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Wednesday, October 22, 2014



I found some amazing words that I wanted to share with you. Because maybe you need to read them, too.


Here’s to the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts

by Morgan Hunt



We don’t feel apprehensive without makeup

We let our skin breathe

In fact, we would rather be naked


We know our scars and stretch marks define us

And if you throw us a cat call from your car window

Our first instinct is to give you the middle finger


We don’t bleach our hair

Or use machines to tan our skin

We rely on the sun to work its magic on our bodies


We have hobbies


We believe everything we do is an art form


We sing, paint, read and write

We let our fingers callus from our instruments, and then we admire the texture


We embrace our inner ruggedness, and make it appear feminine

We don’t hide indoors from the earthly elements

We embrace them


Letting fire warm our bodies down to our souls

We let the wind dry our hair after soaking in the rain

We jump in puddles

We split kindling with our teeth


We sit by campfires until the smoke burns our eyes

And we enjoy the smell of our smoke stained clothes


We enjoy smoke. Some of us find it symbolic


We lay under the stars not just to admire the beauty of them

But also to recognize that we are made of them.


We drink whiskey from wine glasses and wine from the bottle

We tell dirty jokes

But we are not prejudiced


Our hearts are not made of gold

But of steel and soil because we are strong and grounded


We wear our hearts on our sleeves

We use metaphors to describe our feelings

And we are damn proud that we feel with such enthusiasm


We are intuitive, borderline psychics

Our libidos and emotions are connected

And when we fall in love, the earth shakes


We don’t allow others to protect us

But when we do, it’s an extraordinary bond

A union with its own definition

If we find one toxic, we cut them out without question


We are empowered by women alike.


found on the always amazing site elephant.

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    Trisha says:

    I love this. Thanks for sharing it!

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