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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Today we are honored to introduce you to Marjorie from Vuela Boutique.




Please introduce yourself to our readers and explain a little bit about your business.

Hello!My name is Marji, the shopkeeper/owner of Vuela-(means “fly” in Spanish)an online boutique showcasing bags, jewelry and home wares from hard to find international designers as well as local US makers and artisans. We’re a little e-shop curated with lots of love and blends my love for travel and design. We’re happy to introduce and showcase creations from under-the radar-lines from Europe, Australia and Japan as well as US makers. We also offer limited edition pieces from talented US designers and makers- a process which I love as I get to collaborate and even meet the creative and inspiring individuals behind these lines. My favorite aspect about running a shop is not only discovering such beautiful well crafted design, but supporting and getting to know the people behind the products, their stories. Whether it’s through an interview, meeting them or visiting their studios, I have such an appreciation for the craft and process…from design to creation of each piece-whether it’s jewelry, textiles, leather or ceramics. I’m thrilled every time I get to visit a studio, pick up the pieces straight from the maker and learn about the process.




We believe that one of the ways to achieve happiness is to “Do what you love, love what you do.” How does this philosophy apply to your life?

As a free spirit at heart with an adventurous side, this philosophy is important to me whether it applies to work, leisure (salsa dancing anyone?) or even simple daily tasks. As much as we try to put order in our lives and plan it out, I approach life with spontaneity and curiosity. Because as we all know, life is about change and you never know where life will take you. When opportunities present themselves sometimes it’s intuitive or sometimes you don’t know you’ll love something unless you take a chance or act. I believe in taking chances whether it’s leaving work to travel and experiencing the world around us,trying a new craft (wooden spoon making definitely an arm workout!) or embarking on a new venture like Vuela. The unknown and uncertainty can be scary, but no matter how it turns out, it’s about the ride… the process for me. I’m learning so much (from the logistics of the business to design) and meeting such inspiring people. At the end, it’s about the journey…doing what you love and sharing that part of you that brings you joy.




Our mission here at The Bright Side Project is to spread sunshine on a daily basis because we firmly believe that life is (still) beautiful. Where do you find beauty and inspiration?

There are so much beauty in our surroundings whether in nature (love our walks on the beach!) or man-made design. And it doesn’t have to be a specific work calling for attention, beauty and inspiration are all around us, subtle, simple…sometimes slow to surface depending on one’s perception. It can be found in simple everyday things. I’m also taking the time to really experience the moment. Balancing life,work, running a business and with the onset of technology to connect/share, sometimes it’s easy to miss the beauty of the moment, the interactions, colors, sounds, the smells… the true sensory experience. But most importantly, beauty and inspiration are best found in human connections- my family, friends and loved ones. Whether traveling or even in my daily trek, beauty is not just in the places I’ve visited, but experienced through my interaction and encounter with people I’ve met no matter how brief or long it maybe. And getting to know such talented designers and makers is actually inspiring me to create something.




On a dreary day, what do you do to infuse your life with a little bit of sunshine?

Well, we’ve been blessed with sunshine and warmth here in Southern Cal and maybe I should do a rain dance since we’re in a drought right now. But when it does get gloomy or rain, while it may be easy to just jump back on the net, I love watching foreign films, adventure/sci-fi (I’m loving all the British shows lately-Sherlock Holmes and Merlin!) or a romantic flick that makes me cry. I’ll also catch up on some reading. Or maybe just enjoy a good meal that someone else has cooked for me.;)Because some of the best things in life are good food and good company.




What are you most grateful for?

Love- sharing and experiencing love…especially the simple acts of love.




Check back later today for an amazing giveaway from Vuela Boutique!

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    Sohil says:

    May14Sagar thapa I am completely aginsat this rule. Nevertheless, I am a British citizen I am well aginsat this. If you accept the British girl to be a miss Nepal, why don’t you accept British Nepalese as Nepalese. Give us our dual citizenship!!

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    Mekdes says:

    Thank you, Din Din, hyacinthus.That is fltietrang.I feel very very bad that my blog activites has been really low in the past 2 months. Even the photo with you is sent to you only 2 weeks after it is taken.As for my character, I always feel that I have nothing to hide if I can face it myself. But I only ‘expose’ myself when I trust. Through our interaction on the blogs and email. I believe we are rather similar. We are frank, direct, and do not hide feelings. We like to things real fast, quick temper too. It is really nice to take the chance to meet you and Carrie. I hope to see you soon again.:-)Merry Christmas!

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