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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hello, dear readers. Inherent in the mission statement of The Bright Side Project is the unspoken belief that to “Do What You Love, Love What You Do” is an absolutely essential component in creating a happy and healthy lifestyle. Every now and then, we will ask our contributors to answer a few short questions on the ideas of happiness, creativity and sunshine. We hope these rays of light help inspire you to find the sunshine in your day, today and everyday.

Today we are honored to introduce you to Helen from Cloth & Ink.

Please introduce yourself to our readers and explain a little bit about your business.

Hi there, I’m Helen, the designer maker behind Cloth & Ink, a textile design company currently based in Texas. I design textiles with a Scandinavian flavour and turn these into products for the home such as pillows and lamp shades. My love of fabrics goes way back to my childhood from the influences of my mum and grandma, so it came as no surprise that I studied textile design at university. Now a few years on, as an English lass who has skipped over the pond, I have seized the opportunity to get back to my design roots. I am steadily extending my product range moving beyond fabrics, having recently introduced a range of melamine platters decorated with my prints. My business has grown very organically over the last year, it’s been such an exciting journey on which I am constantly learning. It keeps me busy but it sure is fun!

We believe that one of the ways to achieve happiness is to “Do what you love, love what you do.” How does this philosophy apply to your life?

To do what you love in life is the best way to live and I feel so very lucky to be in the position where I can do just that.

Our mission here at The Bright Side Project is to spread sunshine on a daily basis because we firmly that life is (still) beautiful. Where do you find beauty and inspiration?

I have a real love of nature and the great outdoors, it’s where I feel at home and where I draw my inspiration. If you keep your eyes and mind open you don’t have to look too far to find it.

On a dreary day, what do you do to infuse your life with a little bit of sunshine?

When I hear ‘dreary’ I think weather, I am from England after all! But a dreary day is soon brightened when I’m working with my colorful fabrics creating something new. I always love to be outside so I get a little excited by a dreary day, it allows me to stay indoors and get busy in my studio without feeling like I’m missing out on the world outside.

What are you most grateful for?

I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have to do what I’m doing with Cloth & Ink right now. My life has already taken me down some wonderful avenues. I’m able to take risks and reach for my dreams because I have the never ending support of my husband, family and friends behind me, for that I am most grateful.

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