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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Once a month we will highlight a person who personifies our mission statement here at The Bright Side Project. This person will wear the title of “Honorary Ambassador of Sunshine.” The qualifications are simple: spread sunshine and actively live with the conviction that life is (still) beautiful. That’s it!


January’s “Honorary Ambassador of Sunshine” is Secret Agent L. I was first introduced to the lovely Laura Miller via our personal blogs and it has been an honor to witness her evolution through good times and bad. This project stems from the simple, sincere desire to put good out into the world. She is an inspiration and living proof that kindness is contagious. Please feel free to get in on some of the action and (as Secret Agent L says): “Be Kind. No Exceptions.”

*Tell us a little bit about yourself: who you are and what you do.

Secret Agent L, whose real identity is that of Laura Miller,  goes all over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and leaves little acts of kindness and day-brightening for an unsuspecting person to find.  The SAL Project  has blossomed into an international phenomenon of anonymous acts of kindness, with over 2,000 Affiliated Agents in 8 countries sharing in the fun and selflessness all over the world.  Some of the countries that have participated in the project include Japan, Germany, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Australia.

Laura, 33, is currently an administrative assistant at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Theatre and a master’s degree in English Literature (with an emphasis on 18th-Century British drama and actresses) from the same institution.  She also models and acts professionally and has been working in the industry for over thirteen years, filming various commercials, industrial films, and recording voice overs.  Laura is also actively involved in promoting mental health awareness and works closely with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Southwestern PA, on whose Board of Directors she currently serves. Laura regularly serves as a guest speaker at events around Pittsburgh where she talks about the ways in which intentional acts of kindness can change people’s lives and the communities in which they live. She has been the keynote speaker for the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania’s Annual Conference, Kindness Ambassador for the Allegheny County Library Association’s One Book One Community project, keynote speaker for the Propel Schools Challenge Day (which focuses on anti-bullying and tolerance in the high school community) and a panelist for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Sunday Supper event.

Laura remained anonymous until July 2010, when she revealed her identity at a charity fundraiser for NAMI, which was attended by over 200 people and raised over $1,500.  By putting a face to the project, she hopes to increase even more awareness around the importance of kindness and its increasingly powerful effects on the world.

“This project is the greatest honor of my life,” she says.  “Every mission touches my heart, whether it’s one I complete or one my Affiliated Agents complete.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of this international kindness movement.  I truly believe this is my life’s work.”
*Have you spread some sunshine recently or have you witnessed a random act of kindness? Please explain in detail.

Since the SAL Project has taken off in a pretty significant way in the last year or so, I’ve been more focused on the work my Affiliated Agents are doing in terms of acts of kindness. I continue to receive emails from them on a regular basis where I see the missions they carry out in the name of kindness. It’s been an incredibly humbling and inspirational experience for me to have people I will probably never meet decide to be a part of the SAL family, carry out their anonymous missions of kindness, and share them with me in such exuberant ways!
I still carry out missions of my own on occasion, but the focus of the SAL Project really has morphed toward that of the Affiliated Agents and the recipients of their missions of kindness. It’s now a community that has both an online and real-world presence. A recent mission carried out by an Affiliated Agent from Illinois was met with a response from the individual who received that act of kindness, and we were able to feature both sides of the story on the website. I continually feel my heart swell when I receive emails from people who have stumbled upon an Affiliated Agent’s mission of kindness who express such gratitude and joy in the experience. And I almost always hear people say that they truly needed that boost of love at that moment, which just goes to show that the majority of us are walking around each day with burdens in our hearts, longing for a sign that we matter, that we are loved, and that there is goodness in the world.

My heart is overjoyed by stories I hear of entire families deciding to become Affiliated Agents who do missions on birthdays, holidays, and other dates of importance to them. I am blown away by the grandmother whose granddaughter decided that every birthday she wants to go do a mission of kindness. I am consumed with the deepest joy that a preschool teacher in Missoula, Montana, started the Superheroes of Kindness, complete with capes and all, as a result of her experience with the SAL Project.

The SAL Project is not about me. I’m merely the flesh-and-bones facilitator. I simply want to inspire people to realize that every single person matters, that love and kindness should be intentional rather than random, and that we are all in this together. As Mother Teresa said, “If we do not have peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to one another.”


If you or someone you know has been spreading sunshine please contact us. From holding the door open for the man carrying too many bags to witnessing a random act of kindness to a stranger, we want to hear about it! Let’s start a chain reaction of kindness and sunshine. 

To nominate an “Honorary Ambassador of Sunshine”,  please email your answers to the following questionnaire to krista@thebrightsideproject.com. Because life is most definitely (still) beautiful!

*Name and website (if you have something you want us to link to.)
*Tell us a little bit about yourself: who you are and what you do.
*Have you spread some sunshine recently or have you witnessed a random act of kindness? Please explain in detail.
*How did the recipient react and what was your personal reaction?

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  1. 1
    Chelle says:

    My name is Chelle and I work in the corporate world by day and blog by night.  Last weekend, I was running late to catch a train and hopped into your average everyday NYC cab. I wasn’t far from the train station but the cabbie’s meter wasn’t working. When I asked him what the cost would be he fairly told me about $7. Now I’ve had cobbie’s be incredibly hostile or downright deceptive in similar situations so I was impressed by his genteel response. I said thank you and silently let him transport me. When we got to the station I handed him a $20 and told him he could keep it.  He immediately started thanking me profusely and telling me what a nice young lady I must be. He reminded me of one my uncles and I was happy that I had the chance to be randomly generous and put a smile on his face.

  2. 2
    Brenda says:

    We love your story! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. 3
    Marcia says:

    Love this card…it's clean but rlaely stands out to me. Always a sucker for some beautiful pinecones.

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