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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Call me crazy, but I have this vision of the perfect summer afternoon in my head. Iced tea, freshly painted toes, a great book and a comfy hammock swaying gently under a large tree. I have a feeling I’m not the only person with this vision. In fact, I think entire romantic comedies have centered around such a vision. This is summer living at its finest. But I’ll be honest…you could take away the iced tea, the pedicure and the book. As long as I still had the hammock, I would be one happy camper.

Veronica Colindres and her family create luxury with their fingertips. Their hammocks are handwoven in Nicaragua and each one is so impeccably styled you will feel like you just stepped off the pages of a travel magazine. Sure, you might be sitting in between two fence posts over a concrete patio, but you will hear the palm trees and you will feel the salt air just by standing next to one of these beauties. Talk about summer living. Here Comes the Sun(shine), indeed.

Veronica Colindres is giving away Yellow and White Stripes Hammockto one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question by Tuesday, June 12th. comments now closed…good luck!
What is the best book you’ve ever read?
Start checking the winners’ box on Monday, June 18th, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 51

    I’ve read soooo many good books….so off the top of my head is, the Law of Love by Laura Esquivel. Thanks for
    the giveaway!!

  2. 52
    Angela says:

    Siddhartha is my favorite. Runner up would have to be Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins.

  3. 53
    jessminda says:

    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  There are so many others thought, but that one stands out.  

  4. 54
    Emma says:

    This is an incredilby difficult question – “best” can mean so many things! I think “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach is a good candidate for that title, simply because every time I read it, I discover something new, important and good about myself.

  5. 55
    Kristin says:

    Such a hard question… but thoughtful. In a silly way, quite a few years ago it was “He’s just not that into you’. It made me realize that I needed to step up and be into me first and not put up with the silliness of game playing. I’ve since passed on the book to my circle of girlfriends and we still relate it to our dating lives today!

  6. 56
    Echo says:

    I love Ray Bradbury. “The Martian Chronicles” helped me discover and love science fiction at a very young age. So sad that he recently passed. 

  7. 57
    Lauren says:

    As soon as I learned how to read I never stopped, so it’s difficult to select just one of the many books that have affected me. For today I’ll say ‘Everything is Illuminated’ by Jonathan Safran Foer. The best way to describe this novel is as a love story within a story of personal discovery. The prose is unlike anything I’ve ever read. Here’s a paragraph for you to enjoy: “From space, astronauts can see people making love as a tiny speck of light. Not light, exactly, but a glow that could be mistaken for light – a coital radiance that takes generations to pour like honey through the darkness to the astronaut’s eyes.” Just stunning.

  8. 58
    Christy Ann says:

    What a tough question! I read too much, and I’ve read so many great books! The book that has stuck with me the most is called Shantaram, but I always forget the author’s name. I’ve read it three times over the years and still plan on reading it again, because it is just that good – it’s a true story, too!

  9. 59
    Ella P. says:

    I love books by John Grisham & my favorite is The Brethren.

  10. 60
    Anne says:

    Edwina The Emu a children’s book that can captivate an audience of three year olds or nineteens year olds and always elicits the ” belly ” lauh from all<3