I am excited to share the first goody we’ve offered in some time. We hope to offer more of these free tutorials + downloads in the future as just another way to spread sunshine. So let’s get started shall we?

Today we launched a giveaway from Print! by Design Editor. Her lovely Valentine’s Day treats were surrounded in product photos by fluffy pink florals. Owner and creative behind the designs, Catherine Davis worked up a fantastic tutorial to make beautiful blooms of your own.


detutorial1Try this twist on the old-school tissue paper flowers. The stiffness of a paper napkin holds up better than tissue paper and the thin plys give the flowers such a sweet, delicate look.

  1. Supplies: 5″ square, 3-ply cocktail napkins (found anywhere party supplies are sold), scissors, and floral wire.
  2. Trim off the ruffled edge of three napkins, unfold, and stack.
  3. Fold the napkins accordion style. I make each fold about a quarter of an inch tall. Secure with floral wire. You could also use pipe cleaners or ribbon.
  4. detutorial2

  5. Scallop cut each end of the folded napkins. Don’t worry about it being perfect, a little jagged edge looks like a realistic petal.
  6. Fan out each end of the napkins. Then, pull each layer up toward the center, starting with the center layer.
  7. Starting with the bottom layer, carefully pull apart each ply away from the center. They are very delicate, so take your time.  Once all of the plys are separated, work with your petals to get your desired shape.

You can put the flowers into a container with floral foam, hang or wrap with floral tape to finish off the stem to give as a gift. You can use napkins of any size or color as long as they’re square. Put a layer of yellow in the middle for a bud or go whimsical with patterns. The possibilities are endless!