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Monday, February 18, 2013

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Getting Comfortable with Change by Miss Brenda



Many people talk about needing and wanting change in their lives but the act of actually making this happen is much harder for most of us than we’d like to believe. Letting go of a job, a home, a community and even people in our lives can feel like the end of the world. I remember when I moved from Lake Tahoe to Southern California. I was excited and terrified all at the same time but in my heart I knew it was the right decision. The only familiar element was my beloved array of projects that I work with, everything else was completely foreign to me. It was both difficult and wonderful as I embraced my new environment. Every day was an adventure of new people and places and in the end it was an amazing step forward in my life.

Please remember that change is rarely easy but if you are following your heart then the results will be tremendous. Just be kind to yourself through the uncomfortable moments and know that you are on the right path.


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    Lindsey says:

    so very true and well said Brenda. They say the only constant in life is change and the more comfortable we can be with that the better off we are!

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