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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello, dear readers. Inherent in the mission statement of The Bright Side Project is the unspoken belief that to “Do What You Love, Love What You Do” is an absolutely essential component in creating a happy and healthy lifestyle. Every now and then, we will ask our contributors to answer a few short questions on the ideas of happiness, creativity and sunshine. We hope these rays of light help inspire you to find the sunshine in your day, today and everyday.

Today we are honored to introduce you to Sara from Threadbare Supply Co.

Please introduce yourself to our readers and explain a little bit about your business.

My name is Sara and I create jewelry, dye and print textiles, and knit cozy things for my labor of love, Threadbare Supply Co. When I was younger I spent my time coloring, crocheting, getting into glitter, and sewing, which eventually turned into a degree in Fine Art. I was able to spend an amazing few months in Florence, Italy, where I learned the old-world arts of textile manipulation and metalsmithing, and I didn’t want that to end when I got back to the US. I was eventually able to turn those passions into a career and have been making accessories and jewelry ever since.

We believe that one of the ways to achieve happiness is to “Do what you love, love what you do.” How does this philosophy apply to your life?

After graduating from college I tried to channel my creativity into a practical career: being an art director in advertising. I totally thought that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and tried so hard to be good at it. I wanted to really love it, but something didn’t feel quite right. While in advertising I met someone who worked in accessory design (hand bags, scarves, hats) who eventually had an open position at his company. After a whole lot of thought and deliberation, I switched jobs (and careers, really) and have never, ever, looked back. This let me turn my side interests into my main focus, and I have found a satisfaction in making accessories that I never found in advertising. And no matter how rough my day gets, I’m always excited to jump back into it the next morning. Long story short, I’m a huge believer in “Do what you love, love what you do” — it keeps you motivated and excited.

Our mission here at The Bright Side Project is to spread sunshine on a daily basis because we firmly believe that life is (still) beautiful. Where do you find beauty and inspiration?

I find beauty and inspiration in nature—corny, but true. I’m so amazed by how organized nature is (the shapes of gemstones, the symmetry of human bodies, the science of gravity) but how irregular and organic it is, too, (the strange shapes of fresh water pearls, the never-repeatable patterns of snowflakes, how ivy crawls across a brick building). It’s incredible that for as much as people can know and understand, we can’t entirely predict what nature will do—I like that, it keeps us on our toes.

On a dreary day, what do you do to infuse your life with a little bit of sunshine?

I’ll put on some Lady Gaga or Kimbra and rock out. When I’m too much in a funk I need to bounce around and get rid of all that negative energy. Eating cookies doesn’t hurt, either, in making me feel better.

At this very moment, what are you most grateful for?

I’m hugely grateful for my supportive friends and family. It’s with their kind words, thoughtful criticism, and infectious laughter that I try to be a better person and try to do better work.

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