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Thursday, September 27, 2012

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I am already missing the summer get togethers, the crafting nights with my friends, the parties. For me, entertaining always seems simpler in the summertime. Maybe it’s the freshness of the outdoors, the ease of summertime food, or the fact that my birthday lands smack in the middle of summer. (Hmm.) Considering I don’t mind stretching my birthday out awhile, let’s keep “Endless Summer” going with the knowledge that we still have plenty of time left to cram in those last summer soirees!

Thank goodness for we love citrus, a perfectly curated shop full of goodies and treasures that will make your next party or craft project absolutely sing. From cupcake toppers to glittery twine, Ana Spick finds chic and sophisticated wares that will add the perfect amount of flair to your next event. I am over the moon about this “Monthly Craft Project” and think it is the perfect excuse for keeping my “Endless Summer” soirees going well into the fall. (There is a wait list for this one, however. Be forewarned!) We here at The Bright Side Project are all about keeping the party going and it’s good to know we have we love citrus on our side!

we love citrus is giving away one $50 gift certificate to the shop to one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question by Thursday, October 4th.
When was the last time you witnessed a random act of kindness?
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, October 8th, to see if you’ve won!


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  1. 1
    heather f says:

    this looks like a lot of fun. My grandsons are just starting to explore “art”

    thanks for your lovely blog

  2. 2
    Lydia says:

    A random act of kindness was when I ran into my old professor in the coffeeshop and he offered to stiff me a quarter.

  3. 3
    Amzi says:

    A random act of kindness was when my roommate wrote my other roommate an encouraging letter.

  4. 4
    Lynette says:

    Last week, when my daughter returned a toy to a kid who was about to leave it at the park.

  5. 5
    Meg T says:

    My son has a hard time going to kindergarten every.single.day. He was the same throughout preschool. He has major separation anxiety, and every morning is hard. We have tried everything to help him, but some days I have to open the hatch of the van and literally drag him into school. Oh, and I also have two other kids I can’t leave in the car. It is crazy and sad and very tiring. Well just yesterday, my sister in law (who knows how hard it is) randomly showed up at school, met me by my van, took my little boy by the hand and said…”see ya mom” and took him to class. She even stayed to help in the class for an hour.

  6. 6
    Juliet Farmer says:

    when i saw someone hold the door open for a stranger this morning. always makes me smile!

  7. 7

    Last week, I had was paid a visit by the embarrassment fairy while in the lunch line on campus. I dropped an entire styrofoam cup of water, the impact cracking the cup and sending a flood across the floor. Embarrassed and flustered, I scrambled to retrieve the broken cup while juggling the sandwich and apple in my hands. Then, out of nowhere, a friendly guy appeared and asked if I needed help, taking the broken cup from me and throwing it away. To an onlooker the gesture probably didn’t look like much, but in that stressful moment, it meant the world to know that a stranger happened to be looking out for me. I guess in this instance, a guardian angel won out over the embarrassment fairy!

  8. 8
    Jessica says:

    I ride public transit to and from work everyday in a big city. I’ve never once ridden where there wern’t multiple youg men who offer their seat to me, or to another lady.

  9. 9
    Noma says:

    This past Saturday at church, a little girl, about 6 years old, randomly caught my eye, grinned, sprinted towards me and embraced me as though I was an old friend she hadn’t seen in eternity. Now, my sister is one of her Sabbath School teachers, so I said to her, “um, I think you have me confused with my sister”. She looked up at me, still firmly squeezing my torso, and said “No! I know who you are! I love EVERYBODY who comes to my church!” :’) so sweet

  10. 10
    Courtney says:

    I was carrying a box full of sketchbooks to my car, and the box broke apart and fell onto the concrete. A person on their bike passing by stopped and helped me gather the books and put them into my car!

  11. 11
    Valerie C. says:

    I saw my son pick up a pen an elderly man had dropped at a store and hand it to him. Very  sweet 🙂

  12. 12

    We order most of our  groceries through a buying club and I missed the cutoff order date this week for the month. I am due any day and was beside myself with panic since I hadn’t made an eating plan b for the month. The lady married to the driver for our route went to bat for e with the company and they agreed to a special circumstances exception for me. What a blessing!

  13. 13
    Nikki says:

    Tuesday, when an anonymous member of our church paid for all of the  teenagers that showed up at the early evening showing of a movie at our small town theater!  Not just a kind thing to do, but it made a huge impact on these teenagers (my son included) that somebody cared enough for them all to treat them without any way of receiving even a “thank you”.

  14. 14
    Jessminda says:

    A man in the crowded waiting room at the doctors office today refused to sit so that the influx of elderly folks coming in would have another seat available to them. His was a kind soul, I could tell right away. 

  15. 15
    loretta E says:

    A few days ago when my sister changed my baby’s diaper without me asking her to.

  16. 16
    AmyB says:

    I was in a mad scramble in the line for TSA with a very scared and crying baby on my hip (what’s all this commotion about?! Where is my blanket?! Don’t take my SHOES!!!) and numerous things to juggle. A very kind and very good looking young man helped me wrangle our diaper bag, shoes and coats and made sure I was ok until my sister (who was stopped by TSA) could come help. He was my hero that day and there are not many strangers that would do that!

  17. 17
    sam says:

    Anytime I am out with my 15 year old son – he opens the car door for me, holds doors open not only for me but for others as well – most people are taken aback by it.  Love that he does this on his own.

  18. 18
    Madeline says:

    i work with young adults who age out of the foster care system (ie. were never adopted). last week i saw one young person pull another young man aside when he was upset about life and just encourage him. such promise there!

  19. 19
    Stacy says:

    My son will get his little sister’s elephant out of her crib when she cries, its not monumental but it is sweet.

  20. 20
    Susanna Alonso says:

    I was at the park with some friends and a couple came up to us and offered us pizza and drinks. They had a bunch of boxes of pizza they had bought and were just passing them out to people. When I asked them why they were doing this…..they said “just because.”

  21. 21
    christina p says:

    I don’t get out very often and have been unemployed for years from being laid off. Last week i was referred to a job and the owner brought me in on a trial basis. Even tho i didn’t work out for the position i was and still am thankful that at least he gave me a chance. I loved being out there and “useful” again.

  22. 22

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  23. 23

    […] a gift certificate from we love citrus :: a tote and a backpack from Baggu :: two cuffs from Andrea Bonelli Jewelry […]

  24. 24
    Aleta says:

    A neighbor knocked on my front door last night to bring us over a really thoughtful gift… it was just something small but it was so kind it blew me away! I love how little acts of kindness make such a big impact!

  25. 25
    Tabetha says:

    My 16 year old son decided out of no where to take me to lunch {on his own dime, not one of those taking-mom-to-lunch-with-money-she-gave-me lunches} as we were on the way to the store. After the clerk gave him his change {several dollars worth}, without pause he put put it in a donation box for a child in need that was sitting on the counter.  When he caught me grinning at him, he mumbled “Good Karma.”  And the real kicker?  He wasn’t even trying to butter me up for anything!

  26. 26
    Brittany K says:

    yesterday on the subway. someone helped an innocent traveler get on a crowded train while he was being bullied by a mean new yorker.

  27. 27
    Ella P. says:

    a few days ago, an old man opened the door for my hubby and I at Target

  28. 28
    maya says:

    i’m part of a forum of moms, and a week ago they did a rally of giveaways for other moms. 

  29. 29
    Kaylie says:

    Actually it was few days ago when I saw an old man wandering at the corner of the across street. He was like crossing the street but the scary bikes was just speeding up on the street so he stood there for minutes without getting helped

  30. 30
    Jenni says:

    While at the airport yesterday a little old lady was exiting the moving walkway and fell. Within seconds at least 5 people had rushed to her aid and were helping her stand and making sure she was ok. It was wonderful to see so many people ready to drop everything they were doing to help someone out. Particularly in an airport when most people are walking quickly, and have their eyes only on making the next flight. 🙂

  31. 31
    Amy Grace says:

    Where I work, a two year old fell down and a three year old rushed over and helped her up. It was very sweet.

  32. 32
    LRP says:

    I volunteer with the severely mentally ill and during Friday’s art group, a woman was having a hard time and said negative things about herself.  Another man in the group encouraged her and gave her ideas of what she could paint.  It was a nice reminder that no matter what difficulties we have, we can always offer kindness to others.

  33. 33
    Leann says:

    I saw a man bring a homeless person into a cafe. He took out his wallet, and told the homeless man to order whatever food he wanted. It really made my day!

  34. 34
    Andrea says:

    A couple of weeks ago, a co-worker unexpectedly brought me produce and flowers from her garden. She attached a lovely note of appreciation to the gift. Made my week 🙂

  35. 35
    Amy M says:

    My life is full of random acts of kindness 🙂  This morning, my boyfriend washed all my dishes when I was in the shower.  Last night, my clothes weren’t dry before I had to run out, and my roommate took them out of the dryer and folded them all for me — leaving, between the folds, six sticky notes detailing the reasons why she loves me.  The day before that, I  don’t think I had to open a door for myself all day, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

  36. 36
    Theresa says:

    Today, a friend texted me out of nowhere to tell me that a gift she bought me came in the mail! For me! So sweet!

  37. 37
    Rebecca says:

    Two weeks ago the wheels of our were stolen.  A friend that lives down the street let us borrow her car for the next week while we battled with the insurance company to get our car drive able.  She was a life saver, I have to drive to make a living.

  38. 38
    Emma L says:

    Yesterday I heard my husband opening the creaking window in the other room. Popping my head through the door, I realized that he was talking to someone: a small, lost ladybug who had got stuck in the screen window. My husband was helping her get untangled and smiled as she flew away.

  39. 39
    echo says:

    As I search for work, my former boss sends me job announcements she thinks I would like. It isn’t really random, but it is kind.

  40. 40
    Rebekah says:

    a friend and former colleague of mine requested that her facebook friends engage in some random act of kindness in honor of her birthday & then post them on her wall…it was lovely & what a memorable gift

  41. 41
    Nicole says:

    Last week when my nephew gave my son one of his monster truck toys.

  42. 42
    Kate B says:

    It’s funny how you get to know the people on the street who walk to the bus stop area with you. There’s a main bus stop downtown that I transfer in every evening, and you pick up on familiar faces and who is catching which bus. There’s a young blind man who catches a certain bus line in the evenings, and last week he was standing with me and a group of people, waiting to cross the street, when we could see his bus was going to pull away when the light changed. Another young man, who also is often around, also noticed this and as soon as the light changed, he went sprinting across the street to flag the bus before it could take off. We helped the blind gentleman find where the bus was stopped (just past the usual bus stop area) so he could catch his ride home and not wait another 20 minutes. None of us know each other’s names, but people looking out for people makes me feel like the world is an intrinsically good place.

  43. 43
    Lindsay says:

    I work at a poverty-fighting nonprofit, and I feel like I’m really lucky to see such things more often than most. What always moves me most – and what I’ve been fortunate to see recently – is when somebody with very little of their own gives it to someone with even less. They share what little they have to make sure that a complete stranger doesn’t haven’t to struggle to pay their heating bills in winter. That’s when a $5 donation is infinitely more meaningful than $5,000, and it always makes me teary. 

  44. 44
    Sara says:

    Just today a man let me cut in line to return my DVDs on time. 

  45. 45
    Ellen says:

    This morning!! I enjoyed a conversation with the grocery store cashier, and thought it was so kind of her to carry on a conversation with me and take interest in something outside herself.