DIY :: When Life Gives You Lemons…Make Preserved Lemons!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sometimes life gives you lemons. But there is only so much lemonade one can drink, yes? In this ongoing series, we will be introducing you to ways in which to best utilize those ever abundant lemons in order to keep the sunshine blooming in all of our lives! (Also, if you would like to contribute your own “When life gives you lemons…” project, please email krista@thebrightsideproject.com!)


Hello, dear Bright Siders! For our first “When life gives you lemons…” installment, we are going to make preserved lemons. You can find a ton of different recipes online for how to preserve lemons, but the bulk of my afternoon was spent consulting Jamie Oliver’s recipe. (Not a bad afternoon, don’t you think?) I modified mine a bit by not adding any spices (mostly because I didn’t have enough on hand.) The idea with any of these DIY projects is to make it as easy on yourself as possible. Because when life gives you lemons…it’s hard enough already.

First, scrub your lemons and cut off 1/4 inch from the ends.

From what I gathered online, Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt seemed to be the best salt to use. I’m still not sure why but since I already had it on hand, I felt one step ahead of the game. Make sure to sanitize your jars before using. Here is simple way to do it.

Quarter each lemon without cutting all the way through so that they stay intact.

Pour salt in between the wedges. If you think you are using too much salt, you’re not! In fact, you probably need more.

Shove the lemon down into the jar and push down so that the juice squeezes up. This is incredibly satisfying if you’re having a bad day, by the way. There is something so gratifying about they way they compress.

Keep adding salt and lemons to the jar and top with more salt. There should be enough lemon juice to cover all lemons. If you need to, add some fresh juice from an extra lemon. Clean the rim of the jar and seal. Let sit for at least a month. For the first three days, turn the jars over once a day to distribute the salt and juice throughout the jar.

These are a great gift as well! I recently co-hosted a baby shower for a friend and we gave jars of preserved lemons away as a favor along with a list of suggested uses.

“Suggested uses,” you ask? Here are a few I found:

The Secret Ingredient from Serious Eats

Best Uses for Homemade Preserved Lemons from Chowhound

Please let us know if you have any special ways to use preserved lemons that we should know about!



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