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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hello! I’m Maja from PikulaBags and I wanted to show you here on The Bright Side Project how to make a zippered pouch with a strap. It’s really simple. Even those of you who don’t have sewing skills can do it in no time!
This pouch is in a a simple square shape, but I later changed it into something similar to half of a watermelon slice or half circle.You can use your imagination and make any shape you can think of.

Here’s what you will need:
2 outer fabric swatches (preferably home decor weight)
2 lining swatches
1 zipper
1 strap
sewing machine
some pins and a pen or chalk.

OK, here we go! First you will need to make a sandwich out of outer fabric, zipper, strap and lining, like shown on the photo below.

Here is the order from bottom to top:
lining right side up, zipper right side up, strap (that you put a few cm away from the edge of your sandwich, like shown on the photo), outer fabric wrong side up.
You use a zipper foot on your sewing machine and sew all the way along the edge of the sandwich. You can pin the layers together if you are afraid they will slip aside.

After sewing the sandwich on one side of the zipper, you do the same with the other side of the zipper using the remaining lining and outer fabric and inserting the strap. Sew all the way along the edge as previously.
After separating the layers and putting together the lining swatches right sides together and outer fabric right sides together, you should get something like this:

The red lines on the upper photo show you how to sew all the fabrics together. Be careful that you leave an opening on the bottom of your lining fabrics.

After you’ve sewn all together you pull the fabrics through the opening that you left in the lining.

Your pouch is almost done! All you need to do is sew the opening (green line) and tuck the lining into the inside of the pouch. Here you go! Now put your little treasuries inside your new bag and go for a hike.

Thank you, Maja, for this fantastic tutorial! Please let us know in the comments if you make yourself a pouch and what you use it for!

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  1. 1

    this  pouch is good looking and save.separating the layers idea is good.  

  2. 2
    Juliane says:

    So cute and simple! I’ll have to make one for riding my bike! I love the choice of red. With this I can mix and match whatever I want. I love being able to swap out my accessories and the wall art in my house. This is a great and affordable option!

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