July Theme :: Get Your Feet Wet

Monday, June 30, 2014

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Happy July, friends. This month, let’s take a journey together, shall we? Let’s try new things. Let’s explore our options. Let take away the boundaries. Rather than stick with what we know, let’s expand our knowledge and venture outside the box. It’s time to step outside and break out of our comfort zones. This month, “Get Your Feet Wet.”

Let’s not forget the literal translation: actually get your feet wet! Whether it be in the ocean, a river, a pool, or a pedicure spa tub, getting your feet wet is a cleansing, ceremonial activity. Our feet ground us and, metaphorically speaking, what better way to remind ourselves to live in the moment than to take off our shoes and get them wet. There is a pause, a reflection in the action that speaks to one of the tenets we hold dear: embracing the moment.

Let’s use this month’s theme as a guide to keep us grounded while we explore new things. Let’s get our feet wet together, shall we?

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