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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today we are honored to introduce you to Araya from Wind and Willow Home.

Please introduce yourself to our readers and explain a little bit about your business.

Hi, I’m Araya, it’s great to be here in such a sunny place on the web. I live in Minnesota and winters are quite cold and dreary. I have spring fever big time right now. I am a wife and mother to two happy beings, Avery (5) and Quinten (2) and one beautiful baby, my business, Wind & Willow Home, (almost 1 yr. old). I love curating work by other talented artists as well as designing and creating my own line of bright and beautiful housewares inspired by nature and in doing this I am able to stay home with my kiddos. Creating has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and I am thrilled that it is what I get to on a daily basis.




We believe that one of the ways to achieve happiness is to “Do what you love, love what you do.” How does this philosophy apply to your life?

I was a certified Kitchen and Bathroom Designer for almost 12 years and when the housing market tanked, the industry changed too. I found myself doing less designing and more “selling” which meant I really wasn’t in love with my career like I had been in the past. When I got laid off, I was scared at first but it was really a blessing in disguise. After a couple years of searching, I was able to find my way back to designing and creating in a new way. I am so lucky and grateful that I am doing what I love. It is such an amazing feeling to be excited about Mondays.




Our mission here at The Bright Side Project is to spread sunshine on a daily basis because we firmly believe that life is (still) beautiful. Where do you find beauty and inspiration?

Of course, (since my business tag line is Hand Made | Nature Inspired) I find tremendous beauty in nature. I grew up along the North Shore of Lake Superior and nature has always been a part of my life. Color is also a huge part of my business as I mix new colors for my seasonal collections and most of these colors are inspired by nature in some way or another… sunsets, blooms, snow gilded forests.




On a dreary day, what do you do to infuse your life with a little bit of sunshine?

I am greatly affected by the weather and the lack of sunshine. Maybe it is inherent because I have always identified myself with sunshine which is how I got my name (A-Ray-A Sunshine) and over the years my co-workers have nicknamed me Sunshine so it is hard when I am not feeling bright and cheery. But, when all else fails, my kiddos are great for that, their smiling faces seem to have energy (and sunshine) no matter what. I think color helps brighten a day too.




What are you most grateful for?

My family. My husband is my best friend and my children keep me grounded and laughing (most of the time). The fact that I am able to do what I love from home and spend as much time as possible with them is unbelievable (still wrapping my head around that one).

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