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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello, dear readers. Inherent in the mission statement of The Bright Side Project is the unspoken belief that to “Do What You Love, Love What You Do” is an absolutely essential component in creating a happy and healthy lifestyle. Every now and then, we will ask our contributors to answer a few short questions on the ideas of happiness, creativity and sunshine. We hope these rays of light help inspire you to find the sunshine in your day, today and everyday.

Today we are honored to introduce you to Betsy from Betsy Olmsted print & repeat design.

Please introduce yourself to our readers and explain a little bit about your business.

I am a surface designer of textiles, wallpaper, and any other printable substrate. I create original artwork with mediums such as gouache, watercolor, and pen, and translate the works on paper into a reproduceable design. I have a small line of houseware products that feature my designs and I also do custom works for commercial and residential clients.

We believe that one of the ways to achieve happiness is to “Do what you love, love what you do.” How does this philosophy apply to your life?

Balancing motherhood with a self-directed, creative career is why I love what I do! Working for myself allows me the freedom to make design and business decisions and create new artwork as I please. I love to be my own boss, keep busy, and spend time with my little boy and new boy to be. His imagination is also a constant inspiration.

Our mission here at The Bright Side Project is to spread sunshine on a daily basis because we firmly believe that life is (still) beautiful. Where do you find beauty and inspiration?

From the everyday, regular world around me. Pretending to be a tourist in my everyday surroundings makes everything seem fresh and new and inspires ideas for new designs. I love funny suburban rodents, garden creatures, farms, and domestic animals as well as a good mix of weeds and flowers. Visiting local farmers’ markets, fruit stands, flea, country craft, and antique shows are great places to find new ideas and develop vibrant color stories. I also enjoy painting things that I like to complain about.

On a dreary day, what do you do to infuse your life with a little bit of sunshine?

Cooking! Looking for the perfect fresh. local ingredients and getting creative in the kitchen is the perfect activity for dreary weather. I usually have little hands helping me.

At this very moment, what are you most grateful for?

My dynamic family and the wonderful support and positive feedback I have received regarding my work and my new product line.

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