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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Some people call me fickle. Others say I’m indecisive. I like to say I am open for reinvention. Every few years (or months) I change my opinions on style, fashion, décor, and even music. I am an equal opportunity lover of something new.

Mini Mosaics is a company after my capricious little heart. Alisa Wetzel created Mini Mosaics to satisfy her love of imagery on necklaces without having to buy 389201million necklaces. The centerpiece of the company is a uniquely designed pendent that allows the wearer to interchange 78 (and counting) art tiles. With so many tiles available, there is sure to be one or two or 78 that suit whatever mood you happen to be in today.

Mini Mosaics is giving away one pendent and three art tiles (winner’s choice). In order to win, please answer the following question by Thursday, June 18, 2009.

If you could change one thing, what would it be and why?

Please check the Winner’s Page on Sunday, June 21, 2009. Good Luck!

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  1. 101
    Bridget says:

    I would change the smell of tryptone—it’s a chemical we use in lab to make media for cells, and whenever you use it, whew! You’re going to smell like bad digest milk for the rest of the day. It’s not toxic or anything, just smelly.

  2. 102
    Connie says:

    I’m one of those “everything happens for a reason” girls so I don’t think I’d change anything from my past, as tempting as it is, because that might change who I’ve become…so I’d like to change something to make life easier for everyone from here on out. How about gas prices?

  3. 103
    Marta says:

    A sloth. This is the most fascinating animal in the entire fauna kingdom. 😀 Even though spending their entire life just hanging they have permanent smile. I admire them, because I cannot imagine myself just hanging out and eating. I have to learn how to relax, calm down and just enjoy – in order to do that my husband is giving me all about sloths that he can find. I have numerous, small, large, useful and not really, beautiful and a little ugly sloth things. I hope that if I am going to surround myslef with those amazing creatures at some point I also will be able to chill out and enjoy. Not doing anything:D Just like that.

  4. 104
    Marta says:

    uuups soory not the post I was suppsosed to write too. Please delete my comment. Thanks 🙂

  5. 105
    Robin says:

    If I could change ANYTHING, I would make people more open-minded. It makes me sad to think about all the life experiences people miss, or groups of people who never meet just because of prejudice and ignorance.

  6. 106
    kathemc says:

    My underwear. 🙂

  7. 107
    Sarah D says:

    I would change my coworker’s attitude. She so often makes my (and the rest of the staff I work with) day a bad day, and I’d like to have more good days.

  8. 108
    Jes P. says:

    I would change the way that I think about MYSELF. Like so many, I’m hard on myself. Sometimes to the point of ridiculousness. I work out daily, but I still find aspects of my body that make me feel bad about my image; I’m a medical student and study my brains out but still question my ability to “make it;” I have wonderful friends and yet still question my popularity. If I could simply live without these little self-doubt moments and bouts of lower self esteem I’m sure I could rule the world 🙂

  9. 109
    Lovely Sunflower says:

    I’d change my pupils’ attitude towards this world and help them become open-minded and INTERESTED. Nothing hurts me more than the look of indifference on their faces

  10. 110
    Erin says:

    I love feeding people – making a holiday dinner for ten (or two), baking cookies to bring in to work, pulling chicken stock out of the freezer when my boyfriend has a cold, and seeing my (8-month-old) niece’s face covered in pureed mango all make me really happy. So if I had to change something, I’d like everyone to be able to sit down and eat food that’s tasty (and healthy) and prepared by hand.

  11. 111
    Maria says:

    I’d change the fact, that many people are starving, yet there’s enough food out there to feed them..

  12. 112
    Andrea says:

    i would have all of my closest friends live here with me. i moved for graduate school about a year ago and really miss all of the close friends i have come to really love and trust over the years in different places i have lived… i wish so much sometimes that they could all magically appear here and stay forever.

  13. 113
    Amy H. says:

    They say “a change will do you good” so my change would be to keep the written note going- from birthday cards and thank you notes to thinking of you cards. I love Twitter, Facebook, and email but seeing your own handwriting in a simple sentence to a best friend puts me on the “bright side.”

  14. 114
    Valerie says:

    I would change everyone’s attitudes. I wish everyone could be as happy as me. And actually, they could, because my life is nothing special, I just choose to be happy about it. I think if everyone was happy, all the other problems in the world would soon melt away.

  15. 115
    Shannon says:

    If I could change one thing it would be a bajillion dollar bill. I’d leave you a nice fat tip, then find countless fun ways to spend the change.

  16. 116
    Kate says:

    I would change the standard 5 day work week!!! Haven’t we earned an extra day off at this point? What’s so wrong with a 4/3 split? I’m not asking to never work again, I’d just like to have ONE extra day! I’d even put in extra hours over the 4 days on if I had to. Can you even imagine the effect it would have to put out a worldwide announcement: “Citizens of the world… going forward you will not spend your Sunday nights in a fog of depression! You will no longer have to figure out a way to ration what amounts to 1.5 days of free time! You are no longer required to show up to work on Mondays!”

  17. 117
    erin f says:

    i think i’d change the way people see each other. instead of measuring up others by the types of differences/ dangers they might represent, i’d have each of us focus on a commonality or some uniquely positive characteristic. imagine walking down a strange street and knowing that you’re both seeing and being seen with respect for one’s self? it’s a nice thought. =).

  18. 118
    Leslie says:

    Hatred. I would rid the world of hatred. It is the cause and root of too many things… and the world needs more Bright Side Project!

  19. 119
    Vanessa says:

    I wish I could never hesitate to love or show affection. I and my love ones lose out.

  20. 120
    rachael s says:

    if i could change one thing it would be my unwillingness to jump into anything without analyzing it first. sometimes i wish i could leap before looking so to speak. the one time i did, i met my husband + that was wonderful.

  21. 121
    Jill says:

    I would change a misunderstanding that became a grudge between two very good friends.

  22. 122
    Sarah Rae says:

    I would have listened to the adults in my life that at the time I thought, “we’re always trying to be a pain.” Little did I know I could have saved myself a great deal of heartache, frustration and loss had I of just listened and headed their advice.

  23. 123
    Susanne says:

    Marta should win the absent minded question!! LOL. love it.

  24. 124
    Melissa M says:

    I would reassign the value placed on certain professions in this world. Professional athletes and entertainers, while very talented and great at what they do, would not be as honored or admired as teachers, social workers, non-profit business owners.

  25. 125
    Delia D says:

    If I could go back in time and change how I reacted to my firstborn being stilborn then maybe I would feel less guilty over losing her. I didn’t hold her. I didn’t love on her. I didn’t even touch her. I just looked at her. And that picture forever haunts me. If only I had held her before they took her body away, then maybe, just maybe, I’d feel a little less guilty.

  26. 126
    beth says:

    i would have visited my grandma one more time while she was sick. she had a lot of family there but i was in grad school and too busy with classes. i would go back and sit with her and hold her hand.

  27. 127
    April R. says:

    I would make grumpy people happy.

  28. 128
    Elizabeth Wilkinson says:

    The guard of course. Someday, after my children are grown, I’ll become British and then I can train to protect her majesty.

  29. 129
    catherine s. says:

    I would change the work week to be a three day work week (Tuesday through Thursday) and have a four day weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday)…just think how much more productive we would be and how much more we would enjoy life! Time with family and friends, time to pursue interests, lower burnout…ahhh….a new beginning! Perhaps we can start a petition for this change? Hmmm…

  30. 130
    sef says:

    i would change the fact that i am overly critical of myself. the fantastic thing is that i believe that is in fact changeable. and then everything in the world will be perfect, right?

  31. 131
    Trish says:

    In the world: happiness, it’s all anyone wants, but most people have no idea how to find it.

    In my life: my own impatience. nuff said 😉

  32. 132
    Katie says:

    I would change our education system here in California. The system is broken and the governor continues to drain it of the dollars it does have. Our youngest son is easy-going and bright, so ends up helping others and filing for the teacher because he’s quickly done with his work. There’s little that challenges him in school. We try to make up for it at home, but oh how I wish the schools were set up to help the bright kids learn too.

  33. 133
    Jamette says:

    I would not have had an abortion at age 16. It has haunts me the rest of my life.

  34. 134
    Natalie Jost says:

    Oh, I have to have this!!!

    Okay, um, what would I change? Hmm…. My clothes. There’s baby snot on them again. Grrr….

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