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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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 Let’s be honest. We all know that summer isn’t endless. There are seasons, after all, and nothing lasts forever. But I like to think that rather than implying that one season never ends, that “Endless Summer” is more a state of mind, a way of life. I like to think that the ease of the season and the promise of carefree days and warm nights is an essence that can be carried with us throughout the year. If only we could bottle it up to bring out when we need it…

vitrifiedstudio creates gorgeous handcrafted ceramics that are the quintessential carriers of the essence of “Endless Summer.” Shelley Martin (the artist behind vitrifiedstudio) brings unique pieces with a modern, chic edge to your hands so that you, too, can hold a piece of the simplicity of the season. It is clear when someone creates something out of love; it shows. Martin’s work is exquisitely crafted and the sophistication in each piece evokes a quiet and peaceful feeling. I have no doubt that any one of these porcelain bottles holds the power to contain my “Endless Summer.” No doubt at all.

vitrifiedstudio is giving away five (!) medium white porcelain bottles to five winners (one each)! To enter to win, please answer the following question by Tuesday, September 18th.
If a genie from a magic bottle granted you one wish, what would you wish for? (Aside from “more wishes.”)
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, September 24th, to see if you’ve won!
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  1. 1
    Andrea Yeager says:

    a strong sense of purpose

  2. 2
    Kate B says:

    I’d wish for my husband to find a career path which fulfills him. He’s been struggling to determine what he’d like to change from and I would feel terrible if he decides on something only to dislike it 5 years later, after additional schooling and starting from the ground up in the new field. I’d love for him to be certain what will make him happy and excited to go to work! (If we could skip the scary financial stuff while he goes back to school, that’d be ideal, but that’s a sacrifice I’m more than willing to make for him to find what makes him happy.)

  3. 3
    Beverly says:

    Conviction. Conviction to do what is best, what is right, what is good, and what is beautiful every day of my life.

  4. 4
    holly says:

    I’d wish for a calm, simple, loving life surrounded by family and friends. We all get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of lives with our children, spouses and careers, and all our various activities. I’d wish for calm, so we can enjoy all the moments that life has to offer.

  5. 5
    miss james says:

    it would be a big wish.
    i would wish for a collective shift of perspective toward focusing on the value of whole-person, sustainable, equity-based, arts integrated education.  i would want to catch the hundreds of millions of kids globally who fall through the cracks in a gossamer net, and empower them with the tools needed to turn them into conscious global citizens.

  6. 6
    brenda says:

    for a lifetime of health and happiness for my children..

  7. 7
    Amzi says:

    For life to be easier for my mom.

  8. 8
    Lydia says:

    For a wonderful lifelong marriage.

  9. 9
    Aleta says:

    Right now… I’d wish for all my debt to be magically paid off!

  10. 10
    Natalie says:

    I’d wish for the good health of all my twenty, and thirty-something friends with cancer.

  11. 11
    Ella P. says:

    good health to all my family and friends!
    Health is Wealth 😀

  12. 12

    I would wish for health for my loved ones. Without that nothing else really matters. Thanks so much for the opportunity! 

  13. 13
    Maire K says:

    ”Let everything in my life go well.”

  14. 14
    Erin says:

    For my cats to stop peeing all over my apartment!

    Or maybe for good health for my family.

  15. 15
    AmyB says:

    I would wish for good luck (if such a thing exists) because it could cover so many different areas in life. Kind of like the “Midas Touch” without all of the negative side effects.

  16. 16
    Sarah Jane says:

    If a genie from a magic bottle appeared & granted me one wish, I would ask for the financial freedom and opportunity to quit my job and pursue my creative interests full time.

  17. 17
    Luisa says:

    No more death. I ve lost too many ppl in my life.

  18. 18
    ali h says:

    every lonely or abused kid would find and keep and love and nurture a lost and lonely or abused animal and no one could take that relationship away. 

  19. 19
    Cathy F says:

    I wish I didn’t have to take so much medicine and that my hands didn’t shake 😉

  20. 20
    Tiffany A. says:

    To be completely honest and selfish, I would ask to have my mom back. My mom died 10 years ago and my first baby is due in 2 weeks and I just really wish I had my mom. I wish I had my mom to ask questions, I wish she could hold my hand, I wish she could meet my daughter and I just wish I could talk to her.

  21. 21
    Rebekah says:

    health & wellness for those i hold dear, myself included 🙂

  22. 22
    Tabetha says:

    I’d wish my parent’s house would sell so they could move closer!


  23. 23
    Valerie C. says:

    my dream job

  24. 24
    Kristen says:

    I would rub that genie bottle’s belly for PASSION. More than the abstract concept of happiness, I wish for everyone to find passion in life–for living, for doing what you love. To become as the band Fleet Foxes calls, “a functioning cog in some great machinery.” Happiness will follow.

  25. 25
    AmandaK says:

    Just love. I could give much more back if I had more of a strong foundation myself.

  26. 26
    Nikki says:

    A credit card that pays itself off each month!  Or a winning lottery ticket, it’s hard to decide, but my wish would really just be about more money…maybe just that our business would succeed at a wildly successful level!  I feel like I have everything else that I could every want (except the ability to travel and shop and save for the future–but that’s the only unrealized dream).  I am thankful for the adventure, love, passion, family, and friends in my life.  I am even thankful for the circumstances, but wishes are about unrealized dreams…

  27. 27
    Sarah Edwards says:

    more time in the day to spend with those I love and doing what makes me happiest!

  28. 28
    Courtney says:

    My own studio already full of the paints, brushes, paper, materials, I’ll ever need!!!

  29. 29
    aida says:

    for every child in the world to have an education

  30. 30
    Lauren Michelle says:

    I would wish that I could understand any language upon hearing it immediately. 

  31. 31
    Lauren Guilbeau says:

    I would wish for my student loan debt be paid off for sure!

  32. 32
    Peyton says:

    I would wish for patience, humility, and humbleness (all in one wish). These are the traits that bring us self-peace, and happiness to others. We often even forget about patience, and it is a very powerful thing (in a good way). Simply imagine how much better our lives, and those around us, would be if we could be granted these traits.
    But technically, we don’t need to wish for these things. We can all accomplish them, with self control! Wow, I just had a brighside idea, and taught a good lesson, too!

  33. 33
    Patty says:

    I wouldn’t wish for material possessions, but for the health and safety of my family and friends. That they may go through life without an illness or ale, and have a safe and peaceful life.

  34. 34
    Antler says:

    I would wish for just enough money to get me through the day – to pay the bills, buy food and clothes, and a few nice things here and there. Not a large sum of money (which could make one greedy, and be their own downfall), but just enough to get me through life without a financial worry.

  35. 35
    Randy says:

    This may seem far off, and in today’s time somewhat unrealistic, but I would wish that all nations, countries, governments, and people to come to a common idea, and work together to achieve peace. That we can all see that we are one huge Earth, and not individual countries that seek to fight, or for power. That we could all realize that we are part of ONE human race, no matter our color, race, or gender and live in a peaceful society as one.

  36. 36
    heather f says:

    what a beautiful idea. there are so many obvious answers like “world peace” and “end hunger” but maybe that everyone could find a best friend and no one would be lonely ever again!

  37. 37
    loretta E says:

    I’d wish for at least 60 wonderful years with my husband!

  38. 38
    candice says:

    that’s easy – all i’d wish for is for my two young boys to grow up into happy, healthy & well adjusted young men.

    my oldest son is 6 & a half and struggling with being bullied in his own class at school.  i only found out today what some kids did to him at a birthday party recently & it absolutely broke my heart & filled me with such anger as well as sadness.

    as a newly single mum i find it really difficult to know what to do right now, i’ve just been giving him lots of hugs & telling him how much i love him & how proud i am of him. 

    treat others as you’d have them treat you xxx

  39. 39
    Renee Richardson says:

    I’ll be honest and say I wish I would win $145,000,000 in the lottery. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and Good Luck to everyone on making their wishes come true 🙂

  40. 40
    kristen h. says:

    That brownie Sunday’s were calorie free. Or maybe that they burned calories when you ate them. Yummmmm…..

  41. 41
    Lizzy says:

    I would wish that my mother would walk again. She walked into knee surgery last year and now can’t stand or walk. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  42. 42
    Juliet Farmer says:


  43. 43
    Madeline says:

    i feel like i should say something like world peace, but today i wish a genie could grant me a house that doesn’t leak!

  44. 44

    Happiness for myself and everyone I love…

  45. 45
    Tiffany says:

    For the knowledge of cancer prevention to go viral and for it to be taken seriously by everyone including government and big corps.

  46. 46
    Kim says:

    I’d wish for everyone in the world to feel loved.  Isn’t that what it’s all about??

  47. 47
    ann hutchinson says:

    i wish for World Population Balance for without it we won’t get any of our wishes- some facts:
    We are at 7 billion now – this doubled in the past 45 years.
    9,000 added per hour (NET gain – births minus deaths)
    Over 200,000 added per day
    Working to humanely reduce population (birthrates) is working on All of society’s major problems.  See more at Worldpopulationbalance.org
    Heavy answer,  but I feel it’s truth.

  48. 48
    Lindsay says:

    My instinct is to make a selfish wish for the health of my loved ones. If I allowed the wish more thought I would probably wish that political leaders were forced to make decisions based on the long-term health of the environment and people in their countries. I find it endlessly frustrating that between elections they’re unable to get anything done because everyone demands short-term results. I want the government to care less about earning a buck and more about stopping corporations from dumping their chemicals into our water, soil, and air! This wish is better because it inadvertently may fulfill my first wish for the health of my family.

  49. 49
    Dana says:

    Oh powerful genie…I wish for the heart of every billionaire to be filled with enough compassion and love that they feel duty-bound to donate 95% of their fortunes to charities before they die.  

  50. 50
    Suzi C says:

    I have to be honest and say MONEY. 

    It wouldn’t take away my Mum’s Multiple Sclerosis but it would give her her own home to be proud of, people to help her be independent, animals to love and paints/canvases for life.

    It probably wouldn’t give me a job (single mum with money, would be all my CV would say at the moment!) but it would give me the confidence to venture in to starting the Ice Cream Parlour I’ve dreamed about. 

    It wouldn’t take away my loneliness, and it wouldn’t stop me pining for my daughters father, but it would make me fear less. I would feel safe, on my own.