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Tuesday, October 7, 2014



Oh, dear friends, the time is here. October. Quite possibly my favorite month of the year (albeit the most deceptive. I’ll explain later.) The shift from summer to fall is one that makes my heart soar. It feels as though the earth is exhaling, stretching, cozying up. There is something so incredibly magical about this time of year and it has nothing to do with pumpkin flavored everything. Granted, I’m on the pumpkin flavored bandwagon, but that’s not my reason for falling in love with this time of year. My reason has more to do with the constant struggle to be human in an ever-changing world.

Fall allows me to let go. I am at my most comfortable in crisp weather that requires layers to get through the day. The soft gauze of a fall morning is one that lingers, coffee brewed and to do lists momentarily forgotten. Summer always feels like I should already be on my way once the sun rises and winter feels as though I should be allowed to stay home hours longer. Fall, however, is forgiving. Celebratory, even. The day stays temperate, full of color and occasional rain. The nights are chilly and allow me to settle into my cage at night satiated. Here, however, is where the deceptive nature of fall comes in. See, I love in Southern California. October is, often, still summer (at least as far as weather is concerned.) However, I’m sticking with my original intention for the month. I am going to “Embrace the fall.”



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  1. 1
    Cindy says:

    I feel ya! I am so ready to be rid of these triple digits. May chillier days be just around the corner! Happy fall!

  2. 2
    Trisha says:

    I dread the coming of winter so much that it taints my love of fall. Reading you talk about it has brought a little bit of excitement for the season into my heart. Thank you for that!

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