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Friday, August 24, 2012

August has been a month of wanderlust for The Bright Side project. As your small (but loyal!) crew of Sunshine Ambassadors, we’ve fully explored the term by heading to new countries, new cities, exploring the nooks and crannies of our homes and hometowns, and soaked up all the last bits of summer.

As we said at the beginning of August, “wanderlust” most traditionally means travel, but we think it means more. It’s an attitude of carpe diem: something that leads us to live and love each day fully whether it’s spent in our living room, at the office, or in a foreign land.

Our own Miss LindseyD found herself in Montreal this month for a weekend of delicious food, sights, and music at the Osheaga music festival. It was an amazing, inspiring, reenergizing trip. Check out her favorite parts below.


Public transportation! Coming from a city where I have to drive everywhere it felt luxurious to walk across the street from our hotel and right onto the train!

The festival setting could not have been more gorgeous, on an island looking back at downtown.

Montreal had record highs this weekend – note the fire hose spraying out into the crowd – but it didn’t seem to deter the bands or the crowds. All seemed dedicated to taking in all the wanderlust they could.

No trip is complete without some of the local cuisine. New York has pastrami, Montreal has smoked meat – in short, it’s worth the wait down the block for Schwartz’s.

Who doesn’t love an open air market? We walked the 45 minutes here to the Jean Talon market – it was necessary after that sandwich. I could have spent days taking in all the colors, sights and smells of this place. Can you imagine shopping here each week?

To cap it all off, a toast with some local Quebec sparkling wine. The taste was divine, but I think I was more mesmerized by this beautiful rose color!


 We’d love to hear from you! Tell us in the comments below how you took wanderlust to heart this month!

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