DIY :: Layered Circles Art Project

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Perhaps it is the idea that spring is around the corner, the idea of coming full circle. I find myself crafting things our of circles nonstop. For our next DIY here at the BSP, I will show you how to create some easy, inexpensive art for your home. Give me an afternoon and a cup of coffee and I will give you the satisfaction that only comes from making something pretty with readily found objects.

First, gather your materials. I used old design magazines that I save for such occasions (although fashion mags work great as well.) Find colors and patterns you are drawn to and use your circle punch to cut out as many as you like. (Yes, these could be cut out by hand but I suggest investing in a circle punch. It is just so wonderfully satisfying, the punching out of those circles.)

Find a frame you want to use and cut a piece of cardboard to fit the frame.

Start layering your circles from the bottom up. Use a dot of glue (I used a glue stick) to adhere the circles to the cardboard. I opted to work from the bottom up, much like scales. You could also work from the outside in. Use your imagination!

When you’ve done as many rows as will fit, put in your frame and hang!

I wanted to give my vintage bird mobile a little rainbow to fly over.

Enjoy your homemade art!

Miss Krista

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    annar says:

    That is such a great project, a great way to use up old magazines.

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