September Theme :: Endless Summer

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Does anyone else feel like somehow this year is gaining speed with reckless abandon? Has anyone else noticed that (technically) summer is over? While I feel fall knocking at the door, I’m not quite sure I’m ready to answer it just yet. I vote we create our own changing of the seasons this time around. I vote we honor the fact that just because it is September, it doesn’t mean we have to start decorating for Halloween or worrying about our Thanksgiving table just yet. We love you, fall, just be patient.

For the time being, let’s put our energy into creating our very own “Endless Summer.” September is generally the marker for the summer coming to an end but we here at the BSP think that maybe, just maybe, September can symbolize that lovely stretch of time between. The air is still warm, the nights are still long, the mornings still speak of bright days ahead. While our schedules might be starting to shift, our hearts and our minds are still attached to the idea that relaxation and sunshine filled days are the par for the course.

Aside, from the literal interpretation of weather and daily routines, this month we will also focus on all of the ways summer impacts our minds, bodies, and souls. From head to toe, we are going to hold on to the taffy-like stretch of time that sits before the seasons really change and bring you companies and products that hold sunshine in the palms of their hands. Our month will be full of celebrating all that summer represents and honoring the changes coming soon.  Sunsets have the golden hour, we have “Endless Summer.”

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