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Monday, October 20, 2014


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There are people who use humor to get through something and people who don’t. My family and I definitely fall into the former category. It is one of the few things that gets us through the good and bad. In fact, we have at was the first joke my husband taught my daughter and it was the first joke we taught our son. It goes as follows:

Knock Knock. / Who’s there?

Banana. / Banana who?

Knock Knock. / Who’s there?

Banana. / Banana who?

Knock Knock. / Who’s there?

Banana. / Banana who?

Knock Knock. / Who’s there?

Orange. / Orange who?

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?


Oh, I know, I know. But honestly this joke is more to me than just a cheesy quick laugh. This joke is a metaphor for everything that keeps me tethered to the bright side of life. It makes me remember the very core of what my family has together. I feel love, light, joy.

Now, if I could only find the source of the photo above. Because I want a giant print of it for my kids’ room and I need to know who to credit for the genius.

What about you? Any of you have a family joke?




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  1. 1
    Nikki says:

    When the boys were little:What did the mommy tomato say to the baby tomatoes?
    Ketchup, ketchup, ketchup.
    Now that they’re teens:What do we want?
    How are we gonna get ’em?

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