undoubtably the quintessential birthday present that I still remember 20 years later!

  3. 103
    Madeline says:

    My best present was a pastel plastic stereo system I received when I was 15.

  4. 104
    Amy Roth says:

    On my 13th birthday, my mom gave me a signet ring for my pinkie finger. I still have it and wear it, even though my house was broken into about 15 years ago and most of my jewelry was stolen. Somehow, this little ring slipped between the cracks of my dresser drawer and was preserved! Today — July 8 — is the anniversary of the day my mother died, so it was nice thinking about her and the ring that I have always loved so much.

  5. 105
    Shalon Estrada says:

    My husband game me my first DSLR camera on my birthday which is the day after we got married. I fell in love with capturing memories though photographs.

  6. 106
    Rachel says:

    A sister. I had wanted one for years (I already had three brothers). My dad took me for lunch on my 14th birthday and told me that he and my mom were planing on trying to adopt twins (a boy and a girl) who had been born four days earlier. I had completely given up hope of having a sister and was thrilled (I was perfectly happy about another brother too, it just wasn’t as special).

  7. 107
    Rebekah says:

    this is a tough one…probably a kiss from my high school sweetheart (now husband) on my 17th birthday

  8. 108
    HNR says:

    My birthday was just this Thursday and my boyfriend gave me a present that would certainly be one of the best – when we woke up he handed me a card that said we were going on a surprise trip! He had asked my best friend to help pack him my clothes and had already let all of my commitments know I wouldn’t be making them! We went on a road trip and hiked, ate delicious meals, and had so much fun together. It was so very thoughtful and special.

  9. 109
    Emma says:

    A silly, snail-shaped ring from Noir Jewelry. It was presented to me as a birthday present in the morning but at lunch, it asked me if it could persuade me to marry my now-husband. As an engagement ring it was unorthodox, but hey, it brought me my husband!

  10. 110
    Alison S. says:

    love is the best birthday gift ever! 😉 😉

  11. 111
    Amy Hutchinson says:

    Tickets to see the ballet with my boyfriend — it was an incredible experience together, and his first introduction to one of my favourite art forms!

  12. 112
    Kristy W says:

    A plane ride over the new city I just moved to.  My Boyfriend had rented a plane to take me around to see what this city was all about and fall in love with it like he did.  I thought it was such a thoughtful way to welcoming me and say “Happy Birthday”

  13. 113
    Echo says:

    My husband and I travel for special occasions as gifts to one another. It is meaningful to us both.

  14. 114
    JennieG says:

    My mom made me a scrapbook that captured my favorite moments of the first 21 years of my life.  It had everything from the lock of hair from my first haircut to my first concert ticket

  15. 115
    Christy Ann says:

    My best birthday present was probably this year when I received my Kindle Fire! I was definitely not expecting anything like that, and it was something I had been saving up for for a long time. I was able to use all that saved up money to buy books for it!